Al Queda terrorist in UK jail demands female guards wear veils.

This is just one example of why terrorism cannot be treated as a crime.


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Terrorist Kamel Bourgass, jailed for life

Wednesday January 28,2009

A MURDERING Al Qaeda terrorist has sparked outrage after threatening legal action under the Human Rights Act unless women prison wardens in his presence wear veils.

Kamel Bourgass, 33, was jailed for life in 2004 after stabbing brave Special Branch officer Stephen Oake to death in a police raid.

Now Bourgass is not only recruiting extremists to his twisted cause in Wakefield prison but is claiming that women wardens without veils infringe his human rights.

He has even cracked sick jokes about the bravery medal DC Oake received posthumously, sneering that it was made from the “metal of my knife”. The Algerian had been preparing a deadly ricin poison attack on Bri tain when father-of-three Detective Constable Oake, 40, arrested him.

Bourgass, the first Muslim fanatic to murder a British police officer, has been in Wakefield jail for just a few weeks. But insiders claim he has already begun preaching Islamist hate against the West to inmates. And wearing his long black cloak, he has infuriated wardens with the sick jibe about DC Oake.

A prison insider revealed: “He is very abusive and confrontational with staff and says female officers in prayer meetings are a breach of his human rights.

“If they are on duty, he demands they wear a veil.

“We’ve been told to closely monitor him because he preaches hatred at prayer meetings.”

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3 Replies to “Al Queda terrorist in UK jail demands female guards wear veils.”

  1. And the stupid UK prison system will probably “obey” Kamel Bourgass’s orders. The notion of “spine” and Great Britain are mutually exclusive.

  2. There are too many examples of the UK submitting to these kinds of demands to remember them all. But perhaps more demands faster are whats required for Britons to get fed up. Lets hope all Muslims in the UK immediately demand full sharia law for all. Then if the government won’t do something, maybe the people will.

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