Saudi girl married off at eight years old.

As stated in Vladtepesblog’s second youtube vid, we need to not refer to this sort of purchase as a marriage. Marriage requires consenting adults. This is buying a goat. Below see the video from Dailymotion…

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Vlad’s take on this should be obvious. But in case it isn’t see below…

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9 Replies to “Saudi girl married off at eight years old.”

  1. In backward Muslim countries where old Muslim male pig perverts abound, it is “marriage” when said perverts “marry” 8 year old little girls. In a civilized society, it is called rape. These old male Muslim pig perverts would never get away with it in my country, the USA. There are plenty of male pig perverts rotting in our jails because these perverts tried to make out with little girls. They’re not only so-called Christians. But plenty of atheists, Hindus, Muslims, and no religion in there now. One old pervert of no religion is on death row because he murdered the child after he raped her. That SOB buried the child alive after he used the child of nine. So far as I’m concerned that SOB should get the same treatment as his little victim.

  2. Islam and arab ‘culture” is DISGUSTING !!

    At least in the West, it needs to be OUTLAWED. Islam is no religion it’s a dangerous,sick,cult.

  3. The beloved prophet, Mohammed, married a girl younger than this, and he is the ideal model of every Muslim man, so this should be no surprise. In Pakistan girls this age are used in property deals and to settle debts all the time without any legal reprocussions whatsoever – it´s normal. Deals are made even in infancy and a 3 or 4 year old already knows who they will marry in ten years. This really isn´t news to anyone who keeps tabs on Islam. What´s sad besides is that the Western world, willfully blind, isn´t even aware of how common this is. We need to wake up to this horrible cult Islam.

  4. Yes , Mo-Ham-Mad(may piss be upon him) at the age of 52 married Aiasha 6 years old girl. Sahih Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, No 18, Narrated ” Ursa” The Prophet asked Abu Bakr for Aisha’s hand in marriage .Abu Bakr said ” But I am your brother ” The prophet said” You are my brother in Allah’s religion and His Book, but she (Aisha)is lawful for me to marry” No wonder Muslims imitate Mo. log on I have known of a case where this Muslim man adopted a girl and , his wife died, and his adopted daughter was 22 years old and he was around 50 years and he married her. Islam is EVIL

  5. You should watch the american web pages; real 18, young sweethearst etc. or the russian father/faughter sites.
    The Shiites have re marriage a calculation; 50% age of the groom + 7 years.
    man 60 = wife 30 + 7
    But is the situation is USA real better. The only thing known to the civilised world are the crazy punishments. people for many years in jails//
    according my humble opinion a 50 years old gentleman marrying a 10 yearsold girl has a big big mental problem.

    Another thing in main cities in Asia 12 – 14 years old girls are prostitutes their clients are natives for 99%.

  6. So the little Muslim female Saudi child is “married” at the age of eight? The law found one little Muslim female child “married” at the age of seven from the Al Faroog Mosque, of Nashville , Tennessee, where children are beaten and abused. So the Muslim perversion continues, and it seems that it’s getting worse. This time it’s in our own backyard.

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