A little fiction to help get some perspective on today’s reality.

There is a story this link leads to, which is a wonderful dialectic. One which reminds me of the wonderful writieng style of Scott Adam’s best known as the creator of Dilbert but less known perhaps for his most charming book, ‘god’s Debris‘, one of the most enjoyable reads I have ever had. This story I do not think was written by Adam’s and nor is it charming in other than style. But like brilliant fiction since the invention of the novel, is a good way of using literary devices to help us understand our own reality. This author uses a time traveler from the future to solidify our understanding of the present. Settle back with a drink perhaps and take 15 minutes and enjoy this 2 page short story. This writer, actually gets it. We all need to if we hope to survive the near future in any recognizable way.

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