Interview with David Harris former Chief of Strategic Planning for CSIS and current Director of INSIGNIS

Here is an interview with a man in a position to know what is going on with respect to Islamic terrorism in the world. He speaks of Iran, Hamas Spain and the soft Jihad. Sadly this is only about thirty percent of the total interview he gave as the sound quality was simply too poor on the first two thirds to be able to make one’s way through. In this last third he does make some very strong points about the truly grave dangers facing the western world, Canada and the USA in particular and the danger of unchecked immigration.

An article by David Harris is available here about the infiltration of Islam to the Canadian political mainstream.

David B. Harris is a Canadian lawyer, Director of INSIGNIS Strategic Research Inc’s International and Terrorist Intelligence Program, and former Chief of Strategic Planning of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).

(Note from James Cohen)

“This show created some difficulty for me, not the least of which is the horrific nature of the information Mr. Harris gave and the severity and immediacy of the threat facing the western world and classical civilization itself, but because I never before have had to edit any show other than making the transitions from speech to music a little smoother but never for content. In this case as we had massive sound issues due to a number of new variables we introduced in this particular show, the first 2/3rds of the program are simply unlistenable and I felt that it would be better removed. However for those who would like to hear the entire file I will make it available as a download by request through email. You can understand the first part but it takes some focus. Anyone wishing to hear the entire show may email me at ja***@ri***************.com and I would be happy to send you the entire thing. I wish to stress that no editing was done in order to change the context or nature of any information Dave Harris gave but because of the technical issues with the first parts of the show. Also, after we say good bye to Mr. Harris he brings up a rather excellent point at the end about how people who are preventing any real threat mitigation by demanding no loss of civil rights are very likely facing a situation where any civil rights are a distant memory for all of us and likely for a very long time.”

Here is the link to the interview


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One Reply to “Interview with David Harris former Chief of Strategic Planning for CSIS and current Director of INSIGNIS”

  1. The over enunciation of david harris’s “t”s and under enunciation of his “r”s does not make him sound more

    sophisticated or intelligent as he intends. He sounds quite retarded actually, especially when he claims that

    statements like the one the head of the canadian Arab federation made recruit young Muslim men to take up arms

    against the West, for, it is the CRIMES of the West, which recruit young Muslim men to fight the West.

    Furthermore, what was even more ridiculous was the absurd manner in which david harris poked fun at the idea of

    canada as part of the global Anglo-Saxon mafia. How could you poke fun at something that is historically true? No

    amount of eye rolling and casual dismissal by david harris or yourself can outweigh and undo the FACT that indeed,

    the Anglo-Saxon scourge (also known as colonialism) achieved something no previous scourge in history ever did, it

    wiped out the populations of three continents! North America, South America and Australia had their indigenous

    populations wiped out in roughly two centuries. (yes I know, the conquerors of South America were not Anglo-Saxon,

    but they were the next of kin, and shared the Anglo-Saxon ideology and creed).

    In any case, when all is said and done, there are very few young Muslim men left who actually fear the likes of

    CSIS. The young Muslim men of Afghanistan foiled the seemingly bazillion dollars worth of intelligence operations

    in that country, and the West is today thoroughly humiliated in Afghanistan. CSIS achieved NOTHING when it

    arrested 18 men in Toronto in 2006, for the catalyst for their actions are actually more wide spread than ever, the

    catalyst is the teachings of Islam. Islam teaches you that fighting oppression is obligatory on a Muslim man, and

    the teachings of Islam are more and more outweighing the brain washing of the West. That brain washing attempts to

    teach young Muslim men that while the West occupies every inch of their land, they must be forever great full to

    the West. That brain washing teaches young Muslim men that they must feel more sympathy for a dead canadian

    soldier, than his countless dead victims in Afghanistan.

    Many in your own ranks are beginning to see through the brain washing, and are embracing Islam. Indeed, if

    conversion rates among white, Anglo-Saxon westerners is any indication, CSIS and it’s cohorts are miserably losing

    the battle of ideas even on their lands.

    So you can go ahead and keep molesting your own people, living in a FUCKED up world where visiting Aunt Janice

    means having your balls or pussy felt up, but know one thing, this mind-set of yours of carpet bombing innocents in

    the Muslim world and then persecuting those who want to force you to stop domestically has thoroughly ruined the

    West. The West is a has been. No one looks up to the West any more. Your infrastructure is old, your academic

    institutions are no longer revered or respected, your politicians are the butt of every joke, your ideology of

    capitalism has been totally discredited, your armies are humiliated and do not intimidate any one anymore. The

    world has moved on. The Asian Tiger economies, India and China do not even include the West in their economic

    round table discussions anymore, and while their economies continue to roar ahead and expand, your economies are

    shrinking, are in a state of meltdown, and are on life support. You’re living in your own world and that world is

    self destructing. To believe otherwise is to delude only yourself.

    Your “honoured” guest from CSIS is probably around 60, he will statistically live for no more than maybe 15 years,

    while the Muslim world, is on average 15 or less, we have youth, global ambition, and the moral upper hand (without

    doubt), we are also blessed with ALL the minerals, precious metals and sources of energy which you so covet, so

    indeed, in the words of Mark Stein, “the Future [does] belong to Islam”.

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