a short photo essay on Mumbai and an observation or two.

I notice that the people of India after having suffered the horrors of not just the Mumbai attacks but the series of multiple bombings that have gone on all year in India, the attack on the Indian Embassy in Afghanistan and countless assaults on India her people and institutions by Muslim militants actually get to vent their frustration on the appropriate symbol set.

Indians vent rage on Islamic effigy

Indians vent rage on Islamic effigy

By the crescent moon and star there is no doubt in these peoples minds who exactly or what is causing their suffering. What I find interesting is the sharp contrast to western peoples reaction to similar acts of horror. Instead of Tony Blair claiming that it wasn’t Muslims committing these actions but people ‘defaming’ Islam and then importing five thousand more halal butchers and hundreds of thousands of more Muslims mostly from Pakistan to prove his point or George Bush after 911 insisting that Islam is the religion of peace and we should not look unfavorably on Islam or Muslims the people of India seem to have it about right. Could it be that they are not yet completely crippled by political correctness? Or could it be their proximity to Pakistan and other Islamic states makes it hard to deny what the problem is.

One thing is a safe bet. Had American or especially British people reacted like this after attacks on their civilians, (also without warning or cause) the demonstrators would be arrested by the state for hate crimes and in the UK likely killed by their grateful Islamic immigrants.

(The images here are all newly released ones from The Times of India. A great source to follow the events Post Mumbai.)

Perhaps its because the people of India took it personally, as it was meant to be, when these horrors where vested upon them. Below is a small sample of some of the images recently released. These are not suitable viewing during dinner. But if you don’t know what you are fighting, how can you summon the will to fight it? In that spirit I repost. do be warned they are graphic.




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  1. just to make it clear. i am an indian living in delhi. That is not a “islamic effigy”. It refers clearly to pakistan, which is mentioned in the placards too. To make comparison – lemme please offer you this link “http://images.google.com/images?q=flag+of+pakistan&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&um=1&sa=X&oi=image_result_group&resnum=1&ct=title”

    First, if Indians really thought that it was just muslims, there would have been riots in the country. But, none of the incidents , i repeat none, led to any riots – despite the long history of differences.

    That’s cause they can make a difference between Pakistan and Indian muslims. Do you know that how many Indian muslims died in the attacks – 40 plus!

    by the way, just to make it clear – i am an hindu and proud of it.

  2. Thank you for your comment. Its also true that Indians tend to be a much more civilized force overall. I still maintain that the issue is one of Islam and India has a long history of being attacked and enslaved and its temples destroyed and on and on ad nauseum by the followers of Mohamed. I suspect that the people of India are showing great restraint by not attacking Indian Muslims because they are waiting to see if the government will deal with Pakistan. In any case I accept and appreciate your correction. But I’m not sure it detracts much from the central points. Please feel free to write in any of your own thoughts and experiences with respect to this situation. It is appreciated.

  3. Scribina – This is the ‘exact’ reason why we (Indians and Hindus) are in the situation we are right now. While the actions by Jews (Israel) in Palestine has also not brought them to a much better situation ours too is flawed.
    Our position of treating all religions equal is a HUGE BIAS. I’m not a Hindu fanatic and I loathe organizations like RSS, VHP and even the Shiv Sena; so please do not jump to such a conclusion.
    I humbly opine that we must STOP DIFFERENTIATING between Muslims and MUSLIM TERRORISTS. If we can not view the enemy properly, how can we even begin to fight against IT (the enemy). I’m sure you’ll feel not whole of ISLAM is wrong – kindly read the QURAN for yourself to find the Suras (or verses) which clearly indicate killing of polytheists (i.e. Hindus) and infidels (i.e. any non-Muslim) and the QURAN also clearly states that ALLAH is the one god and that all followers of all other religions should accept this and observe servitude by paying JIZYA and accepting to be DHIMMIS.
    While the dynastic rules of Akbar to Aurangazeb, Hindus were forced to pay such jizya and this eventually lead to the creation of a violent form of Hinduism called Sikhism. Sikhs were the greatest friends for us and they were ever-prepared to stop crimes committed against other Sikhs and Hindus.
    What further proof does one require? In current day scenarios, kindly GOOGLE for “Dr. Zakir Naik” and observe his thoughts about 9-11 (YOUTUBE has many videos). This man has absolutely no qualm siding with Osama bin Laden and yet is not arrested by POTA (the law which was used to arrest Tamil politicians for siding with the LTTE).
    As peace-loving Hindus we need to publicize that these people that practise Islam in India today are ‘in true spirit’ Hindus that were converted to the evil cult of Islam by force some centuries ago. They need to understand this and return to their roots – that is the only way India can rid herself of this evil cult of Islam.
    To All,
    The ancient history has it that Afghans and Pakistanis too were from the ancient religion of Sanathan Dharm and peace can be restored on these regions by mass public campaigns to proclaim that the people in these regions are not true Muslims and should return to their true roots.
    I’m sure such a thing can never be achieved and the world will have to forcefully terminate Islam (just like it had done Nazis); perhaps some secluded places/regoins could practise this evil cult (like the True Communism being practised in China, Russia) . Thanks for reading.
    And for those Islam morons that are going to start vomitting – kindly be advised that no kafir/infidel is going to accept your words. Just like your camels (and donkeys) belong to you even when you leave them at any place, these words also belong to you. Congrats on calling yourself all vile things!! 🙂

  4. Islam claims to be a religion. This claim is only a deception. The reality – Islam is a disease process which affects a society.

    Look at the Muslim world. From Morocco to the Philippines, every place you find Islam you find backwardness, violence, bad government, lack of human rights, second class status of women, no freedom of speech, poverty and more.

    All of this evolves from the belief that a seventh century mad man was a “prophet of God”.

    The Islamic structure itself is the problem. By encouraging young devout believers to commit violence in the name of Islam, Islam has created an unseen army of devout believers who keep the system from changing.

    You can read a much longer article on this at http://islamsfatalflaw.blogspot.com/.

  5. Pig’s piss be upon me! Allahu Fuckbar!! 🙂
    (yes i’m the real mohammad reincarnated)
    Have been to heaven & hell… there are people of all religions there in heaven… but not a single muslim.. all in hell! Ooops…Sorry for misleading you!

    Are there any kids here… (hehehe couldn’t resist)

  6. Help_Me_Islam is correct.

    Islam is colonialism disguised as religion. All of South Asia use to be peaceful Hindus and Buddhists. Islamic jihadis killed (by some accounts the largest mass killings on earth) or forcibly converted the population.

    Just look at the cesspool of Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier Provence – murderous thugs, held captive by a foreign intellectual ideology, praying in a foreign language, bowing toward a foreign capital.

  7. I do this every time I go to the restroom to give birth (Crap) to another Muslim. I have a few coipes of the Quoran which I rip a page every day and flush it. This is the way ismal must be flushed from modern societies.
    Islam is a cult of death!! and… I’m not afraid to say it, Muhamad was living proof that arabs screwed camels

  8. Bud Winston is correct when he says that Allah is Satan. That is the reason I conjoin the name like this Allah/Satan everytime I refer to Allah, the god of the Muslims. There are about 164 violent passages in The Muslim War Manual, the Qur’an, that prove that Allah is Satan. The following are only a few of these violent Allah/Satan passages:

    “Infidels are your sworn enemies, (Sura 4 Verse 101).

    “Make war on the infidels around you,” (Sura 9 Verse 123 and Sura 66 Verse 9).

    “Be ruthless to the infidels,” (Sura 48 Verse 29).

    “Fight those who believe not Allah nor the Last Day,” (Sura 9 Verse 29).

    “Take neither the Jews nor the Christians for your friends,” (Sura 5 Verse 61 and Sura60 Verse 13).

    “Never be a helper to the disbeliever,” (Sura 28 Verse 26).

    “Kill the disbelievers wherever you find them,” (Sura 2 Verse 191).

    Would the True God, the God of Love give such commands? Of course not. Only Allah/Satan, the god of hatred, the god of death and destruction, the god of the Muslims, would give such horrid commands. May the God of Love, the God of Christians, Jews and other peace loving individuals bless you. May the god of the Muslims, Satan/Allah go to hell.

  9. Ya know I’m not a big one on religion per se but if I believed in an anti Christ the case for it being Mohamed is pretty good. He certainly meets all the criteria. It’s classic chaos Vs. Order, cooperation Vs. hatred and war and civilization Vs. barbarism. If one believes in such things as Christs and anti Christs from a super naturalist perspective I can’t think of a better candidate than Mohamed for the antithesis of those things Jesus of Nazareth espoused.

  10. Help_Me_Islam is 100 percent correct. The world over must expose the truth. The Qur’an is a murderous propagating document that is incompatible with civilized society. The teachings of this cult must be exposed as false and eradicated from our lands. Even the Jews and Christians know that the architect of destruction is Satan.

    The Qur’an’s real definition: Sedition is a term of law which refers to covert conduct, such as speech and organization, that is deemed by the legal authority as tending toward insurrection against the established order. Countries the World over must use their Sedition laws to close down the Mosques and madrassas for practicing sedition.

  11. Why Bible God Joshua or Jesus says go and kill all men, women, children and animals. also “Enter every village and kill the men and the married women and leave for your pleasure virign women” This is in the bible

  12. Massod…
    #1 Show me where Jesus said that please
    #2 Show me a nation on earth that does these things in the name of Christianity or Judaism today or for the past 400 years.
    #3 show me where a nation did these things as official policy in the name of Christianity or Judaism ever.
    #4 ask me for a list of Islamic atrocities in the past 6 months in the name of Islam and with or without state sponsorship. Then clear your schedule for some heavy reading

  13. Eeyore, in his confusion, Masood probably got that nasty quote from The Muslim War Manual, i.e., the Qur’an and not the Holy Bible. Jesus would never say such nonsense. Because I’m a Christian, a Catholic, I’ve read the New Testament several times, and I never came across a passage where Jesus would teach such horrible violence. However, on the other hand, I have read many violent passages in the unholy Qur’an, that is, The Muslim War Manual, that are close to what Masood has mentioned. Masood, always cite Chapter and Verse, of The New Testament, when you quote Jesus. Please don’t blaspheme my Hero, Jesus. Unlike the pedophile, child molester, wife beater, lecherous, rapist, slave owner, depraved, polygamist, liar, whoremonger, sicko-wacko Muhammad, Jesus was a very kind and humble person. So again, Masood, no doubt you were quoting The Muslim War Manual, and in your confusion you thought you got your information from The New Testament. May God bless you Masood. Although there are more than 100 nasty quotes in The Muslim War Manual, I’ll quote only two: “Be ruthless to the infidels,” (Sura 48 Verse 29). “Make war on the infidels around you,”(Sura 9 Verse 123 and Sura 66 Verse 9).

  14. Its time that the world woke up and sees these islamo-nazis for what they are: namely a bunch of bloodthristy, massmurdering, facist, NAZIS! Islam has become the Third Reich of the 21st century. The religion of peace? I think not. The arabic translation for islam is “Submission”, NOT peace.

    Ever religion has had periods of violence throughout its history, but islam has yet to exhibit an peaceful periods in all its 1400+ years of existance. This sick murderous cult is not in the least bit about peace as anyone with an ounce of braincells can ascertain upon reading that guidebook for terrorism called the Qur’an.

    I know the day is fast coming when people will/must wake up and stamp this cult of evil out for good. I look foward to that day and will be on the front lines ensuring a better world for my children. A world that has seen the erradication of the Nazis and soon the obliteration of the cult of islam.

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