Predictably, the Gaza war is over but violent demonstrations continue

From last night in New York City, a demonstration is held for Hamas and Palestine. The police continue to side against anyone chosen to be harassed by the demonstrators. This video is about 4 minutes or so but worth watching right to the end. The NYCPD seems to have decided like police around the world to protect the enemies of freedom and the advocates of Islam and terrorism as the path of least resistance if not actual agreement with the goals, which I doubt at this point.
The main issue I believe though here, is that the Hamas supporters and leftists have realized they can act with impunity during the protests while operation cast lead was in progress. Now that the war is over, they will not stop pushing the agenda. Ezra Levant has written eloquently and prophetically on this matter as have many others. This is the new normal and which way it will progress should be obvious. But no action will be taken. A few bloggers and some mass media will point it out. But officialdom will change nothing. Huge thanks to the Gates of Vienna. One of the more prescient places on the net. We all should read it every day before its removed from the web.

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  1. It was interesting to see one of the green shirts ask the New York Post photographer, ” how many times are you going to do this?” Do what? Oh, yes report the news as it happens in real time, something highly disturbing to those who toil to present a biased, one sided view, Islam style. As for the police castrated out of their duty to serve and protect? We saw it coming by way of P.C; if you are a big white guy and not a screeching visible minority with a cause, you’re on your own.

    It’s good that this video is up for all to see peace loving people in action on the streets of New York preventing a man from doing his job. America the land of the……free? Are they taking lessons from Canada?

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