Link collection Dec 26 08

Here are a few links to articles I feel are worth the read both opinion and news.

First from Girl on the Right on Mumbai and the attack and mutilation of the jews there. On the treatment of the Jews in Bombay

A nice reconstruction of the events.

Secondly, on Sweden and the continuing riots and destruction by Muslim immigrants with less and less of a veneer of cause for them. Check Gates of Vienna but you may have to scroll up to see the beggining of this article. I cant figure out how to get a direct link there for a given piece. but its one of the finest sites on the internet overall.

Shoppers in Hong Kong bombed with acid. Someone dropped bottles of acid and corrosive liquids from a high building onto crowded streets. No arrests yet.

Pakistani text books may hold the answer to why so much hate towards India.Pakistanis are taught it from childhood.

On the security fence in Israel and the ghettoizing of the Palestinians. Very good read.

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