CAIR sues bank for refusing service.

This from the Montreal Muslim News. It’s crucial at this point that tolerance be properly defined. People have a right to their own religious observance but no one should be obliged to embrace accommodate or adjust to it. Should I choose to walk an elephant to celebrate my love of Ganesh, the Hindu Elephant god, this doesn’t mean I have the right to demand the city hire extra people to shovel up after it.

Grace, who has read the Employers Guide to Islamic religious practices linked to below, has this to add

This guide is an outline to all American employers specific needs of American Muslims in the workplace. Definitions of holidays and festivals, dietary needs clothing obligations and prayer times are all included in the booklet. For example, when a Muslim employee is at prayer, he cannot be obligated to conduct any of his usual duties as an employee. The booklet specifies that his coworkers should not interupt him under any circumstances and should not take offense, (something Muslims seems to wish a monopoly on) to his absense during prayer time. As for participating in professional conduct in a corporate setting, Muslim employees are not encouraged to shake hands or when engaged in conversation are obligated to lower their gaze. In other words, not only must we accomodate all these factors, but we must not dislike the inconvinience. Its not just what they must be allowed to do, its how we must feel about it.

Additionally, there are other booklets outlining Islam’s specific needs to American and Canadian employers. Guides are given to educators, health care providers and correctional institutions, with a forthcoming manual to be given to the law enforcement community.


CAIR: Calif. Muslim Denied Service at Bank over Hijab
DOJ asked to investigate possible civil rights violations by bank officials

(WASHINGTON, D.C., 2/2/2009) – A prominent national Islamic civil rights and advocacy group today called on the U.S. Department of Justice to determine whether a California bank violated a Muslim woman’s civil rights when it denied her service because she was wearing a religiously-mandated head scarf, or hijab.

According to the woman, she was denied service Saturday at a Navy Federal Credit Union in San Diego, Calif., despite telling bank officials that she wears her head scarf for religious reasons.

In a statement, the bank said:

“‘In the interest of Security and Safety for our members and employees – hats, hoods and sunglasses must be removed when entering the branch office.’ Special consideration for cultural and religious garments is under the discretion of the branch management. Navy Federal is making inquiries into the recent incident.”

“Under this bizarre and discriminatory policy, no Muslim woman wearing a head scarf, no Sikh man wearing a turban, no Jewish man wearing a yarmulke, no Catholic nun wearing a habit, no cancer survivor wearing a scarf, no Amish woman wearing a bonnet, and no blind person wearing sunglasses may enter a Navy Federal Credit Union branch nationwide,” said CAIR-San Diego Public Relations Director Edgar Hopida. “We call on the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate this disturbing case and Navy Federal’s apparently unconstitutional policy and to ensure that the religious rights of all customers are maintained.”

Hopida said CAIR offers a booklet called “An Employer’s Guide to Islamic Religious Practices” to help corporate managers gain a better understanding of Islam and Muslims.

CAIR, America’s largest Islamic civil liberties and advocacy group has 35 offices and chapters nationwide and in Canada. Its mission is to enhance the understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding.

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  1. Note, the press release is not originally from the Montreal Muslim News (MMN) website. MMN posts a variety of press releases – included pro Israeli ones – from other groups for general information to the public.

  2. Thank you for the clarification. As CAIR has now been well outed as a terrorist group or at least a front for them, I can see why you would want some distance from them. Glad you made that clear.

  3. I am in full agreement with the Bank. Good for them. A bank with balls.
    About time we all woke up and thought about OUR RIGHTS instead of appeasing the multitude of nonsensical ones from the muslims. No other minority makes such fanatical demands on their host country like the followers of islam. Enough is enough.

  4. Interesting how they brought up ‘Sikh man wearing a turban’ – what do they care about the Sikhs other than to try and convert them to Islam.

    And an Amish woman wearing a bonnet!! I wish they would take their Islamic game and move it to the side show out of town – if they could live like the Amish and leave the rest of us alone – Prophet and all!!

    This whole Islamic supremacy thing is getting on everyone’s nerves.

    CAIR promotes ‘mutual understanding’ there is nothing mutual about an attempted take over – of the American/Western way of life.

  5. Just over a year ago, I discovered through a Muslim source in Canada, that Islamists were initiating sharia banking institutions to accommodate Muslims who can conduct financial affairs without participating in interest loans. I assume the same initiatives are under way in the United States as they have already been accepted in Britian.

    So, why don’t Muslims then bank at sharia compliant banks instead of demanding American/Canadian banks accommodate and when refusing to do so, sue?

    Hmmm……bank managers have a problem when a customer strolls in with their head/face covered for a reason……… but it is clear that this simple, reasonable request is rejected by Islamists.

    Everybody has to follow the same rules except of course people who tote God around as an excuse to defy reason and logic.

  6. The bank had every right to do what they did. A bank is a secular building, not a religious buidling. They are doing what they did to protect EVERYONE. Too bad they didn’t have actually piggy banks on the counters. I’m sure that they would also sue the bank for that as well.

  7. Let’s see what the fallout is. My bet is, this is the last time a bank does this. Every aspect of our lives has been turned into a front on a war most of us still don’t know or won’t admit is taking place. These little acts of defiance by banks and judges tend to be merely symbolic and are struck down by higher authorities. I bet you a law is drafted that allows Muslims to walk into banks in a full bhurka with a machine gun. Of course it will have to be an AK as that’s the official machine gun of Islam as Hizbulah demonstrates on its flag.

  8. Good for the bank! The US and Canada should not have to modify their individual customs for muslims. We should not have to adapt to their society, they should adapt to ours.

  9. James that might even happen if we dismantled the giant structure of official multiculturalism and the attendant political correctness that brings. The fact is, leftism multi cultisim and so on is the AIDS which has weakened our own values and beliefs to the point where a simple pneumonia such as Islam can kill us.

  10. Muslim outrage:

    At first, the Muslims were outraged by cartoons but I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t an artist.

    And then the Muslims were outraged by history books and news but I didn’t speak up because I don’t read much.

    And then the Muslims were outraged by women who weren’t completely veiled but I didn’t speak up because I’m not a woman.

    And then the Muslims were outraged by the practice of other religions but I didn’t speak up because I’m not very religious.

    And then the Muslims were outraged by the existence of Infidels so when they came for me … there was no one left to speak up.

    The last line is the ultimate goal of Islam the rest are just steps towards that goal.

  11. Nothing new. Muslim are abusing the host country, the same way they have intimidated European countries. Islamists demand their “rights” but refuse to abide by their “duties”.

    Muslims/Arabs have more rights and more power in the Free West World than in their own country of origine, where they have no rights to complain about anything!

    Not only are the USA, Canada, Europe and South America being invaded by Muslims … we are being indimidated, used and abused!

    When are we going to say: Enough is Enough??

  12. At the core of this article is sharia and it’s promotion in the United States. I wrote an article today on this site describing a similar situation confronting a Canadian court. In both cases, the burqa and niqab are not the main insult, nor should be seen as so. It is important to recognize that this garment is being used as a visual symbol, a political tool, to further Whabbist ideals through solidarity.

    As I have already said, I believe that people have the inalieable right to be as stupid and oppressed as they wish. However, western nations function well without the importation of Islamist ideals and should remain vigilant against sharia’s promotion. Islam is sharia and sharia is Islam.

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