Documentary about new anti semitism in the UK.

Below are the 6 parts of a British documentary on antisemitism made after the war with Hizbolah in 2006 but before operation cast lead. Overall it’s quite good. But I object to a few small details. Fascism is a uniquely left wing phenomenon. Even in this documentary when they refer to the far right its in the same sentence with unions dock workers and other labor groups which are always left. Small point but sooner or later it needs to be understood that the historical cycle of the left creating racist movements starting intolerant violence and often wars then after losing claim it was the ‘far right’ who did it and starting all over again must be broken. Nazi is an acronym for National Socialist Workers Party in German. This was always a leftist populist movement then and now. When Muslims march around the world chanting anti semitic slogans as they have the past few weeks, its usually with leftist movements from workers, socialists and even gay groups although an Islamic state would be a catastrophe for all of them, it shows that the tie that binds, is leftist antisemitism and Islamic antisemitism over riding mere policy concerns. I think it would be terrific if women’s groups protested the lack of even person status in places like Saudi Arabia, but clearly fighting Israel is more important to them.
The six parts of this video documentary are below the more…

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