Muslim students assn. protest speech by ex terrorist at university

WHY DO STUDENTS WANT TO KILL SPEECH? Poster Promoting Event A Source Of Controversy At Western Michigan University

Image On Tuesday, March 10th two former terrorists are scheduled to speak at Western Michigan University on the subject of why Islamic terrorists want to kill. However, a poster (pictured) promoting the event appears to have generated some of its own controversy.

WMU group International Conservatives, led by president Chris McCann is coordinating and sponsoring the event and is finding itself embroiled in a free speech battle before the event has even taken place.

“This is beyond ludicrous,” says Keith Davies, executive director of the Shoebat foundation. “McCann’s group is being told to take down a poster because people are afraid of what it represents. It doesn’t take long to figure out they’re actually not afraid of the poster at all. They’re either afraid of what it represents or they are trying to use intimidation themselves to silence free speech.”

According to University officials, they have received complaints from students belonging to the Muslim Student Association, who claim the poster is offensive. The stance shared by both McCann and the Shoebat Foundation is that this is a 1st Amendment issue and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the poster.

Both McCann and Davies point to obstruction tactics by University officials intended to derail the event. “First, they tried to rescind the funding they themselves approved in writing, then they tell us the posters we had printed are too large by two inches. Incidently, the University has a poster that they posted themselves exactly the same size as the one in question. Now, after the posters have been re-sized to fit the required specs, they are alleging that students are pulling them down in acts of vandalism and the University is turning a blind eye,” Davies said.

Additionally cited as hypocrisy by both Davies and McCann is the fact that WMU has allowed the Muslim Student Association (MSA) to sponsor holocaust denier William Baker a recognized Nazi to speak at the university in the past, which should have alerted the University Administrators as to the true agenda of the Muslim Student group.

From Walid Shoebat’s internal intelligence they have known for some time that one of the most radical mosques in the country is right on campus – a staff member of the Shoebat Foundation and also a former Muslim, Zak Ezzat attended the mosque and can testify to the very radical nature of the people who attend it. This is one of the main reasons the Shoebat Foundation has chosen to stage this event to stare down the terrorist elements in America as well as to warn people of the all too under played risks of the terror threat that very much exists within America’s borders.



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