Fitna the Dutch movie on Islam released! see it here!

At last the long awaited film on Islam and the west by Dutch politician Geert Wilders has been released. see it below!

This is an excellent film. It is a must see for all. Not just we infidels but all people.

He has respectfully and meaningfully demonstrated the problems between Islam, not so called ‘extreme Islam’ but the root philosophy itself, and western liberal values. Please watch and spread to all you can.


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  1. This is all bullshit about islam… Islam is the relegion of peace… if u watch the video.. its said that.. “Allah gets happy when non-muslims are killed”.. Allah is soo powerful that he would have killed the non-muslims by himself if that would make him happy… The creator of the video just wants to show everything in a different way… Why dont u look at it from a different angle?.. where did hizbullah or alqaeda came from???? why was there no alqaeda before… Palestine has been burning in hell because of US and Israel, nobody listens to the screams of poor people being hit by israili jets… no movie was made about that… i dont wanna write more in here but…
    “To Understand what Islam says…” this video is not gonna help… Study in details.. then u will understand if its peace in islam or in ur democracy…??

  2. 1.Islam as a religion of peace was coined by Qutb, an Islamic theologian who stated that once Jihad has claimed the world and all are under Sharia law and subject to Islam there will be peace as there will no longer be a ‘Dar Al Harb’ or ‘World of war’
    2. There is no Allah.
    3. Israel has little to nothing to do with the jihad which has been going on since the 7th century when Mohamed and his armies conquered pretty much the whole Arabian peninsula slaughtering meccans pagans jews and Christians and taking their lands and possessions as booty. The Arabs who where displaced from Israel in the more recent conflicts left as they where asked by Egypt and Syria who expected to destroy israel on its day of creation. When they failed, the Arabs who left to get out of the way of invading armies, are what we know now as the ‘Palestinians’ Shame about that. Egypt and Syria really owe them a home.

  3. There are so many ways to interpret all faiths and religions in the world, my belief is that true believers in every faith are people whom we never get to see. They are people whose hearts are so full of the love of God and so warm and content with peace created by their true understanding of faith that they simply live and die and cannot hurt an ant. They thrive for no power and they want nothing to do with evil. These are the true believers whether Moslem, Christian , Jew or otherwise. All these false interpretations and linking pictures of twisted men in power, who thrive for further power, to teachings of any religion (words taken out of true context) has nothing to do with any of the religions of the world. How can a true believer in the beauty and mercy of God be anything but humble and kind! Islam is a faith of true peace and love and bigots are unfortunately found everywhere; they do not represent any faith, they only represent their own twisted selves. Let us try to stay away from instigating more hatred through devising and inventing such videos and strive to build a better and safer world for our children by rising way above these kinds of actions.
    Written by a proud Moslem.

  4. yeah its all peace and love when we bust Muslims demanding a second holocaust and these videos are ‘invented’ when we show tape of atrocities by Muslims in the name of Islam and usually videotaped BY other Muslims proud of these same actions.
    Believe me Shirine I wish your view was the one that nattered of Islam but pretending doesnt make it so, nor does it protect one of Islam’s daily victims of terror death discrimination torture and slavery. Not that Islam has the monopoly on these things but at the moment it holds the most successful franchise.

  5. Again, we rise above this man-created nonsense πŸ™‚ Violence begets violence and an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind Vlad πŸ™‚ there is a lot of goodness in the world, let us seek it.

  6. Yes Shirine. Embracing good, cooperation between all people for a better life. Maximum room for individual liberties and choices and ideas even ones we may not like, this is the goal. However pretending hate does not exist and creating the false image of Islam as a doctrine of tolerance and mutual respect will only assist the worst elements of Islam to destroy all not in keeping with the most brutal of sharia doctrine. You quote Ghandi and a beautiful quote it is. Now here is another one from Edmund Burke.
    “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”

  7. Exactly my point πŸ™‚ there is good and bad in every race and creed on earth πŸ™‚ no pretence; there are good peopole and bad people everywhere , nasty individuals are nasty individuals and they represent their own dogma not God’s teachings, or maybe I should say that the American who was behind Oklahoma tragedy represents Christianity and Americans?? πŸ˜‰ of course not. That is my point and I find it sad that you cannot see it or don’t wish to ? πŸ™‚ it is easier to generalize when one does not want to accept that there are decent , honest , kind Moslems everywhere as there are likewise individuals in all the rest of the religions of the world…easier to justify making such videos and justifying one’s own hatred and prejudism πŸ™‚ Good luck to this world and good luck to all our children finding their peaceful paths in a world so full of hatred that we do not wish to see the goodness in each other anymore πŸ™‚

  8. i’m will educated muslim woman, who is commeted to my religion Islam, i ware hijab, i’m highly respected in my family and community , islam gave me all my rights, i’m so happy and proud of my muslim life style.

    if some mislim people act bad this is not the fault of Islam, all people do mistaks!

    there are many parties in the world that are workinghard to give islam bad image long time ago, becuase simply that cant live withthe truth!

    who ever made that clipis is eighter hating islam so much or simply dont know the truth( brain washed) by anti muslim parties( zionest).

    any way if you realy would like to know about islam please contact me, i’m a person with real experiance of Islam.

  9. For real experience of Islam I suggest you talk to any of the victims of the over twelve thousand terrorist attacks by Muslims in the name of Islam usually while they chant Alahu Ackbar as they slaughter their way to paradise. To get a list of these attacks in order to find witnesses who may have survived some of the love of Islam, try

  10. It is sad how prejudiced you are Eeore πŸ™‚ I see the same image of hatred and prejudices in your words as the one you tried to portray for moslems through this very easy to put together movie πŸ™‚ sad…look at the images of children getting brutally killed in Gaza now…:) shall I send you a likewise movie with those images?? Oh but you have justified those killings through your “movie”, it is ok in your eyes right? they are not human beings πŸ™‚ only you are :)) again, I am glad I am an open minded , kind Moslem who revokes ALL forms of aggression on any human part πŸ™‚ so who is more tolerant now ? πŸ™‚ ps: may I ask why my last comment was not posted ? too strong for you to handle the logic in it…lol

  11. Shirine:
    1. Exposing hate of others is not itself hate.
    2. Exposing the bigotry of others is not itself bigotry. Fitna shows Muslims acting in accordance with Islam. It is not synthetic. It is Islam. If you do not like what Islam represents then change it or leave the religion. The movie was easy to put together I agree. What a shame that is, that it is SO easy to find images of Islamic terrorism. It is at the point where when Muslims kill a bunch of innocents it isnt even news anymore unless its spectacular as it was in Mumbai so recently. As for Gaza, where is your blog showing the constant barrage of rocket attacks into Israel? Or do you only care about the human shields of Gaza. There has never before in history been a nation that has shown the restraint of Israel. Why are you not talking about them? You seem so determined to decide what I should show.
    As for ‘Not Human’ I never said that once about Muslims. However Muslims refer to jews as apes and pigs daily in sermons. When you speak to me Shirina I think you should look in a mirror. Once agian, Islam refers to jews as pigs and apes. I never once said Muslims where not human. But the religion of Islam is disgusting and should be left in the bronze age where it belongs. As for that film clip of the orthodox jew, if you knew anything about anything you would know his history was wildly inaccurate and like most religious people uses holy books as text books. He like you believes in gods and demons and faeries and Djinn. Nothing he says has interest to me or factual information for anyone else. However, feel free to put up your own web site and put Fitna on it. Let’s see if you can take your own advice.

  12. LOL LOL LOL, You can’t handle the argument anymore , can you πŸ™‚ )

    you were ready for offended moslems to respond, but not for educated , tolerant ones that put people like you to shame….lol

  13. Tolerant ones like you ho refer to zionists as the problem? I see. Carry on. If I was as tolerant as Muslims do you think any of your posts would be here? If I posted to any of the Muslim sites do you think they would let my comments arguments or videos stand? You are not honest. And, like the CIC think I have an obligation to give you equal time and you have none to me. There is no argument here. You lecture me and accuse me of hatred and bigotry if I do not agree with you.

  14. What’s wrong with killing ants? I do it all the time because they are simply a pain in the arse in the garden. The only good ant is a dead one.

    It would be lovely to engage in an honest debate regarding the religion of peace, but there seems to be such a lack of sincerity involved and I for one, despise revisionist history in the making and don’t have the stomach for constant bullshit.

    Shirine: the same day Israel launched it’s defence against Hamas’s constant aggression, a female suicide bomber loaded with explosives walked into a mosque in Iraq and blew herself up killing 40 innocents…….all Muslims. As I type this, the janjaweed, or devils on horseback, continue to comit genocide in Darfur. And speaking of Gaza, there is only one thing Hamas likes better than a dead Jew; a dead Palestinian.

    The world is growing weary of daily murder and torment perpetrated on innocents in the name of Allah. How do you spell peace?

  15. In conclusion, from what I gather from you guys….hmmm..
    So let us see, when someone loses his four children, wife , mother , brother….. members of their families are raped before their own eyes, their homes are bulldozed …etc etc , he/ she does not wish to end his/her life and avenge himself/herself, which is why there is a viscous cycle of hate/revenge everywhere. … OH, but they are ants.. “a pain in the arse”…:) they are not human beings like you and me… of course not… OH sorry I am a moslem so I am an ant too….LOL, that leaves only you as a human being … with a good soul…
    2> fanatic = Moslem
    how different is that from saying
    Bush admin practices in Iraq = Christianity
    Hitler atrocities = Christianity
    Zionist practices in Palestine/Gaza = Jewish religion ?

    sorry I BELONG TO A MORE REFINED MODE OF THOUGHT , one that believes fanatics are fanatics and they represent their own dogmas (this is getting repetitive and boring…lol) YET there are good people otherwise in ALL faiths and everywhere. I am a moslem and I really know more about my religion that you guys do πŸ™‚ I hereby rest my case πŸ™‚
    GOOD LUCK building a better safer place through such mentalities πŸ™‚ i want no part of it πŸ™‚
    HELP PUT AN END TO HATRED, do NOT instigate more πŸ™‚

  16. Shirine: I was talking about ants. Just ants. Carpenters, red and army ants; they are a pain in the arse to a gardener. It’s amusing, but not surprising how that one statement can be turned into a slight against Muslims…….

    I also noticed, but am additionally not surprised, that you failed to address the fact that more Muslims around the world are murdered by fellow Muslims. Not by Christians, not by Jews, not by Hindus and not by Buddhists. By Muslims.

    As I have already said, the world has grown weary of the brutality and the self-serving revisionism, the hypocrisy and the denial.

  17. Just to be clear: Vladtepes does not instigate hatred or violence against anyone. It is a site dedicated to following and discussing pertinent global events and primarily illustrating misjustice through violence against humanity by those elements devoted to radical Islam.

    It is a site open to all who wish to contribute. We have never claimed, at any time, to be experts on world religion(s) as our purpose is first and foremost, a media exchange of daily world events. Our sources are credible, precise and accurate. Our opinions are well researched and valid in the open market of ideas.

    Thorough analysis, timely data, and open opinion will continue to remain our objective. Please read ‘agenda of this site’.

  18. πŸ™‚
    yes I know, VERY non chauvinistic site…lol, the world really needs people and sites like you πŸ™‚ if you really want respect for your thoughts, then portray ALL kinds of fanaticism everywhere and make that your discussion aims…and work towards helping people come together… then I will have more respect for your ideas…
    and by the way, I missed nothing and I did not fail to understand anything, it is simply pointless to discuss matters on a bigoted site and with hate filled people, you choose to turn your backs to the truth, you are obsessed with putting up tapes to ensure you get support for harboring and instigating more violence….. I am not interested in being dragged in your ideals. I voiced my opinion and now I am gone.

  19. if i would find the bastard who made this movie, i would just cut him into pieces. Bastard remember & keep it in mind that if i would find u in the road walking with your family , iwould kill u all. i will just fuck your wife and daughter in the road itself and will tear their vagina into 2 .. okay mother fucker. bastard



  22. Yes Islam is truly the religion of peace as we see from these comments. And we can be assured that they are written by Muslims, as they tend to be written in ‘New Arabic’ meaning really atrocious English and all in caps.

  23. this video is filled with lies and miss conceptions…

    there is no point for me to debate because it will get me no where with stupid ignorant people…

    why dont they show videos of “what Americans/Isrealie dogs and filth do to the Arab people in the middle east ?? (the media is so stupid and xonsumes anything negative about Islam… where is your proof that it was An islamic person or people who even cimmited 9/11 ? can someone give me some proof ?? however what i do know, there is allot of proof what Islreal and America have done to the people in the middle east !

    pathetic !

  24. this video is filled with lies and miss conceptions…

    there is no point for me to debate because it will get me no where with stupid ignorant people…

    why dont they show videos of β€œwhat Americans/Isrealie dogs and filth do to the Arab people in the middle east ?? (the media is so stupid and xonsumes anything negative about Islam… where is your proof that it was An islamic person or people who even cimmited 9/11 ? can someone give me some proof ?? however what i do know, there is allot of proof what Islreal and America have done to the people in the middle east !

    pathetic !

  25. I dont understand one thing….. Why the hell are you guys after islam ? You see this twin tower of yours? you dont see more then 1 million innocent people killed in iran by your fucking Bush.. ? thosands of innocent people killed in Iraq ? thousands are killed in Afghanistan ? Regarding this video…. It is all incorrect information spread…… If you want to learn Islam go to the right people …Islam itself means Peace…. You bastards and motherfuckers have only the way to spread it in a wrong way…. If you make fun of our religion ? What do you expect from us We are extremist because of you people … We love our religion we can die for it… No matter what ! You americans , jews all are killers look at yourself ! 3000 americans killed in twin tower … more then a million people killed in iran , afghanistan and iraq… Who is responsible for that you motherfuckers ! American Economy is also getting doomed and i pray it collapse and you all beg … this is my heart wish ! Go to hell You all bastards and killers And this dutch people will know the consequences of this video wait and watch :@

  26. This Is message for all anti islamic elements and this website owner if you dont remove your bulshit story from your website it will be soon hacked and then I will show you what i will post

  27. i dont want to say a lot.i just want to say that please read the full commands of Al-Qur’an.translate it and explain it to understand because Islam is the complete code of life.

  28. This is not about religion, the problem with some non-muslims who are illiterate enough to generalize and blame everything to Islam (religion). Haven’t you even thought that we are humans who thinks differently…it’s not Islam who teaches this havoc, it is all in the mind…if you (Muslim Haters) read thru the QurΓ‘n you’ll find it different from what you see or hear in the news. grow up! it”s time for you Islam Haters to read and understand and not by merely listening only. if you want something authentic read it for yourself.

  29. the best of this clip is to be erased and totally be stop in playing it any part of this world..,
    the maker of this clip will soon meet his judgment, and the tiobah of Allah. I am a Muslim and im proud to be.., im not a terrorist, you’re terrorist..,
    to the maker:
    try also to make a clip about genocidal act against the muslims around the world by the people like you,

  30. I saw the film and check the verses qouted in the film, it is all mis-interpreted. Let me present a brief of all quoted Quranic verses:
    1. Surah # 04 Verse #56: This verse talks about the punishment which GOD will give to those who dont accept GOD’s signs and deny HIM, HE will put those in Hell fire where they will be roasted again n again.
    2. Sura # 04 Verse # 89: This verse is related to those hypocrate muslim (not infidels) who did not migrate from Makka city to Madina city after becoming muslim though they could have migrated.
    3. Sura # 08 Verse # 39 & 60: these verses are about war with enimy, if enimy wants war then muslim should not show cowrdiness but should fight firmly untill there is no power in the enimy to fight again, (if u read Verse # 61&62) which says that if the enimy offers peace then muslim shoud accept that and should not try to continue the war eventhough there is doubt that the enimy may cheat on peace offer…
    4. Sura#47 Verse#04: this verse also talks about the war, if there is war then there should not be any mercy on enimy who are on battlefield.

    Dear reader, you r requested to read the verses with translation n explanation and background situation for more clear picture, on the other hand please be informed that we can not judge islam by some follower’s miss-deeds. One more thing i want to share that GOD has clearly says in Quran that “there is no compulsion in religion” so if any muslim s forcing anyone to obey islam is wrong by sharia law. GOD also said that if He wanted then everyone on earth would have been muslim but He gave the choice to all human kind to slect the way of life by showing both wrong & wright path.

  31. Aslam o alikum …
    I just want 2 say 2 all my non muslim brothers & sisters dat v muslims respect prophet jesus (May Allah be pleased wid him ), v love prophet Issac (May Allah be pleased wid him )…v respct ur religion & never spoke stupis & foul things about them,never made thier cartoons ,never made idiot movies on them ..then y non muslims do so ????
    isnt it mean dat non muslims hv hatered & no respect 4 muslims..??
    isnt it mean dat u ppl r extremists..??
    Muslims want peace bur u ppl never want peace..
    America showing his arrogance in Iraq,Afghanistan..
    israeil in palestine…etc..
    & after all wen muslims react them..u non muslims say muslims r terorrists..
    isnt dat unfair ..??

  32. What a pack of bullshit!!! Here’s a suggestion…. How about the same bigot create a film of the annihilation of people of Gaza. That’s right, Tzipi Livni, famous and was famously issued international warrant of arrest for war crimes committed for giving orders to destroy the people of Gaza using white phosporous. Don’t forget to include pictures of innocent women and children and babies too. He could also cover the long going war between the christians of different sect in Ireland in which many innocent ones were killed. But no, he conveniently chose Islam because he has a personal hate. That’s right, it personal not for the world communities. So, people wakeup and don’t be deceived. Just simply think, we need an academic professional to interprete the academic books hence people go to universities. Similarly, the bible can only be interpreted by christian scholars who’ve learnt to understand christianity, equally the Qur’an can only be interpreted by a scholars who’ve learnt and understand it. Simple fact. Therefore, clearly this sick and twisted racist bigot Geert Wilders is himself an enemy to peace in the world and a very dangerous person in what is already a chaotic world we live in today. Unfortunately, there are many of his kind who are just power mad or truly have nothing better to focus on, despite seemingly intelligent yet are actually brainless politicians at a time when the world is facing one of the worst economy crisis, famine, drought, etc. As a christian, he attacked Islam; if he’s a muslim, he’ll slag off christianity or other religion for that matter with of course his selected page of the bible and so on for perhaps other religion. He is nothing but an opportunist. People should not believe what they see or hear until they do their own intensive research of what they want to believe. Do ourselves and the humankind justice rather than be gullible and fall victims to someone’s bigotry.

  33. i do not understand where from they collect the translation though i am not perfect translator from arabi language to english but i can understand the translation is full of fault. furthermore if u think that it is real muslim who done this i should say you are in wrong way so what can you say about jorge w buus, when he odered to kill many afgan, and iraq people where that video is bring it infront of us then say which is one brutal. you people can change your bible verse but our quran will not be changed because we know what is truth. there are many people who are saying that they are muslim but actually they do like non muslim for those you cant give us blame. If you want to justify i sugest you that you should read the quran with actual translation and see the real thing and research about our beloved prophet life style and advice than say i challange you that if you read and understand the translation of quran you will be pleased for islam. islam is not for violance it is peace which is truth way. allah huakber (allah is great)

  34. Intelligent and civilised people would read, research and understand first, then speak. Unfortunately, the stupid ones rely on heresy, then speak. They are refered to the old famous common cliche ‘EMPTY VESSELS MAKE THE MOST NOISE’. So, do read the Holy Qur’an and the true history of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. But do yourselves a favour if any of you wish to embark on such an intelligent mission. Start with an open mind, check your aptitude level, and most importantly maintain the decency to self respect by respecting others and their religion including Islam. Islam is today recorded as the fastest growing religion; surely that says something about Islam being the great true beautiful religion that people are just reverting to it in multitudes. However, of course there are always deniers of the truth such as the sad attention seeker diffident film maker like Geert Wilder and his kind. That’s all they are, just hollow incomplete disgruntled individuals who try to make some names for themselves by causing stirs. Supposed it takes all sorts to make up the world.

  35. I am a muslim but I tolerate christians and jews, I feel sorry for whoever made this clip, and just for the record, Islam has been growing since more than 1400 years, no silly video like that could stop this spread πŸ™‚ we muslims are everywhere, you can do nothing πŸ˜€

  36. Disgusting reading all the foul mouthed boasting and insults from all those extremely intolerant volatile narrowminded moslems who obviously have no respect for this blogsite opinion or for any of us infidels.
    Please keep your islam to your own islamic community whether it is growing
    or not.

  37. Oh sorry Wlil, I just noticed what you mentioned above:”…those extremely intolerant volatile narrowminded moslems who obviously have no respect for this blogsite opinion or for any of us infidels.”
    I don’t know your religion, but let’s say your christian…would you tolerate it if I cursed or made fun of Jesus ?! Well for your information, I would never do that, neither would any true muslim, because we believe in Jesus too, and the one who hates Jesus or any other prophet is no muslim…So I don’t believe it’s appropriate to spread a hate speech, about Muhammad, Jesus or any other thing about any religion…In this way, the only Vulgar, Intolerant, abusive people would be the ones trying hard to fight personal beliefs and religions such as Islam. But as I said before, it’s impossible to destroy a religion followed bi more than 1.6 billion, and that’s a fact ( check statistics )

  38. As for what’s mentioned on the page (upper right)…they mentioned 19,582 killed by muslims (although they are not considered Muslims). But can someone give me an estimation of how many Muslims were killed because of what’s called “Anti-terror Campaign” ?? Well, WikiLeaks mentioned 108,595 and here’s a link ( …any idea of the Afgan deaths ?? Well the media number is 14,790, but believe me it’s much more than that and check this link ( and finally let’s combine Palestine’s and other countries attacked by those who claim peace…the number is 143,835. Would you like a link too ?? this gives us a total of 250,000 +>>> DEAD !! I think that’s enough to tell who’s the real terrorist here !!

  39. Wlil I respect the fact that you are an infidel. I am a Christian but I have nothing against Moslims, man you are a racist … I lived in the middle east for 6 years, Islam is like any other religion, has good and bad followers.

    And just for the record: Al Qaeda is the making of the CIA, it’s purpose was to fight the Russians during the US-Russian conflict, it was funded by the US to do so and that’s a fact known to almost all now…

  40. As for the death rates mentioned on the page’s upper right: the victims of what’s so called “Anti-Terror War” is 250,000 +
    Iraq : 108,535
    Afganstan : 14,706
    Palestine and other countries : 141,832
    ALL DEAD !! check WikiLeaks for these numbers, that’s where I got’em
    I think now we know who the true terrorists are !!

  41. Hask, you are the one that is racist. The fact that you failed to acknowleged the fact that islam is one of the most racist ideology in the world and that is bad. Whatever religon you are, you all pro-islamics would always find fault with the west that you havae manipulated to your advantage.
    OF course, it is not surprising islamic people are by nature abusive people and also due to their abusive islamic ideology. Therefore, pro-islamics and islamic people are known to be extremely intolerant and often extremely violent and extremely abusive to people who criticised them or their ideology.

  42. It is their shame that there are too many pro-islamic and islamic people who refused to acknowlege the barbaric atrocity committed by islamc people. Even till now, too many moslems and pro-islamic people are noted to continue with their islamic influenced abusive and offensive behaviour in the various websites.

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