Fitna the Dutch movie on Islam released! see it here!

At last the long awaited film on Islam and the west by Dutch politician Geert Wilders has been released. see it below!

This is an excellent film. It is a must see for all. Not just we infidels but all people.

He has respectfully and meaningfully demonstrated the problems between Islam, not so called ‘extreme Islam’ but the root philosophy itself, and western liberal values. Please watch and spread to all you can.


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  1. The horrible goal of islamic and pro-islamic people is to enrich themsleves and to bully and intimidate us infidels or force us infidels to submmit to their backward dark tribes via their islamic ideolgy. And I noted islamic people tend to make life difficult for us infidels who hate islam.

  2. And of course islamic people and pro-islamic people around the world would continue to claim that they are no terrorist in their ideology or in their islamic and pro-islamic asian tribes, while at the same time terrorisng us infidels who dare to speak up.

  3. I told you, I am christian…I visited the Middle East (Lebanon) and got to know more about Islam and Moslim’s lifestyle, you don’t see me converting to Islam, do you ? They respected me before and after knowing my religion, and respected the fact that it’s I and only I who chooses my beliefs. I assume you don’t know much about Islam, but what the media shows is just it’s bad side trying to form conflicts based on religion. And please, don’t judge a book by it’s cover without reading what’s inside.

  4. Wlil… you are full of nonsense man !! What barbaric ideology are you talking about huh ??!! I am so frustrated because you just went there !! Westerns claim freedom as an ideology. Let me tell you something:
    When America takes million lives in Iraq for oil : NOT TERRORISM
    When Serbs rape Muslim women in Kosovo/Bosnia : NOT TERRORISM
    When Russians kill 200,000 Chechens in bombings : NOT TERRORISM
    When Jews kick out Palestinians and take their land : NOT TERRORISM
    When American drones kill whole families : NOT TERRORISM
    When Israel kills 12,000 Lebanese due to 2 missing soldiers : Guess what …?? NOT TERRORISM

    Seems like the word TERRORISM is only reserved for Muslims.

    Before I end up this reply, I would like to tell you that I lost a cousin in one of Al Qaeda’s attacks in Yemen. It would be a huge mistake if you think that Muslims support such actions.

  5. One more thing, you mentioned us Muslims not tolerating other beliefs?? Where’s your clue? Here’s mine from our Holy Qura’an, (Surah/Chapter 109) Al Kafirun (arabic word, it means: The Disbelievers)

    Say, “O disbelievers, 109:1
    I do not worship what you worship. 109:2
    Nor are you worshippers of what I worship. 109:3
    Nor will I be a worshipper of what you worship. 109:4
    Nor will you be worshippers of what I worship. 109:5
    For you is your religion, and for me is my religion.” 109:6

    Awaiting your reply…

  6. HASK, whatever your religion is or may convert to does not make any difference to me. Your behaviour is more important than what religion you professed. And, Ahmad, please don’t try to push your nonsense to me. Islamic people are known to terrorise anyone who dare to speak up openly against barbaric, backward, islamic practices. I wish the world to be free from islamic intimidation and other less common form of intimidation. Every individual are free to analyse who caused the most terrorist related problems in the world. I am not defending anyone here. I am just defending freedom, to be free from terrorism, all forms of slavery and to live a life that is free from islamic dominance.

  7. 1 last thing, and I’m not gonna reply anymore to a potato headed person…If you say we are terrorists then ok as you like, we are and there’s nothing you can do about it, and you can do nothing about Islam, no infidel can…Islam is growing day by day, say whatever you like, it would be like needle in hey and even less, it’s your opinion after all but would change nothing.
    Nice talking to you, Bye 🙂

  8. Ahmad, there is no point talking to you, no point replying directly to your islamic lunacy or your islamic boasting, no point trying to understand your broken English or your broken part of your islamic society and no point trying to understand your islam. Hopefully a big part of the world, consisting of mostly us infidels will be able to avoid the dominance of an alien backward unrealible, dangerous culture such as islam or any other suppressive, authoritarian, totalitarian, volatile ideology.

  9. Stupid guy ! Recheck your info, Infidels are not as much Christians or Muslims :”consisting of mostly us infidels” I feel sorry for you. I too will reply no more.

  10. Infidels means nonbeliever or anyone that is NOT moslems.
    Infidel(as meant by me or when describing myself),include anyone that is NOT islam. A christian can be called an infidel too, if he or she wish, and if he/she does not believe in islam.
    I am just tired of replying to stupid insults from stupid, arrogant abusive pro-islamic and stupid abusiveislamic people, who seems to know it all but in reality don’t.

  11. I might add, ‘infidel’ is not even an Arabic word. Its from Latin. In Fidelis I believe or, ‘unclean’. More literally ‘unfaithful’ as fidelity refers to faithfulness both in religion and in (real not Muslim) marriage.

  12. Eeyore, Interesting reading about your finding about another meaning of infidel, though hask bad english was not only meaningless but was causing more confusion than clarifying anything. And furthermore Hask insults directed at a stupid guy(which definitely was not me as I am a gal)was another bad point about his insults, which, not surprisingly, pro-islamics and islamic people tend to stoop down to that level whenever they failed to address an issue in a civilised manner and it was disgusting trying to read hask bad english and as usual those islamic and pro-islamics tend to belittle us infidels who refused to bow down to their nasty islam or who have nothing in common with their horrible islamic people. I hope infidel would used more often to mean faithful towards defending freedom and faithful to anything or any union that is good and civilised. I am also calling myself infidel because I want to distance myself from moslems.

  13. Look I have been following these discussions and replies and I got the point that we cannot reach a consensus as long as we keep insulting each other. I think that religion has been hijacked by terrorists who are by definition use violence as a means to achieve their political goals. What happened in 9/11 is a consequence of behavior of some bad people i was sad for the victims of that day the same way as I am sad for every innocent in the world be it a Jew, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, has no religion, every single human being. i condamen the 9/11 responsible terrorists as much the same was as i do with the people who failed to protect those who were killed. moreover, the decision makers failed us all together to explain what happened that day. So as peaceful people we have to avoid making prejudices against any one and work together to get rid of evil on our planet Earth!!! I think that we did not learn anything from history of two world wars and then how come that few decades make Islam a thread though it was a religion for centuries don’t you find this absurd???!!!

  14. TaibaAli:

    Do you make this up right as you need to? Where do you get this idea of a right exactly? Based on what? And the ENTIRE PREMISE of Islam is that it abrogates all other previous religions making them invalid. So Islam itself judges other religions as its very premise for existence.

    So in other words you are two layers full of shite.

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