European Muslims use children as human shields at protests.

From Islam in Europe. Clearly one sees a pattern revealing a strategy here perhaps more obvious as it unfolds in Europe where there is a much greater access to general media and individuals who capture the scenes.

Oslo: ‘Children used as shields’

A group of children with t-shirts and hands painted to look bloody went first in the demonstration procession from the Parliament to Israel’s embassy yesterday. This was, among other things, to help prevent the demonstration from becoming violent, according to the organizers.

When the demonstrators got to the embassy the children were first in line and called out slogans, while the other were held back by the organizer’s own guards.

It quickly turned out that the children unfortunately didn’t contribute to the demonstration from being peaceful. A firecracker was thrown at the police which exploded right by the small children, who were very frightened and had to be led away.

For the rest of the article and description please see Islam In Europe

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