Michael Coren on the cancellation of the re enactment of the battle at the plains of Abraham and politically incorrect history:

Here is a scathing yet beautifully written article from today’s Ottawa Sun by talk show host Michael Coren, many episodes of which can be seen here on VTB. Coren has the rare ability to eloquently speak the truth in the face of fashion. Something typically reserved for court jesters in the middle ages. In case you don’t know, that was a high compliment. The jester was likely the only person in the kings court who could speak the truth without fear or need to appease as a yes man.
Coren on the cancellation of the re enactment of the battle at the plains of Abraham and politically incorrect history from The Toronto Sun:

Saturday, February 21, 2009

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Never retell anything from the past for fear of insulting someone


Last Updated: 21st February 2009, 2:32am

So the proposed re-enactment of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham in Quebec has been scrapped.

Even though it would have been entirely accurate, if appallingly over-sensitive to the losers, it told a truth that was not pleasant to militant separatists. And nobody wants to in any way offend anybody in modern Canada.

Welcome to the wonderful world of historical revisionism.

In fact the victory of the British over the French 250 years ago was merely one battle in a massive imperial struggle between two European super powers.

And if the French-speaking forces had shown as much determination over the actual battle as they have over its replica, perhaps they would have had a better result. But just as at Agincourt, Waterloo and the rest, the French lost.

On a larger scale the French tend to lose to the Germans as well as the British. Which is why in 1870 their leaders fled to England and why in 1914 and then again in 1940 the British and their imperial cousins had to lend a helping hand.

Actually during the Second World War the Royal Navy was obliged to destroy the French fleet because most experts assumed it would be surrendered to the Nazis. A lovely maritime scene that could be re-enacted.

Or a re-enactment of the collaboration of Vichy France with the Germans, when French civil police handed over Jewish children to the occupiers who explained that they’d only asked for the adults at that stage.

Vichy, by the way, enjoyed strong support in Quebec — golly, this and Quebec’s attitude to fighting the Nazis could be yet another opportunity for a re-enactment.

There is a terribly politically incorrect joke about French roads being lined with trees so that Germans can march in the shade. This joke should never be re-enacted because it might cause offence to someone. Trees perhaps. Or roads. Or the shade. So what other historical truths must never be mentioned for fear of hurting feelings?

That Africans themselves often sold people to white slavers and that long after slavery was abolished by the British the slave trade continued, particularly under African and Arab leadership.

That white, Christian slaves were still being freed as late as the 19th century by European navies. Or that white men never purposely used infected blankets to kill natives or that cannibalism, widow murder, head-hunting, tribal genocide and forced female circumcision were all prevented by European empires in the Americas, Africa and Asia.

Or that the Ottoman Empire’s surveys revealed that very few people lived in the area later known as Palestine until the Jews began to return to it, and that it was not considered a nation state or a separate political entity.

Or that after Israel had conquered Gaza and the West Bank it offered them back to Egypt and Jordan and both refused.


Or that the Crusades were not known as such until long after they had stopped and that they were merely a direct response to Islam’s invasion of the Christian heartlands of North Africa and the Levant.

Or that Galileo was a faithful Catholic whose patron was a cardinal and that Copernicus was a priest.

Or that Joseph Stalin killed more people than Hitler, that Che Guevara was a mass murderer and that historical truth may be jarring but it’s nevertheless truth.

Now go and re-enact that.

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