A pat Condell video I would like to dedicate to Geert Wilders


It’s worth thinking about the nature of the charges against Geert and the meaning of due process in this case. He was charged among other similar things with comparing the Koran with Hitlers Mein Kampf. Imagine if you would that the Dutch court after trying this charge on the basis not of whether or not one may say this thing, but whether or not it is a fair comparison which appears to be the direction of the proceeding. Even if it isn’t it will be percieved to be as such. Imagine if the courts found that it was (as it in fact is) a reasonable comparison to make. The Dutch courts may well see the start of even more profound open hostility to the indigenous Dutch than already exists in Holland. If I can see this the court of appeals can. In essence, this is not a charge against Geert Wilders but a conviction with a slight delay before sentencing.

On a quasi related matter, here is an article about how a British holocaust survivor begged his family to leave the UK for the same reasons his family left Germany right before the war. Just in case we thought England was still a liberal democracy.

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