‘Classic comics’ version of Mohamed’s sex life. Quite revealing and well sourced.

Here is a video showing how Mohamed basically just made up instructions from god to allow him to do pretty much whatever occurred to him to do at any given moment. Perhaps it should be noted that while other religious leaders through history tended to show self sacrifice from basic desires in order to create a better and more cooperative world Mohamed used edicts from gods to justify a near total if not total lack of personal restraint on all matters. It’s hard to know who to blame more. Mohamed for making up this destructive crap or the people around him for actually buying into it or the one billion plus Muslims alive today who still go with it.

Here is a straight picture text version of the same thing for those with no patience for the video.

I find it interesting that Mohamed’s version of mercy is not to slaughter a bunch of women (his twenty odd wives no less) when he could have as easily made up an edict from god making it OK to do so. I guess its like Islamic concepts of martyrdom where one sacrifices as many innocents as possible to reach ones goals as opposed to sacrificing oneself to a principle without harming others, a more typical and accurate definition of martyr.

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  1. Dats da thing, your’ll ar so jealous of islam, always trying to put us down, u dnt knw anythn about islam so its best you don’t comment, atleast our religion teaches us to not be the judge, by saying that you are de grading your religion, who ever reads that will think that your religion teaches you to be jealous of other religions success

  2. That is quite funny. Why be jealous of Islam? If someone liked it, they can just join it. It’s hardly an exclusive club, unless inbred sub-90 IQ psychopaths are an exclusive group and given the 1.6 Billion people muslims claim is their membership, well I guess it isnt.

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