some decent information on the Crusades

Below please find videos on the actual history of the crusades as written both by the aggressors, The Muslim nation and its victims, the Christian European defenders. The Crusades is taught so badly in terms of the facts one would think the entire history was made up by the CBC. You wouldn’t be that far off. Much of it was created by the BBC its spiritual sister. However the video below, while not spoken by an actor and the narration is poor by the standards of what we have come to expect from TV, is factually correct and can be determined to be so by any scholarly history on the matter. I refer you to the excellent book, ‘A concise History of the Crusades‘ which you can link through to here through the store page of Vlad. This book as well as these videos use information from the source. Chroniclers of the day, and in the areas where the events known to us as the Crusades actually took place.

Please enjoy. These videos where all found initially on the most excellent website, Occidental Soapbox. A good resource for factual history where we are typically fed politically corrected nonsense to avoid offending the fifth column living in western nations. This site is worth bookmarking and checking often. The focus there is history and they do a very good job of explaining issues which have become political hot buttons today, from Israel to Ireland.

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