Muslim babies to take over England. Hidden camera

OK let me see if I can get this right.

Mark Steyn and McCleans magazine endure an expensive and lengthy legal battle in Canada merely for quoting Muslims saying they plan to wage a demographic jihad against the west. Apparently, exposing the plans as even the Muslim leaders state them, is ilegal as it may expose Muslims to contempt. Well of course it should expose them to contempt the real crime is that it probably will not. Meanwhile in England 9-11 is marked by Muslim groups having secret meetings planning the next round of baby booms. Something very wrong with that phrase when talking about Muslims isn’t there? Anyway have a look at the original article and watch the short video and think about Mark Steyn having to endure a trial merely for repeating the strategy of these folks. Its like jailing Churchill for getting on radio and saying the Nazis have evil plans for us all and are trying to take over the world.

Might cause people to not like nazis you know.

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