Melanie Phillips describes the transformations of UK universities.

Please click this link and read this article. I know I know, ‘its all doom and gloom over on vladtepesblog I just can’t take any more news about how Muslims are taking over the west and especially England and Scandinavia and how tough it is for the Jews there’ you must be thinking. Well yeah I feel the same way. But one thing I am certain of. No problem ever got solved by pretending it doesn’t exist. Nothing has been dealt with well by lack of understanding and no amount of bona fida information is to much when you are fighting for your own survival at many levels. Not just your life. Your very history along with values and freedoms are at stake here. A sample below…

alarming accounts of the deepening attrition against British Jews in the wake of the incitement against Israel provoked by the war in Gaza. In addition to the record number of attacks upon Jewish individuals and institutions and murderous incitement displayed on the anti-Israel demonstrations and riots as reported by the Community Security Trust, Jewish parents report that their children – some as young as eight – are now running a gauntlet of attack from their Muslim classmates at school who accuse them of ‘killing Palestinian children’. Comments by adults about ‘Jews controlling all the money/the media/the BBC’ (yes, really! All because it allowed Israel’s spokesman to put the case for Israel from time to time) are now commonplace in both private and public discourse. Today’s Jewish Chronicle reports that a 12 year-old Birmingham schoolgirl was terrorised by a mob of 20 youths chanting ‘Kill all Jews’ and ‘Death to Jews’ on her way home from school last week:

And farther down…

And at Oxford, the JC reports:

One University Reader reportedly told a meeting that ‘within five years, Oxford will be a Jew-free zone’

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