More on Islam’s war on Starbucks

I was just speaking with a manager at a Canadian Starbucks location who told me two interesting things. Firstly that they received a memo from head office which told them that a rumour was circulating that Starbucks directly financed the Israeli Defense forces. This of course is an obscene lie. No private company directly funds a national army its just preposterous. While many large corporations such as tobacco companies are rumored to emply mercenaries and private groups for deployment of force where necessary none directly finance a nations army and if they did, I would imagine it would be the one defending their assets rather than the one creating the tension for them.

Secondly that private individuals are actually phoning up this Starbucks location, not the head office so I can’t imagine how many calls they may be getting but this inconsequential backwater Starbucks location and asking if this rumor is true.

I think we can expect to see a lot more mis and disinformation campaigns against any target Islamacists decide on.

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