The Muslim failure that is Palestine

Today’s National Post has published an article by veteran columnist George Jonas on the Gaza/Israel conflict. As usual, Mr. Jonas is succinct in his assertion that Gaza is a failed entity cradled in the hands of extremist ideology. I agree and further claim Gaza is yet another Muslim failure the rest of the world has to endure.

Judea Pearl, father of murdered son Daniel Pearl, speaks at a UN briefing for NGO’s: ” It may come as a surprise to some of you, but after a century of bloodshed, many negotiations, inter-faith dialogues, and countless UN-funded cultural programs, the majority of Muslims today still reject the idea that Jews deserve a state in some part of Palestine. Instead, Muslims perceive Israel to be a temporary outpost of western colonialism, hastily created out of guilt or greed”.

Mr. Jonas contends; ” If the Arab/Muslim world had a fraction of the interest in creating a Palestinian state as it has in destroying a Jewish one, the Palestinians would have had their country long ago”. Simply put, if the Arab/Muslim world were to relinquish their longs standing hatred of Jews, the Palestinian people would live in prosperity and peace.

“Hamas’s strongest supporters may be in the West, among left-wing activists and media types who have been wrong about everything in world affairs. I suppose it makes sense for terrorists to be sheltered mainly by errorists in the end”.

Hamas’s strongest supporters are indeed in the West, making a mockery out of peace and justice.  To gain a glimpse of gross err, Islamist extremism and all those aboard the ‘peace’ train, attend an anti-Israeli protest in Canada, or France, or Belgium, or the United States, or Denmark, England, or…….   


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