No go zones in the making. Sweden.

In keeping with Muslim Modus operandi fires are being set and rescue and fire workers are being attacked as part of a strategy we see all over Europe in predominantly Islamic neighborhoods. The idea is to create policy where the state will not act or even go. This has been very successful in the UK and most notably France. Now Sweden is seeing disconnected riots all over and Muslims laying in wait for fire services etc. We shall see if Sweden will submit and wash it’s hands of these areas. Check out the links below for Swedish newspapers on these events.

Fire services under attack in Stockholm

The story in Malmo

Basem Mahmoud, a spokesperson for the svensk-jordanska vänskapsföreningen (‘Swedish-Jordanian Friendship Association), felt that the police had broken an agreement and shown a lack of respect for the mosque by entering the premises wearing shoes and with dogs in tow.

But the Muslims didn’t break any agreement when they started riots burned things created havoc and refused to vacate a building that wasn’t theirs I guess…

Search Vlad for more on Scandinavia and Sweden but if you are interested in understanding how things got this far and how it happened Please consider reading Fjordman’s excellent new book, Defeating Eurabia which you can find in the links at the top of the page. He has a special section dealing with Scandinavia.

Just found this: Go to Gates of Vienna and read the story on Rosengard is not unique. Great article on Sweden and the press coverage of it there. a Must Read

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