Robert Spencer explains why Islam is the problem and not some wierd ‘hijacked’ version of it.

This is a longish video but I quite like the part where he explains how Osama Bin Laden in fact is merely an orthodox Muslim and not some kind of extremist who has hijacked the religion. He actually has it right and he explains how no Muslim critic of his has been able to demonstrate that Osama has distorted Islam in any way.

Discovered on the excellent blog Tundra Tabloids

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5 Replies to “Robert Spencer explains why Islam is the problem and not some wierd ‘hijacked’ version of it.”

  1. That’s why one has to question the motive of individuals like Tarek Fatah, Salim Mansur, and Zuhdi Jasser, and groups like Muslims Against Sharia, who take the contradictory position of calling themselves slaves of Allah but rejecting Allah’s law. If you look up faux conservative Salim Mansur’s writings, particularly the one published by the Fraser Institute, you’ll see that he sets up, and attacks, the straw man of “Islamism.” Similarly, Zuhdi Jasser sets up, and attacks, the straw man of “radical Islam” in his documentary The Third Jihad. The bottom line is that no slave of Allah can be trusted.

  2. Muslims against Sharia and Jasser seem to be secular and identify with Islam strictly as a cultural heritage and not religious in any way it seems to me. Muslims against sharia have done a great job of exposing other groups claiming to be secular but are really fronts for orthodox Islam. I tend to believe they are working towards a good cause in terms of western secular civilization. The Third Jihad is a very powerful and important movie and have a hard time believing its maker would have a hidden agenda.

  3. All these people are like the moriscos post Spanish Reconquista. There’s a good reason why they were distrusted (many were found to practice Islam in secret) and ultimately expelled en masse. Allowing slaves of Allah to remain in a kafir country means exposing the citizens to a perpetual war within that necessitates constant brute-force intervention and pre-emption of threats by the state, eventually turning the country into a totalitarian police state.

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