Canada angers Islamists

It would appear that Canada has been scratched of the guest list to sit down to dinner with the Islamists. No more invites; we’ve pissed off the Arabs and Muslim world with one fell swoop. How? Canada officially declared her support for Israel in the Gaza conflict and Israel’s right to defend herself against terrorism.

And now the bony finger of extremism and twisted logic wags itself at Canada in…….. anger.

A January 14 editorial in the Arab News condemns Canada’s decision to vote against a motion by the UN human rights council to vilify Israel in the Gaza conflict, the only country out of 47 to do so, and to demand an investigation into Israel’s human right’s violations. Canada did so, realizing the slanted position of the proposal which clearly intended to discredit Israel’s stance while simultaneously rendering Hamas blameless. 

” With a stroke, Canada has lost it’s credibility, honour and friends in the Arab and Muslim world”.   

Funny, I didn’t know we had any ‘friends’ in the Arab and Muslim world. 

Certainly, this ommission to defend Hamas is seen as repugnant only among those who would wish that peace replace violence in Gaza via submission to terrorist ideology. The many well meaning? union organizations whose stance for justice and peace rely on condemning Israel, the anti-semites who protest at weekend rallies shouting Nazi rhetoric and of course, the ‘moderate’ Muslim organizations who belittle Canada and the United States at every turn are seething with rage at both the Conservative’s and Liberal’s official stance; that Canada denounce terrorism. The NDP is too busy handing out spare shoes and hot cocoa at the rallies to comment.  Not surprisingly, I found this article on the nation’s most prominent, Islamic, peace loving site, the CIC.

“Canada’s famed evenhandedness seems to have vanished. It has been replaced by blindness and hardheartedness. It is truly shocking”.

It IS a truly shocking and welcome turn, especially to Canadians who had all but given up on the government’s willingness to re-adjust it’s balls in the trousers of the nation and deligitimize terror states and their supporters through abject rejection. As for heardheartedness? The Arab and Muslim world have the monopoly on hardheartedness and heartlessness: just ask the innocent Palestinian people, the victims of Hamas and the countless other innocents around the world who have perished in the name of Islamic ‘peace and justice’.

There is a concerted push by Islamists to see Canada evolve into a safe haven for the imported hatred of Jews and sharia law that ensure intolerance, bigotry and misogyny. All one has to do is attend a pro-Hamas rally on any given weekend to witness the desire. The anger amongst them at Canada’s recent offical denunciation of Hamas combined with the ongoing willingness of Islamist sites and Muslim community newspapers to re-publish the sentiment should come as little surprise to anyone who understands the mandate. If we have indeed ‘thrown fairness to the wind’ as they claim, it is because our definition of fairness is a radically different one, as are the definitions of peace and social justice.

“Canada has, in the past rarely done anything to anger anyone”, states the Arab media editorial. 

So be it.  Time to eat at home with a big ham and swiss on rye and a cold beer.


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  1. You know I can sleep well tonight knowing that Canada has a spine, and the dignity to stand up for what is right.

    If the islamic community is bothered by this,
    I suggest that they kiss my ass.

  2. I sent an email congratulating PMSH for a superb move. Enough is enough, we have to take a stand.
    BTW maybe your readers might be interested in looking at these videos of Brigitte Gabriel. About time sometime invited her over here for a similar event. part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5 part 6 part 7

  3. Thanks Canadian. I admire Bridgitte greatly and we have some videos of here on various posts on Vlad and I believe on the movies page as well but I do not think we can see too much of her. She needs to be listened to. She is trying to tell us our future. It may be to late for England Norway Sweden and Belgium but it’s NOT too late for Canada.

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