Muslim student Assn. in Canada and other links.

Here is a good article on the MSA in Canadian universities. In the US there are organizations who are raising awareness of the effects tactics and ambitions of the MSA in universities and they do a good job. In Canada people are largely unaware they exist and are doing exactly the same things. This is a good site overall so after reading this article consider clicking the banner and reading from the top.

An excerpt:

One Islamic-supremacist group in the U.S. with a chapter in Canada– founded by members of the Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood– is the MSA, or Muslim Students’ Association. There are MSA groups at most major American and Canadian universities.

The MSA has all sorts of free advice for student agitators on how to create Muslim-friendly zones, policies, special food, Islamic holiday observances, and prayer spaces for accommodationist University leaders to adopt, in the spirit of multiculturalism. Not that the MSA agitates for Catholic or protestant campus chapels, Jewish students, or the polytheist-Canadian academic needs– because Islam is more equal than other religions, minus the whole “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” thing. The MSA are soft-Jihadis: don’t worry, they’re not going to be caught fighting for Islamic universities to provide worship-spaces for non-Muslims any time soon.

It seems as if Islam does allow music as long as it is to inspire hatred of the US. Clearly it does not matter to Iran who’s name is on the door at the oval office. Obama will likely get the same treatment as Bush did.

Here is an interview with Brigitte Gabriel from Front Page Magazine, a tireless fighter against Islam in the west. Originally from Lebanon, she has a great deal of first hand experience of the meaningful differences between Israel and it’s culture and practices, post Christian secular democracies and what happenes when Islamists take control of a nation as they did in Lebanon when she was a young girl.

An excerpt:

FP: Your organization has launched a petition to the U.N. calling for an investigation into Hamas’s crimes against children. Tell us more about the petition and why you launched it.

Gabriel: Something simply had to be done to bring attention to what Hamas is doing. Hamas is a religiously driven radical Islamic organization. Westerners simply do not understand, and I believe have a hard time believing, how far radical Muslims are willing to go to accomplish their objectives. That’s why so many in the West tend to dismiss the evil of Islamofascism and Islamists’ depth of hatred towards the Jews and their commitment to destroy Israel at any cost — including sacrificing their own children to achieve their goal.

Even the Nazis did not turn their own children into human bombs, and then rejoice at their deaths as well the deaths of their victims. We are committed to disseminating such important videos and promoting this petition, to awaken as many Americans as possible to a reality they simply cannot fathom. Second, we want to call upon the UN to take a more even-handed approach to the Muslim-Israeli conflict. If enough people sign the petition from around the world this will pressure Sec.-Gen Ban Ki-moon to respond.

FP: Hamas’ exploitation and abuse of children isn’t really that unusual when it comes to the Muslim world, is it?

Gabriel: It is not unusual at all, especially in the Middle East. I have said repeatedly and wrote in my books that Muslims are fed hatred through their mother’s milk. I was raised in the Middle East and have seen first hand how Muslims teach hatred to their children.

People in America had a hard time believing me and others who spoke like me, who came out of the Middle East a few years ago. Now it is evident in indisputable videos that this is the reality Westerners have buried their heads in the sand about and avoided to believe for a long time.

Please click here for the whole interview. She is well worth reading. There is more of her her on Vlad and many really important videos on youtube and live leak as well. Just use the search fields at both locations. Her story is an amazing one.

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