Australian retailers call for ban on hijab and burkha etc.

From AAP with thanks to Rosie

A RADIO announcer’s call for a ban on Islamic hijabs has been backed by the National Retailers Association.

The peak national body has called for all hijabs, helmets and hoodies to be banned in shops and banks for security purposes.

Brisbane radio presenter Michael Smith angered listeners after calling for Muslim women who wear a hijab to be fined.

The 4BC drive presenter said on Wednesday that wearing the hijab or burka posed a security risk because it obscured the face, making it difficult to identify the wearer in the instance of a crime.

Smith said it should be made an offence.

Retailers association executive director Scott Driscoll said it had been a long accepted practice to require customers to remove helmets and other identity obscuring headwear when entering a shop or bank.

“Retailers should not have to fear any form of retribution or backlash for requiring the removal of any obscuring headwear, including hijabs, as a condition of entry,” Mr Driscoll said.

“This is about ensuring a more safe and secure retail environment for all and being able to readily identify any and all perpetrators of armed hold-ups or shop theft.”

Islamic Council of Queensland president Suliman Sabdia said he was disappointed by Smith’s remarks.

“He has every right to say it but we do say he displays intolerance, and a complete lack of understanding of the Muslim code of conduct,” Mr Sabdia said.

He said he did not think Mr Smith should be fired, instead inviting him to a meeting to discuss the issues.

“Does revenge really, at the end of the day, solve anything? No,” he said.

“We forgive him for his lack of understanding, we pray that God almighty gives him the wisdom and the understanding to respect every other individual.”

A poll on the station’s website today asking, “Should we impose restrictions on the wearing of burkas in Australia?” had a yes result of 76 per cent, and 23 per cent no, at 10am (AEST).

Comment was being sought from 4BC.

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4 Replies to “Australian retailers call for ban on hijab and burkha etc.”

  1. we Muslim women cover just like the women of the Church(Nuns) do we both cover our heads for the sake of God. so why does our hijab have to be baned and not the Nuns head cover? thoes who wish to cover may cover and thoes who dont dont have to it is the same in our religion and the Christian religion so why cant u accept us? we have so many similaraties and we all just want to live peasefully as Muslim Australians

  2. Maybe cause when a nun decides not to be a nun anymore, her father doesn’t hunt her down and kill her? Or maybe cause nuns so far have not punished non Catholic women for failing to obey they rules of whatever particular order she belonged to? Or maybe cause virtually no nuns still wear habits? Or maybe because your comparison is total, complete, unadulterated bullshit. Yes thats it cause its bullshit. There is no comparison between being forced to be a subhuman as in Islam, and being equal before the law in secular society.

  3. Show me an order whose habit covers enough of the nun’s face to conceal her identity. I don’t know of any. The ban was aimed at clothing that does conceal the identity, as is the case in so many Muslim women’s clothing.

    Show me also a Muslim government that isn’t at least as intolerant to others (non Muslims) in their countries. Very few of them and becoming more scarce.

    Don’t point the finger at us when the problem is with Islam.

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