Mexican kidnapping expert kidnapped in Mexico.

According to Stratfor (an excellent source of geopolitical non partizan information) …

Mexican government officials confirmed Dec. 15 that U.S. anti-kidnapping consultant Felix Batista was abducted Dec. 10 in the northern city of Saltillo, Coahuila state. According to local press reports, Batista had traveled to Coahuila at the invitation of state law enforcement agencies to deliver a series of presentations to police and businesses on anti-kidnapping strategies. He reportedly was abducted after receiving a cell phone call which prompted him to leave the restaurant where he was dining with a businessman. According to one report, the phone call was from a local security colleague. When he stepped outside, a group of men who had been waiting for Batista ushered him into a vehicle and drove off.

The story of course is quite important in terms of the extent to which Mexico is nearly a failed state. But I had to post it on irony alone. Even so for geopolitics watchers I would investigate the number of murders and gang activity in Mexico. In the past year the number of government officials who have been murdered by drug cartels makes it the logical choice to be corrupt. This would appear to me as the last stage before a truly failed state. One where the various institutions of the state not only cannot act in accordance with their various mandates, but in fact subvert these institutions to act against them.

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