England’s channel 4 and it’s alternate Christmas message. A theory.

I’m a big fan of #4 UK. They have done some of the best reasoned documentaries I have seen out of England a few of which are available here on the movie page and one of the best of which is a documentary on a rise in antisemitism in the west due to Islam and within Islam. So I was shocked to see the reaction to it’s choice to air an alternate Christmas message as I was to read about the choice itself.

Let me offer an alternate hypothesis:

The BBC has become a tool of the UK government politically. They sell Islam wholesale to all aspects of British life and to say anything about it will land you in trouble. Like Canada it has become dangerous to a degree to go against official culture even when that culture is alien and dangerous not to mention antithetical to centuries and centuries of British history and law. So how do you do a wake up call to the people of England? The only way I can think of is give em a big big dose of exactly what to expect if you stay on the same course.

Given #4’s history of excellent critical analysis of Islam and mass immigration with such fantastic documentaries as Hidden Mosque #1 and #2 there can be only a few explanations. They where bought out or taken over by Islamics who want to see Imadinnerjacket of Iran replace the Queen; The Government is forcing them to have ‘balance’ between truth and facts such as Hidden Mosque and wild speculative hatred like Iran’s theories on Jews or much more likely in my view, they wanted to send a loud clear signal to the people of England. This is what our policy of multiculturalism will bring, this is what it means, we can’t afford to continue fooling ourselves and we must wake up.

Whether or not this was the intended purpose of showing Iran’s genocidal maniac instead of the Queen’s message this was the effect. Not to mention showing the people of England the delight of the Muslims already living there. So congratulations #4 for doing this, Keep it up. You are the best hope to wake up the sleeping people of England on purpose or by accident. Below I offer some of that organizations truly excellent programs.

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