Another bone crushingly depressing news item from Sweden

Gates of Vienna, one of the very best news sites out there has this video and explanation of its meaning and importance. Take your time with this. One needs to understand the basics of Swedish politics to get the severity and import of these events. Why care about Sweden and the take over of media by political interests? Because if we know it’s happening there, what don’t we know about what is happening here, wherever here happens to be.

This is big news. Pressure from the blogosphere may help move this into main stream news so we will need a lot of it.

Here is the video

Here is the article about the video and its importance from gates of Vienna. Please check GOV whenever you can. Its a superb source of information.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Hatchet Job by the Swedish State Media

by Baron Bodissey

According to my Swedish contacts, the news story described below is so appalling that it has actually made it into the Swedish MSM.

The anti-Islamization party Sverigedemokraterna (the Sweden Democrats) was infiltrated by agents of Swedish state television, who were secretly taping SD in order to make a damaging documentary that would be released just before the EU elections. The ruling party in Sweden, Moderaterna, is desperate to pull votes away from Sverigedemokraterna.

The following video gives an overview of these events, outlining the infiltration scheme and its links with AFA and Expo. It also discusses a possible connection with a recent assassination attempt on members of SD:

Below are excerpts from the blurb accompanying the video:…

The Swedish government-owned and -controlled media Sveriges Radio (SR) was used to infiltrate and slander political opponents to the ruling party. They infiltrated the political party Sverigedemokraterna (SD) for six monthts and rigged a state employed agent with hidden video and audio equipment and taped as much as they could.

The state agent Caroline Stenman was discovered during a 3-day cruise with the SD party leadership.

SD confronted the criminal and she escaped leaving the video equipment behind and ran to another cabin where her producer was hiding. This happened in January 2009. Only a few days later the SD politician and a friend was nearly assassinated by assassins using knifes. The 2 SD politicians managed to flee to a restaurant and locked the criminals out. One of them has now been identified.

After research we found that the female producer of the show “Kaliber” Sanna Klinghoffer is friend with a known street terror promoter, Daniel Poohl. He has a website and its only purpose is to destroy SD and similar political parties.

Poohl has also listed the state media producer Sanna Klinghoffer as friend on Facebook and this information may disappear from Facebook in the very near future. Surely they would not want this link between them to become known.

Poohl is at this moment sending out Facebook invites to about 100 friends for a seminar about “how to stop SD from winning seats in the EU election.”

To summarize, the state media, and the extremists at Expo and the Moderaterna pary (M) are all three at this time just before the EU election driving campaigns against SD.


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