A Muslim scholar’s advice on sex education

I found this gem on Islam Q&A, a site available to Muslims who request guidance from mullahs, imams and other scholarly experts in all matters of life in accordance to sharia.

This young man asks that he be directed to properly address the issue of attending a mixed school and being forced to take sex education class. Bothered by the prospect and frustrated that his mother will not allow him to attend anything but a public, co-ed school, the scholar has some hate-filled but otherwise not surprising advice for his dilemma.

Praise be to Allah

“Western societies have become the worst disgrace in human history with perverted and deviant behaviour and corruption of human nature: “Sexual madness” has become the preoccupation of all classes of society and not even their children in their homes or schools are safe from them”. Fatwa # 113970 goes on to state:

” The one who wants to save himself and his family should not agree to be part of those societies, or to live among them, and he should refuse to take part in what they are doing of haraam things, evil and perversions”.

I presume this young man attends a public school in a western country where coed classes and sex education classes are the norm. This mullah’s description of proper education standards obviously reflects taliban-spirited religious fundamentalism, nothing out of the ordinary in the Muslim world of oppression. His bizarre assertions claim:

-older students take advantage of the younger ones when ‘putting into practice’ all they have learned of sex, an act that happens frequently in ‘those’ morally and religiously corrupt societies,

-dangerous levels of illegitimate children are predominant in kaafir nations especially in France.

the nightmare of rape haunts every female student waiting for it to happen to her,

-students killing themselves and their teachers and,

homosexual frenzy.

With such outrageous claims unsupported by legitimate data or proper statistics combined with the use of absolutisms and religious extremism, is it any wonder there is such a vehement hatred of the west among Muslims?

His final advice to the troubled young lad is as follows:

” For all these reasons, we do not think that you or any Muslim should live in those deviant societies, let alone study in those mixed schools, or attend those provocative and evil “sex education” lessons. This is the least that you should do, although the basic principle is that living in kaafir countries and studying in mixed schools is haaram and you should leave, especially since your morals may be affected”.

And Allah is the source of strength.

As long as there are people willing to submit to such crackpot advice, hate and ignorance will continue.


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