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Phyllis Chesler has been writing recently on Islam and so called honor killings and domestic violence. She is quite probably the first and certainly one of the most knowledgeable authors on this subject who comes from a western background. This new article by Ms. Chesler is quite exceptional and brings into focus other lesser known femicides by Muslim men and details some of the reasons the western media as well as western feminist organizations have been ignoring Muslim killing of women. For those of you who have read her material on the Buffalo beheading of the TV station owner’s wife, don’t think you know this already and skip it. This is very good and needs to be read by all in my opinion.

Use the search tool to the right for ‘Phyllis Chesler’ to see other articles such as this one on Islam and global jihad she has done and links to her various sites.

Here is an article about the numbers of dead and so on in operation cast lead, the Israeli defense action in Gaza recently. The article gives hard numbers and deals with the Hamas propaganda machine and how they manipulated world opinion with fabrications. The damage however has been done. I came within moments of an actual fist fight at a local bar recently because my opponent, a regular middle aged white Canadian male, had bought the Palestinian party line hook line and sinker without question. The facts as he had accepted them, being entirely baseless made no difference. the damage was done. At one point I asked him how fe felt about the Israeli’s having bombed the UN school in Gaza. His answer was the predictable foaming outrage. When I pointed out that this event never actually happened and the school was never bombed even according to the UN itself it made no difference whatsoever except to enrage him further. So I post this link more as an example of how little difference the truth makes in the end as well as a mild catharsis for those of us who know the difference between right and wrong and truth and fiction.

Next, a link to a National Post article on the ‘new antisemitism’. It’s a worthy read but I really like this quote from Canada Prime Minister Stephen Harper speaking on the holocaust…

“this genocide was so premeditated and grotesque in design, so monstrous and barbaric in scale and so systematic and efficient in execution that is stands alone in the annals of human evil.”

“Unfortunately in some countries,” he went on, “hatred of the Jews is still preached from religious pulpits and still proclaimed from political podiums. There are still people who would perpetrate another Holocaust if they could.”

What do you know, the prime minister of Canada actually understands the issues facing the world today. This makes Canada and the Czech republic with possible seconds of Denmark and Italy and one lone voice out of Holland, pretty much all that’s left of western secular multilateral liberal democracies that have visited an opthamologist in the past 20 years.

Also this quote from page two on Canada’s reasons for withdrawing from Durban I

We withdrew from a process that sees Iran sitting on the organizing committee, a country whose president has repeatedly engaged in inciting genocide against the Jewish nation; a conference in which Libya plays a central role on the organizing committee; a conference where many of the key organizing meetings were set on Jewish High Holidays to diminish the participation of Israeli and Jewish delegates; a process which reinvited all of the NGOs that turned the original Durban conference into a notorious hatefest, including those responsible for circulating copies of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and organizations which outside the conference venue held up portraits of Adolf Hitler.

This really is a good article and worth the few minutes to read. I must say, since Stephen Harper became Prime Minister of Canada I have felt more pride in my Canadian heritage than I have ever felt in my life.

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