Links for Feb 6 2009

Here is a link from Islam online with the rationale for murdering anyone who decides they don’t believe in Islam and its authority anymore. Its boring reading but if you choose to try, remember this was written recently and not in the 9th century. Hard to believe I know. Its fairly thorough though in that religious wanky way where every varied circumstance is explored but ultimately its a rationale for killing people who decide not to pretend to believe in this particular fairy tale anymore.

One wonders how it came to be that the most savage brutal and irrational faction of humanity has somehow managed to have the most authority with bodies like the UN or courts in Canada Holland and other formerly enlightened nations. Wait never mind I think I answered my own question.

Speaking of the UN, the vast amount of corruption not only of individual people and agencies within the UN but of its purpose altogether has become so rank and obvious it seems it has to do a little damage control. Here we see that the UN has had to stop some aid to Gaza because Hamas steals it all, sells it to needy people (who have the cash) in Gaza and then buys more weapons from Iran.  The numbers of dead by the way even in this article have already been outed so to speak as being inflated probably by over half. The UN also admitted that Israel did not bomb the UNRWA school and that it was people outside the shcool that where killed in Israeli retaliatory strikes. Also the UN has admitted that many of its facilities where used to shelter terrorists and store weapons and munitions. I suppose this means that Israel is guitly of something after all. Not destroying all UN facilities in Gaza. This would have been a great blow to terrorism but so long as there are useful idiots who support the UN in a knee jerk fashion without regard to what it actually does, its bad PR.  Here is a link to a UN study showing that the UN does not do enough to filter out terrorists in its own employees.

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