Jewish student told “Shut up or I’ll saw your head off”

An eyewitness:

Tonight at the U of T [Israeli Apartheid Week] event, two Jewish students were assaulted by the Palestinian “Security” team for being “disruptive” (asking a legitimate question “does Israel have a right to exist”) The Palestinian “security” smacked a student in the head and grabbed him by his neck, while another “security” officer told a second Jewish student to “Shut the F**ck up or he’ll saw his head off”…All of this was done in a crowded lecture room with over 100 witnesses!!

I was there, there are no pictures, filming and taking pictures was prohibited (they seem to have a problem with the general public hearing what they say) it was reported to the police who chose (as usual) to do NOTHING…

This is a DISGRACE.

Please send complaints to 51 division police and to U of T president David Naylor and (politely) demand that they do something about this!

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  1. The West in general has to get past this idea that certain groups are entitled to more protection than others.

    The police are obviously infected with this notion – can you imagine their reaction had the ethnic groups been reversed?

    An absolute travesty which amounts to effectively withdrawing the protection of the law from certain groups.

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