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One Reply to “Some really amazing stuff about ants.”

  1. Ants. Fire ants. Texas fire ants. Tunnels. Piled dirt. Tunnels.
    As one learns of Islam0-nazi movement, there is a likeness. Tunnels at the border. Tunnels at the northern border. Quiet. 911. WTC, the first hit.
    Warnings. USS Cole. Oklahoma City. Quiet. Tunnels. Some visual. STEALTH JIHAD by Robert Spencer. ACT for America. Walid Shoebat. Movie- Obsession, suppressed. Fire ants. Quiet. War of 1805, THE LAST PATRIOT.
    this country, warned. Heads up. Muslim Brotherhood. Hitler. Think. Read. Learn. This is 2008. And too bad Darwin could not see this ant hill, surely he would have believed in the Living God, and His only Son. bye—

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