CRTC railroads Lowell Green of CFRA radio for sharia law violation.

Below is a story from the Ottawa Citizen a long time major Canadian daily. The story is about a veteran CFRA radio talk show host Lowell Green who has been broadcasting talk radio for over 40 years. I personally have been listening to him for many of those years from the mid 70s in Ottawa as a matter of fact and he is famous or infamous to many for his confrontational style of debate. If you search this blog for Lowell Green you will find a few segments of some of his shows as he is one of the very very few broadcast personalities who has the courage to actually report facts that may offend Muslims.  His show on Ayaan Hirsi Alli’s book ‘infidel’ is excellent and I have the audio of it here. This story shows how the CRTC, Canada’s rough equivalent of the US agency the FCC is being used to enforce sharia law in Canada. There is no difference at all between how he treated callers on his show on Islam and terrorism and he treats callers on any show. In fact, he likely was a lot more careful than usual dealing with Islam as we all tend to be, at least in terms of how we would treat any other group responsible for the same amount of carnage and horror around the world. Once again, a Canadian government agency has been used to enforce what is in fact sharia law as we saw with  the CHRC’s and McCleans Magazine and Ezra Levant and now also with the Dutch court of appeal and Geert Wilders.  As we have written about many times on VTB, levers of power directing thought speech and belief crimes laws will always be used by the people that they where designed to protect us from. Not might be, but will be. Always.

*** CORRECTION*** It was not the CRTC but a board called CBSC or Canadian broadcast standards council. The distinction may or may not be meaningful in this instance and I stand by what I wrote above in any case. But the CRTC which is a federal agency and capable of removing a broadcasters licence is not the same as the CBSC which does not have this power

Here is a link to the transcript of the Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council that heard the ‘case’ against Lowell. Well worth the read.

Longtime Ottawa radio host Lowell Green launched an 'uninformed and unfair' attack on the air, according to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council.

From The Ottawa Citizen

Longtime Ottawa radio host Lowell Green launched an ‘uninformed and unfair’ attack on the air, according to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council.

Photograph by: Bruno Schlumberger, the Ottawa Citizen, The Ottawa Citizen

Open line radio host Lowell Green contravened Canadian broadcasting standards when he made “abusive and discriminatory” remarks against Muslims, the national broadcast watchdog ruled yesterday.

According to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC), Mr. Green launched an “uninformed and unfair” attack when he told his CFRA audience in early December that the majority of Muslims are fanatics and extremist behaviour is symptomatic of the religion, not just a radical minority.

Mr. Green, the self-styled occupier of a mythical “Island of Sanity,” had been inspired by the story of British schoolteacher Gillian Gibbons whose elementary class in the Sudanese capital Khartoum named a class teddy bear “Muhammad” and caused a storm of outrage across the Muslim world.

Ms. Gibbons was forced to leave the country after being threatened with imprisonment and death.

Mr. Green posed the question to listeners: “Is there something inherent in the Muslim faith that promotes violence and oppression of women?”

In response to one Muslim caller who tried to defend Islam, Mr. Green responded “baloney” and during another call told the sympathetic, but apparently non-Muslim, caller she had “abandoned common sense” and was being “silly.”

“Almost every act of terrorism around the world today is carried out in the name of Islam,” responded Mr. Green. “Don’t tell me this is the work of a few fanatics.”

The broadcast watchdog, an arm’s-length organization funded by private broadcasters and created by the broadcasters to rule on listener and viewer complaints, was especially critical of Mr. Green for refusing to listen to pro-Islam callers, especially those who were clearly informed about the religion. “The host has mounted a sweeping, abusive and unduly discriminatory criticism of Islam,” it said. “He conceded none of the diversity that exists in Islam or among its adherents … and brooked no contradictory observations of persons who were admittedly Muslim, informed about the religion, or of a different viewpoint.”

Worse, said the CBSC report, was the manner in which the broadcaster dismissed those who disagreed with him.

Mr. Green did not return calls from the Citizen yesterday, but the station did broadcast the CBSC’s decision, read by another announcer.

Under CBSC rules, stations violating rules must broadcast the decision, but there is no other punishment.

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12 Replies to “CRTC railroads Lowell Green of CFRA radio for sharia law violation.”

  1. You are right, Zionists are the pestilence of civilization, just as Lowell is the sewage of the airways. To Lowell, the only worthy human is white, old, ugly and working at CFRA, like him. I have stopped listening to him. May he perish in his own shit.

  2. L green im gonna guess you are either Muslim or a hate filled sanctimonious leftist as you offer nothing but insult and lies based at least on your email address. As for Zionists, there is no difference between a zionist and someone who believes Pakistan has the right to exist as they have identical histories. Blazing cat fur I did make that correction.

  3. Which is exactly what happened in Iran. The liberal left was tricked into deposing the Shah and installing the Islamic regime. I believe it was Stalin who referred to these people as ‘useful idiots’ and they where and remain so.

  4. What I was struck by was this:

    “The broadcast watchdog, an arm’s-length organization funded by private broadcasters and created by the broadcasters to rule on listener and viewer complaints”

    Isn’t that almost exactly what Barbara Hall wants when she makes suggestions for a ‘National Press Council’?

    It would seem to me that this CBSC is a big of a harbinger of what could come.

  5. What we have in Canada is the same as we see in Europe. Sharia by proxy enacted by government agencies. Check the speech Geert was planning to give in London. <--- this will, should we win this thing, be a historical document equivalent to Chamberlain's piece of paper speech when Hitler signed a 'peace deal' with him. The irony is thick in it as he planned to speak of how England's love of freedom would prevail over the arrest warrant. read it and send it to everyone you can

  6. lowell green is a great Canadian and merits the highest honor we can give him ,and for any one to say he is a racist is he him self a bigot and a racist, and should shut up n and at the very least go to what ever shit hole they grew up in , i’m sure its some place in the middle east

  7. Green is entertaining…for about 5 minutes until he makes an absolutely insane claim. The best is when someone calls the show and proves him wrong, which happens every now and then. It’s rare (because most non-Conservatives don’t want to call into his show for obvious reasons), but it has happened. Whenever a smart caller with an opposing view calls in and calls him out on something that he has supported in the past but is now against something very similar, he gets flustered and tries to put the blame back on a specific group or just repeats “they’re not the same thing” over and over again. Green is always going for extremes and clumps people into 2 groups. He seems to be so educated, but once in a while he’ll slip up and not get all the sides of info for a specific topic, but then rant about it for 1.5 hours.

    I don’t mind hearing his opinion, but when someone calls in and proves him wrong, he has to be able to admit his mistake. This has never happened.

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