Muslim woman stabs dog to death.

This article from the Ottawa Sun shows extraordinary lack of information. We at VTB conclude the killer was a Muslim for three reasons. 1. There is nearly no information here despite this being Ottawa’s second largest newspaper. Had it been a non Muslim who was arrested for stabbing a dog to death we would know the killers shoe size by now and complete history complete with interviews with ex lovers. Second, the accused has an Islamic name and three, we know that Islam preaches hatred of dogs as they do hatred of anything of real value. Read below and judge for yourselves.

From The Ottawa Sun.

An Ottawa woman faces animal cruelty charges after a poodle was stabbed to death.

The body of the five-year-old poodle, named Morgan, was brought to the Ottawa Humane Society shelter on Jan. 19 by its owner.

Investigators believed the animal had been stabbed, and OHS veterinarians confirmed the suspicion, finding a knife wound in the dog’s shoulder blade area.

“The dog obviously suffered before it died,” said OHS inspector Miriam Smith. “It’s incredibly shocking to see an animal treated this way. “No matter what the issues may be with a pet, violence is never the solution.”

Abir Hamade, 24, was charged on Jan. 28 with two counts of animal cruelty, including unlawfully killing an animal and causing an animal unnecessary pain and suffering. She is due to appear in court March 24.

If convicted, the charges carry a maximum $10,000 fine or five years in prison.

More here from the Ottawa Citizen

Who knows, if she gets jail time maybe she can share a cell with someone from the NFL. Wierdly we know everything there is to know about that fellow.

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  1. Since the Israel/Hamas conflict, what I had always suspected was made blatantly clear. CBC, CTV, TVO and most of our newspapers are leftists. They preferred to side with the terrorists and painted Israel in a bad light. I have given up watching TV and prefer to get “the actual news” from bloggers. I predict that the blogging community will be the death of all the News channels as more and more viewers will come to the conclusion that they can get all the news they need from the world of the internet.

  2. First of all, let me say I agree with you completely. But I don’t think thats the whole problem. Imagine owning a multimillion dollar media organization, not an empire even, just say a local TV station. You employ maybe 150 people altogether and perhaps even have share holders. You report the truth and the facts and the next thing you know, the government has taken away your license and you are worth nothing and everyone is screwed because you violated the thought crimes laws now common in the west. Secondly, you have tangible assets. A building and equipment and threats to attack it and your staff. So in essence, there are more reasons than just a media bias that the MSM is failing us all awfully.

  3. Don’t fine her, she deserves jail. Someone like that who can stab a dog could stab a baby. The laws aren’t severe enough when it comes to animal cruelty!!!!!!

  4. In case anyone does not know, Mohammedans believe dogs are unclean. They harbour Djinns. Malicious Islamic fairies that may cause you to forget to go to prayer, make you impotent, consider leaving Islam. As many as 25 different kinds of Djinns can infest the dogs nose alone. Black dogs are the absolute worst. Mohammed forbade dogs and initially wanted them exterminated but relented to their use for guard dogs. He did insist that all black or largely black dogs be killed at birth.

    The Genie (djinn or jinn) of Aladdin’s lamp was a trickster Djinn.

  5. Please cite section of koran or hadith or whatever if you would. This is very funny but it would be good to know where exactly to find this child’s tale.

  6. Deport these Islamic savages to their dirty smelly Islamic cages(Saudi, Pakistan or wherever these violent morons came from. Don’t allow these scum to enter Canada

  7. You make it sound like all muslims share the same values and beliefs. The psycho’s race is not important, her actions are. Actions that have also been committed by non muslims.

    By the way when it comes to animal cruelity, newspapers don’t always give indepth details. I have read quite a few newspaper articles where a person with a Islamic name attacked or murdered an animal

  8. Islam IS a set of values and beliefs so of course I make it sound like all Muslims share them, thats the whole point of being a Muslim. To share those values and beliefs. If you do not and call yourself a Muslim, there are many nations in the world that would kill you as an apostate. Check Pakistan, Afghanistan and now Iran and other nations that are adopting aspects of sharia law, a necessary component of being Muslim. To be clear, Islam is not a race. It is a set of values and beliefs. If you are one, you share them. Its that simple.

  9. I recently saw a pathetic sight. A puffy-faced young Somali girl (sorry, I just think some of them are BEYOND UGLY!) was giving a nervous look to a cute little doggie on a lead outside a supermarket. Any other child would have been delighted to see this sweet little creature but this poor wretch was suffering from delusions brought on by a serious mental illness known as islam.

  10. Vita watch closely. I predict that rules against dogs in public will be more strictly enforced, more widely interpreted and new laws against dogs will become more and more common in the very near future. This is how the stealth jihad works. Through the ‘proper channels’ and using levers of power never intended for abuse but inevitably will be abused and become instruments of tyranny.

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