Australian Gaza protest shows its really about jew hatred

Two comments about this march and similar ones across the western world.

1. While Israel and Jewish issues may have at one point be separate matters, they clearly no longer are and not because of Israel, but because those who hate Jews make it one and the same.

2. It would be a good idea to read this in the context of Ezra Levant’s piece on the ‘new normal’ of antisemitism.

These groups which clearly feel this way about Jews believe that the war with Hamas has legitimized their antisemitism. Now that they know they can do this with total impunity you can bet it won’t go away just because there is a cease fire in the middle east between two nations none of these protesters could find on a map, nor do they know any of the salient details of the conflict as they would not in Darfur, MILF in The Philippines, Kashmir,  or any of the other spots around the world where Muslims are attacking and slaughtering uninvolved civilians.

From Australia’s daily telegraph

A witness tells of events at last Sunday’s Nazi-enhanced Hamas rally in Melbourne:

The victory of Palestine/Islam (depending on who you were eavesdropping on) over the Jews (I didn’t hear anyone mention Israel) became the conversation topic that was floated about the most …

Which isn’t surprising, when you look at some of the protesters (photographed by Colonel Robert Neville):


Nice shirt, sir! Way to work that swastika right in there. The rally also featured Commies for Allah:


It’s good to see that communists have finally gotten over that religion problem of theirs. Now it’s apparently the Semtex of the masses. From another photographer:


Oh, sweet. Some retro Jew-pig hate. By the way, if you doubted that this rally was pro-Hamas (and some do) listen to one of the protest organisers: “The Palestinian people chose resistance when they elected democratically Hamas, and they were punished for it.” The audience cheers. Greens were there as well, and so was wicked Santa Jew:


He’s making a list. He’s checking it twice. A similar rally took place in Sydney on the same day, as Romeo Mike reports:

A whole eight seconds is all the ABC gave yesterday’s anti-Israel protest in Sydney, which is odd given how extensively they like to cover any dissenting congregation. A couple of Greens picketing the PM’s office? They’re there. A handful of socialist shriekers holding up traffic? It’s news. Three thousand turn out with Israeli flags bearing swastikas in place of the star? So not mentionable. However, the record requires it, so downplay it.

Also via Romeo Mike:

A gardener at Sydney’s Hyde Park has complained weekend protesters caused several thousand dollars worth of damage.

Thousands of people marched to the park yesterday to demonstrate against Israel’s military offensive in Gaza.

Sydney City Council’s head gardener for Hyde Park, Nathan Gray, says the demonstrators trampled over several flower beds and left rubbish around the gardens.

“There’s a fair bit of damage done,” he said.

“All the annual beds that we are probably supposed to have ready for the Australia Day celebrations have all been crushed …”

How perfectly appropriate.

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  1. “The Palestinian people chose resistance when they elected democratically Hamas, and they were punished for it.” Ah so then would someone tell me why the innocent children that have been killed needed to be punished?

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