9/11 troother: Canadian grit candidate Leslie Hughes apologizes?

Who ever said Canadian politics was boring? Stephan Dion, leader of the Liberal Party has demanded the immediate firing Tory candidate Lee Richardson for statements he made suggesting immigrants are prone to committing crimes.

Meanwhile, Liberal candidate Leslie Hughes has stated that 9/11 was a U.S. plot and that Israeli businesses left the twin towers in time to avoid the catastrophe. In a 2002 article entitled ” Get the Truth”, Ms. Hughes wrote that internet journalists had uncovered a ‘disturbing picture’ about the attacks indicating that CIA had ‘foreknowledge and complicity of highly placed officials in the U.S. government around the attacks on the World Trade Centre, September 11″.

Ms. Hughes states ” I am a lifelong friend and supporter of the Jewish community (in Winnipeg) and I am deeply distressed by any suggestion to the contrary. I find any interpretation of my journalism as anti-Semitic personally offensive and I heartily apologize for that perception”.

This is an apology? Is she not in fact saying that perhaps the dimwits who have managed to misinterpret her statement are the offenders? According to Leslie Hughes, we have offended her. She oozes typical leftist logic filled with bloated indignation, arrogance and personal irresponsibility. 

And this is a woman who wants to make laws in Canada.


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  1. Wait I need to get this straight. The person who told the undeniable truth about immigrants and crime had to resign the Liberal party but the one who blathered the usual conspiracy nonsense about 911 and the Jews was OK with a clearly bogus appology? this really is 1938 isnt it?

  2. Hey Eeydiot! The evidence trail of 911 leads to Israel, here is a link to the anti-semitic Israeli paper Ha’aretz writing about the Odigo warnings. The powerful Israel lobby in Canada controls the discourse. Wake up! http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/pages/ShArt.jhtml?itemNo=77744

    PS: You might want to be a person for the truth, not a mind controlled Zio-bot, letting the Zionist Occupation Government tell you who your enemies are!

    Israel has committed false flag terror attacks against her “allies” before, and Canada could be next.

    The perpetrators of 911 have allies with the same agenda in Canada, who will cover up for Zionist crimes.

  3. Fascinating. For some no amount of evidence is enough. Im willing to bet those people would also typically be either religious or far left. The two have become indistinguishable. Al Queda prime actually released a video admonishing Iran for propagating the myth that the Jews and or Israel had caused the terror attacks of 9-11. Why? Because it was Al Queda’s finest hour and they where good and pissed that Iran was trying to take credit away from them. The authenticity of this release was verified of course by US intel sources. Of course you can always dismiss that as well and claim it was an inside job by the US with the ‘jews’ but frankly, I have never met a civil servant that could keep a secret and certainly not as many as it would take to pull of 9-11. Continue to propagate this nonsense though Anarchore nothing I say can make you look as stupid as what you do.

  4. Al Qaeda = Al Ciaduh… now you are on the road to understanding. Civil servants aren’t serving a foreign government, and aren’t the suspects for 911, the Israeli Mossad knows exactly what happened because they followed the alleged hijackers for a year, staying right near them in Florida. And you think it’s civil servants? Try trained Israeli Mossad terrorists. BTW Israel has a history of attacking allies, look up the USS Liberty for a puncture of your Zionist inflated worldview.

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