Iran and women’s clothing. Looks a lot like Canada and cigarettes

Iran as part of its creeping shariah state ism is putting more pressure on small companies to enforce an increasingly islamic dress code for its female workers.

As we see in this article it encourages people to call in reports of anyone violating this dress code, a woman showing her hair, or if the shape of her body can be seen at all by her clothes, and moves on to sending police into bussineses to check if the women are dressed appropriately. If they find a first time offender they may just give you a warning. At the police station. Where you may have to stay a while. And then take some kind of class to teach you the evils of not doing what you are told.

Why does this sound so damn familiar…. OH YEAH! that’s exactly what the Ottawa and Ontario governments did on their war against the freedom to have a cigarette and a beer at the same place. First, they asked the public to call in to report anyone having a smoke at a bar where they always did, and then the police would initially just warn the person and of course the bar.

Now its a major offence for the bar just to own an ashtray. It never occurred to anyone to just ask, ‘hey if you don’t like cigarette smoke why not go to a place that doesn’t allow it?’ but for the leftist zealots that want to make a perfect place for them, this wont do. Freedom is anathema to these assholes Muslims and leftists alike. All determined to make a utopia by removing your rights and your freedoms to make a better world for you whether you like it or not.

When G. W. Bush said, “They hate our freedoms” he was dead on the mark. The do hate our freedoms because our freedoms are not shariah law. But lets not ignore the freedom hating Utopian neo-Marxists and irrational leftists who would restrict our lives every bit as much as the Muslims. Since the city of Ottawa amalgamated something like 10 years ago, the new city council while racking up record debts has also managed to: Ban smoking in any bar or restaurant including outdoor patios with more than a 30% permanent cover and its getting wider, circus’s, herbicides and pesticides resulting in massive destruction of public fields and costs to maintain them at over 10X previous costs with conventional methods of pest control, idling your car (CO2 you know) smoking in your own car if you have kids windows open or not, trans fats. Now I’m not sure if the trans fat ban has happened or not yet but the attempt has been made and as Ottawa’ns never fight for freedom its a guaranteed victory eventually.Here is an amazing one, the city of Ottawa has actually banned adds crtical of Dalton McGuinty, The fairly left wing premier of Ontario.

In this particular case I want to quote that famous American general who said “this is one of those wars you want both sides to lose” as the adds where by the public service union critical of McGuinty’s cutbacks of services. Why the city of Ottawa feels they can refuse an add based on political content though seems way out of any kind of sense of freedom of speech one may imagine one has.

In any case the threat to western democratic liberal values are equally as great from the left as from Islam. This also is why we see the unholy and even occasionally amusing alliance between the two. Like when Iran invited Che Guevera’s granddaughter and grandson to attend a symposium on the evil of the western world and they where introduced to the crowd with “We all know Che was a god fearing man who hated communism”. Needless to say, the 2 of them vanished from the conference shortly after her rebuttal to that.

Ultimately the point remains. While Islamic fascism and attempt to destroy everything of true value to the west is a threat, lets please not ignore the fascists who by identical reasoning and methods would subjugate us to their ideology and are among us, and acting quietly with our passive acceptance now.


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