Yes they really do believe in 72 virgins. But a crucial correction here.

The thing of it is, when they talk about enemies of Islam and those who wage war on Islam and or Muslims I think its very important to make a crucial distinction here.

They do not mean on those who would destroy Islam as there are none. They mean on those who oppose Islam’s imposition on the rest of us. To a Muslim, when you reject their rule and imposition of sharia law on yourself and your nation it is a war on Islam as this imposition is what Islam demands. So when watching this video I would recommend keeping that in mind. There is no one anywhere waging war on Islam. Not China Europe or the US no one. There are only those who wish to allow Muslims to practice their faith without imposing it on the rest of us, which is contrary to Islamic principles. Something that we in the west with our genuinely tolerant principles simply cannot grasp. If we could, we would pass laws against Islam as we did against Shintoism during WW2.

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