Dutch muslims chant ‘gas the jews’

Here is another fine example of why the distinction between Israel, Jews and Zionism becomes increasingly irrelevant. Clearly Muslims who adhere to the doctrine of Islam care as much about the politics of Jewish people or even the practice of the religion as the Nazi’s did.

From Klein Verzet, Hollands ‘little resistance’ blog


ack to Toronto where Girl on the right braved the cold to watch a pro hamas/Hizbulah demonstration. Well worth a trip to her site.

From a comment on the above page of someone who was also at the protest. This typically isnt the sort of thing you hear from religious people outside of Islam is it?

“There were as you know a couple of Hindus with us due to the recent terrorism in Mumbai. It’s time that all non-Muslim people in Canada start to get the message whether they follow any religion or not. There were many cries of DEATH TO ALL INFIDELS, ALL INFIDELS MUST DIE. One was grabbing his crotch and thrusting the stick and his sign between his legs shouting WE’LL RAPE ALL YOU(R) BITCHES!”

Read the article, stay for the comments.

The relationship between Islam and radical leftist and anarchist groups grows more and more overt. There was never a more unlikely or destructive marriage though. here is one example of many.

ANSWER joins with Muslim groups

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  1. The media cannot report facts anymore. Remember when the Canadian Human Rights commission actually stated for the record that “truth is not a defense”? Reporters know that not only may they face criticism and arrest for printing truth and facts that may be unfashionable but may face death threats by Muslims and Muslim organizations and violence to their families. Its also the case that the more anti Israel an article is by many western nations the more praise the journalist gets as well as promotions and raises in pay. I will return with an article demonstrating this clearly as soon as I can dig it up.

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