New tool for freedom, the anti Jihad and libertarian values!

Freedom Bloggers, a new compilation of sites set up in Canada has many of the best of the non leftist and counter jihad sites all in one. It’s quite amazing how fast freedom bloggers has managed to get so many of the international blogging community on board and a great way to discover more blogs you may want to read but might not have heard of before and encouraging to see how many blogs both old and new are fighting the islamification of the world.

Material one finds difficult to get in the mainstream press concerning the utter failure of the United Nations to defend individual rights for example or the EU hypocrisy when it comes to democracy. The blogroll already boasts sites such as Gates of Vienna and others and each hour it updates itself to show the most recent posts from each contributor.

Please do check it out and hopefully you can add a lot of new sources to your favorites. I read it every day. Vlad of course is on there as are Girl on the right, Blazing catfur and many from Europe and beyond. The damn site is nearly hypnotic as every hour there is anywhere from a few to a dozen new articles all from great blogs revealing thoughts insights and raw information that people really would benefit from knowing and much of it highly entertaining as well.

Thank you Emrys for creating this tool. I hope it accelerates the forces of reason and individual rights against irrational governments and bloated bureaucracies and of course the 1400 year old struggle against the warlord Mohammed’s followers.

Eeyore for Vlad.


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