Norway tells Jews to stay indoors.

An article from Atlas Shruggs. My comment first,

It’s an interesting twist though. The idea of marginalizing Jews in Europe for their own protection. Certainly the results will be the same as in past pogroms as they are forbidden from more and more sectors of life for reasons of ‘safety’. Much like the west’s flirtation with fascism for reasons of crypto environmentalism and public health, this is a very effective strategy to destroy basic liberties and create a slippery slope for the sort of draconian government control which is more the norm of history than not. Frankly, the big principles, the ones we allowed exceptions too for initially such innocuous things as smoking bans in privately owned bars and restaurants really become levers of power which eventually become pulled by someone we aren’t going to like and there is little we can do about it.
What will Norway do next? Forbid Jews from going to their own businesses for fear of them being attacked? Stopping them from holding union jobs as unions become threatening places for people identified as Jewish? Worth watching. Today’s ‘joke’ of logical extremes is tomorrows reality. Sometimes even late this afternoon’s.

Article from Atlas found by way of The Religion of Peace
Children of a Jewish kindergarten in Oslo are not allowed to play outdoors
because adults fear terrorism.

For four weeks the 28 children have had to stay indoors in the kindergarten
that is adjacent to a synagogue in Oslo. The decision was made in meeting
between the security personnel of the synagogue, Police Security Service
(PST) and parents.


Kindergarten manager, Anne Stine Mazrachi, is afraid that something
unpleasant may happen. During the war in Gaza, Hamas announced that Jewish
institutions and Jews all over the world are targets of their revenge. The
kindergarten is part of the congregation and synagogue. We have drawn the
conclusion that it is not safe to let the kids out, said Mazrachi to Dagen

Bullet Proof Windows

Other security measures are put into practice. The parents leave and pick up children at different times, and no one is left at home. All windows are bulletproof and close circuit TV shields access. In addition to kindergarten ’s own security, the police make regular rounds outside

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