More on what appear to be looming hostilities between India and Pakistan.

According to the Times of India, an explosion two days ago in Lahore Pakistan, a car bomb is being blamed on Indian terrorists and there are rumors of arrests of Indian nationals in Pakistan. This is being called a new low for Pakistan as most Indians see this as an attempt to manufacture a reason for Pakistan not to cooperate with the Mumbai probes.

Also it would appear that Pakistan has moved troops from its Afghan border to borders with India. There is also intelligence that indicates significant moves by the Indian military positioning itself for moves on Pakistan.

From the Indian Times…

Even as India persists with its protests against Pakistan’s refusal to take action against the perpetrators of 26/11, Islamabad’s diversionary tactics have touched a new low.

On Thursday, Pakistan pulled another rabbit out of its hat. That the car bomb blast in Lahore on Wednesday, which left a woman dead and 3 others injured, was triggered by four Indians.

Pakistan media, quoting anonymous sources, identified one of the bombers as one Satish Anand Shukla, allegedly a resident of Kolkota. The stunt, clearly fabricated to justify inaction against Lashkar leaders by drawing a parity between the jihadis who attacked Mumbai and fictional Indian agents, left Indian officials seething with anger.

Senior Indian officials were quick to rubbish the reports in Pakistan media, saying this had not been conveyed to any Indian agency by Islamabad. The Indian High Commission in Islamabad too denied having received any information from the Pakistanis.

From The Press Trust of India, Indian Government warns citizens not to visit Pakistan:

New Delhi, Dec 26 (PTI) Fearing trouble for its nationals in Pakistan, India today advised them to avoid being in the neighboring country even as it rubbished as “hogwash” the reports that some Indians were involved in terrorism there.
In the first such advisory since the 1971 war, the Ministry of External Affairs cautioned that travel to and presence in Pakistan was not safe for Indians in the wake of media reports there that some Indians have been held on the charge of terrorism.

New Delhi said the reported “arrests” in Lahore and Multan were suspected to have been made by elements who work outside of civilian control as top police officers there were ignorant about any such development.

Media reports in Pakistan have claimed that “Indian nationals” identified as Satish Anand Shukla, Ram Kumar, Ram Chandar and Prakash were arrested for a bomb blast in Lahore two days back.

“It is hogwash and meant to confuse people,” Minister of State for External Affairs Anand Sharma told reporters when asked to comment on reports on the arrests.

External Affairs Ministry spokesman Vishnu Prakash said “there have been reports in the Pakistani media that several Indian nationals have been arrested over the last two days in Lahore and Multan and are being accused of being terrorists.” He said “since it has also been reported in the Pakistani media yesterday that the senior police officer in Lahore was unaware of the arrest in his city, it seems that this is the work of other agencies in Pakistan that operate outside the law and civilian control.” “Indian citizens are, therefore, advised that it would be unsafe for them to travel or be in Pakistan,” Prakash said. PTI

According to a geopolitical think tank in the US, Pakistani troops have been redeployed from positions near Afghanistan to the border with India.
Pakistani troops, already on a high alert footing, have been moved from the border with Afghanistan to the border with India in anticipation of a ground attack from that direction, media reported Dec. 26
Troops have been moved to Lahore as well as Jhelum and Kashmir. Pakistani air force continues surveillance on sensitive targets within Pakistan. In essence the situation continues to escalate.
Pakistan overall seems to be doing its usual bag of tricks. Denial, fake cooperation, the appearance of lack of cogency between and within its various armed services. This may be real fracturing or it may be a tactic by services such as the ISI to appear fractured in order to not bear responsability for the clear aid training and funding of numerous terrorist attacks on India and Indian interests elsewhere such as the embassy bombing in Afghanistan for which the Indian government openly accused Pakistan’s ISI of having committed.
Add to that this new tactic of a minor terrorist attack on it’s own people to try and blame the Indians for retaliating and as the Times reports, Pakistan has reached a new low.
While there is still a strong likelihood for Pakistan and India to deescalate this situation and avoid military conflict the signs at the moment are all for some kind of engagement.

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