The hostage taking is over.

Apparently there is a Twitter campaign to post your public transit schedule so that muslims can ride with you in case of a never-happening backlash against the people who openly adhere to the ideology which causes all the terrorism in the world. I believe, not fully understanding how Twitter works, that it involves something that looks like #illridewithyou 

I wonder if these people understand that it is in more than one way, a near equivalent to #illstrapmyselftothefrontofanazitankasahumanshield

Perhaps people should try trending #stopterrorism or #assimilateormove

But these would be too rational for our culturally marxist times where the optics are currency and the truth is illegal.

By the way, there is a rumor floating around that Lindt, the company that owns that cafe, refused to do halal certification. If this is true, I think I know what to get people for Christmas.

BREAKING NEWS: Sydney siege ends with Muslim gunman dead and one hostage killed after police and special forces storm cafe with guns and stun grenades 


Link on the man who did this highly islamicly religious act

Below, a great video about previous actions by this same Shiia muslim.

Same man in ball gown claims he is tortured for his political letters

More to come. Thank you M, Don C and many more. We have just begin to post.

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#SydneySiege Sennels: “Psychology: Why Islam creates monsters”

“Nobody is born a mass murderer, a rapist or a violent criminal. So what is it in the Muslim culture that influence their children in a way that make so relatively many Muslims harm other people?

As a psychologist in a Danish youth prison, I had a unique chance to study the mentality of Muslims. 70 percent of youth offenders in Denmark have a Muslim background. I was able to compare them with non-Muslim clients from the same age group with more or less the same social background. I came to the conclusion that Islam and Muslim culture have certain psychological mechanisms that harm people’s development and increase criminal behaviour.”

Read more.

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Oz hostage speaks, relays demands

Please check the comments for working versions of this video

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Scraps and fragments from Australia’s hostage situation at Martin Place



Live stream here

More videos and links to follow

SMH.Au (Video at link)


Muslims had been busted in September planning to behead people at this same location where the current hostage taking is now. Martin Place Sydney. 

#BREAKING: The beheadings of members of the public were to be filmed and the recordings sent to the #ISIS media unit in the Middle East

(The Groups appears the be called, ‘Islamic Shahada’ according to RT. The flag is the flag of that group)


Terrifying new details of the Sydney Beheading Plot Have Emerged”, Sep. 19, 2014

Police say the raids in Sydney yesterday morning foiled a horrifying plot to behead a random member of the Australian public in Sydney’s Martin Place, drape them in an Islamic State flag and behead them on camera.

This morning, terrifying new details have emerged about the plot, with Prime Minister Tony Abbott revealing on Channel Nine’s Today show the beheading was planned to take place “within days”.

Live stream no longer available outside Oz. But this site is updated regularly.

CB sashenka says that this location is near Parliament as well as a business hub for the area.

Siege at Sydney’s Lindt cafe: Martin Place long identified as a terrorist target

TWITTER posts are saying that the BBC is claiming that the hostages have been fitted with backpacks. I can’t find that anywhere. But it would be consistent with islamic Modus Operandi.  

Live blog from Oz

Tony Blair statement:

3m3 minutes ago

A source has said the gunmen have claimed to have devices all over the city and want to speak to the Prime Minister live on radio.

Gunman’s head band reads:

“We are your soldiers O Muhammad”

PhotoZoom Pro 6ScreenSnapz003

Police Spokesman:

At 1.30pm, during rolling coverage, 2GB producer Laura Parr tweeted: “Ray Hadley says he could hear gunman giving instructions to young hostage off air. Told to call him back in 10 minutes.’’

By 1.38pm NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione confirmed the person who rang Hadley was a hostage.

It’s understood Hadley has passed details regarding the call directly to investigators.

“To clarify, Ray Hadley was contacted by the hostage, the call was taken off air and then confirmed by the Police Commissioner,” the station tweeted.

About 50 people remain inside the Lindt cafe as the siege enters its fifth hour.

Lindt stores around Australia, including the franchises in Southbank and Collins St have closed, with a message posted for customers.

“Due to emergency situations, our business in not operated today, until further notice.’’

Originally published as Radio host’s tense calls with hostage

Jihad Watch: Sydney police commissioner on jihad flag: “We’re still trying to work out what exactly it stands for”

Hostages Oz hold up flag

Two hostages apparently escaped. Were they muslim?

CNN is showing back to back dinosaur documentaries and the BBC is discussing various forms of dementia.

Live feed here

Cops confirm they are talking to the hostage taker


Sydney man Craig Stoker inadvertently confronted the gunman immediately prior to the siege:

“He was wearing a black T-shirt with white writing on it and a headband and carrying a blue bag.

“The bag bumped into me and there was something hard in it.

“I said ‘watch where you are f***ing going’.

“He turned round and said ‘do you want me to shoot you too?’ I looked into his eyes and they were crazy,” said Mr Stoker, a father of four from Eastlakes. “I was pretty freaked out.”

The bearded man was with two others who were similarly dressed.

It is not known if the other men are also inside the Lindt Café.

Thank you M., Tasha C., C.B Sashenka, and all, More to come and some of it hasn’t happened yet, but I bet it won’t be good.

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The hostages seem to have no demands except to talk to the PM live on radio.

My guess would be to explain things about Islam and Australia’s actions in fighting the Islamic State, then justify the massacre they are about to do at the Cafe. This is a very likely scenario based on classic Islamic modus operandi. I hope no high profile person in Oz. goes on radio with the hostage takers.


1. Al Azaar, the #1 Sunni Islamic authority in the world, has declared that you cannot call Takfir on the Islamic State, meaning no muslim can claim that they are not practicing the true Islam.

(Remember that Obama gave his first major foreign policy speech as president to Al Azaar in Cairo. So he recognizes, and specifically acknowledges during that speech, that Al-Azaar is the authority in Sunni islam. So it would be difficult for him to pretend now that the Islamic State is not authentically Islamic. Below, a short critique of his speech I did in 2012)

2. Islamic State attack on helicopter raises concerns

Baghdad: Daesh [Islamic State] militants shot down an Iraqi military helicopter Saturday, officials said, killing the two pilots onboard and raising fresh concerns about the extremists’ ability to attack aircraft amid ongoing U.S.-led coalition airstrikes.

The attack happened in the Shiite holy city of Samarra, about 95 kilometers (60 miles) north of Baghdad. A senior Defense Ministry official told The Associated Press the Sunni militants used a shoulder-fired rocket launcher to shoot down the EC635 helicopter on the outskirts of the city.

An army official corroborated the information. Both spoke on condition of anonymity as they weren’t authorized to speak to journalists.

The EC635, built by Airbus Helicopters, is used for transportation, surveillance and combat.

3. Austria Rules Al-Qaeda, ISIS Symbols Illegal

The Parliament in Austria approved of a new bill, according to which symbols representing Al-Qaeda and the “Islamic State” (ISIS) terrorist organizations were made illegal.

The bill also allows the revoking of Austrian citizenship from nationals holding dual citizenship if it can be proven that said nationals took part in battles in the Middle East.


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Islam spreading murder, slavery and supremacy everywhere it goes: Links 1 for Dec. 13 – 2014

1. GUILTY: First picture of Muslim pensioner, 80, who arranged for acid to be thrown in his 20-year-old Islamic convert ex-girlfriend’s face

(This article speaks volumes about the islamic perception of the agency of women. The fact that he felt justified in burning a woman’s face with acid because he felt she was having another relationship after his had ended with her shows an ownership mentality and not a relationship one. And one that is likely common in Islamic thought)

2. Afghanistan: Seven students wounded in explosion

3. At long last. An important and influential Saudi says the obvious about KSA oil policy. “We don’t want the West to find alternatives”

4. Hamas military parade.

More video here as well and here, RT focuses on the drone

5. A stunning article about immigration and criminality in the UK.

(Canada should really start adding restrictions such as entrance visas and so on to people who wish to come to Canada from the UK if they have such flagrant disregard for their own borders)

Police arrested 173,0000 foreign criminals last year – one in every seven suspects who were apprehended nationwide.

The figures from Association of Chief Police Officers Criminal Records Office reveal the extraordinary strain being placed on the justice system by overseas criminals.

In many cases, the suspects have lengthy criminal records back home which should have prevented them from entering the UK – or would allow for them to be deported.

6. Slavery has returned to the UK and is growing. VICE

Sheila said she often lied in those phone calls home. She told her children that she was doing well, that she wasn’t unhappy, that everything was okay. She didn’t mention the lock on the front door that prevented her from escaping.

During the day, Sheila was responsible for all the cleaning, cooking, and childcare. At night, she slept in a bed with her employer’s baby. Sometimes she would be kept up until 3am to work at a party, rising again at 6am to watch the four children.

She cried again as she recalled how her employer would call to her like a dog, verbally abusing her if she didn’t come fast enough. “He shouted at me like an animal,” she said.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Don C., and many more.



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Canada implements best immigration and refugee policy possible! Check this out!

Once again, Canada demonstrates that it actually understands reality, and much much more importantly has the courage to set policy based on reality, as opposed to the popular narrative written to replace reality.

Thanks M for this one

CBC in its infinite sanctimonious contempt for the government presents this news piece as if the government is wrong to discriminate between the oppressor and the oppressed. It is not just ‘not wrong’ to discriminate thusly. It is critically necessary. During WW2, we should have brought Jews and other victims of the Nazis to Canada but not the actual Nazis no matter how mch they objected to the consequences of the policies they themselves brought upon the areas they control, or how much they wanted to leave those consequences.

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Islam: Institutionalizing savagery since the 7th century: Links 1 for Dec. 13 – 2014

1. Islamic extremists use criminal gangs to enforce religious Sharia laws in Danish ghettos

“Islamic extremists use immigrant gangs to enforce religious Sharia laws in residential areas throughout Denmark. …

The unholy alliance between religious extremists and hardcore criminals in residential areas where especially younger people being forced to behave in certain ways and women are forced to dress in particular ways.

Gang members typically support individual extremist imams and mosques with a strict interpretation of Islam. …

2. Denmark: Convicted terror preacher (unemployed since 1992…) sexually attacked 12 year old girl

“Mansour was convicted for terror paragraph for having praised terror and called for the killing of Jews and infidels on Facebook. …

Quite remarkable is that among the former verdicts listed by the prosecutor include terrorist activities, theft, violence and possession of illegal weapons, and a judgment by the High Court in 2002, where Mansour was found guilty of having assaulted a 12-year-old whom Mansour pulled away from a playground and groped her breasts.

(Islam: Setting the bar on morality since the 7th century)

3. Chinese city in restive Muslim region bans burqa in public

Beijing (CNN) — Legislators in the capital of China’s restive far-western Xinjiang province passed a law Wednesday to prohibit residents from wearing burqas in public, state media reported Thursday, highlighting the government’s continued campaign against religious extremism.

The new ban in Urumqi was first reported on, a Xinjiang government-run website, and later widely published by other state media outlets.

The ordinance name suggests it targets outer garments covering someone’s full body including the face, which is called a burqa in some Islamic traditions.

4. Jihad Watch does article on Yusuf Islam, formerly the mediocre folk singer known as Cat Stephens. In the video below he sings acapella praying for victory over the Kufar. (The salient bit is at 2 minutes)

5. Indonesian province to expand Sharia law

“Indonesian Province to Expand Sharia Law,” by Steve Herman, Voice of America, December 12, 2014:

Indonesia has the world’s largest Muslim population and a legal system based on Dutch civil law and Indonesian government regulations. But in a 2001 compromise with separatists, Aceh province in Sumatra island’s north was allowed to implement Sharia law.

Since then, religious justice has become increasingly strict — and, for some residents, uncomfortable, at the very least.


In the latest of public whippings in Aceh, a prosecutor on December 5 took a cane to six family members who each received five to eight lashes for playing poker for money at a coffee shop.

5. Pot calling the kettle black in Malaysia 

6. BBC does carefully edited history of the Middle East’s Jewish populations, careful to avoid certain dates to avoid stirring up the Tards.

Thank you Nicolai Sennels, UK Pete, and many more. More to come.




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10News update

Via by Nicolai Sennels:

Malaysia: 18 Myanmar nationals (Buddhists) killed and mutilated in series of “mysterious and unexplained murders”

As usual when Muslims murder Myanmar Buddhists, the press never writes who killed whom – they just write about “clashes”. In the article, the Muslim newspaper The Jakarta Globe, tips their hand when they write that the murdered are “Myanmar nationals”. The thing is, that Muslims can not be Myanmar nationals – so it must be people from the other party, the Buddhists, who got killed.”

Danish Muslim ghetto: Masked thieves storm out of church in front of churchgoers with jackets, bags

Denmark: Convicted terror preacher (unemployed since 1992…) sexually attacked 12 year old girl


What kind of “man” gropes a 12 year old girl on her “breasts”…? I can not think of anything more disgusting than paedophile terrorists. And Islam produces these hate-beard growing, pyjamas and funny hat wearing, inbred, head banging, sharia-enslaved, Quran-quoting, Mohammed-the-paedophile copy cats, child raping, terror-sympathizing lowlives on industrial scale. A third of Pakistani men think that raping small boys is “not even a bad thing to do” and Bacha bazi – sexually exploiting young boys dressed as girls – is widespread in Afghanistan. In England, “Muslims are 154 times likelier to be perpetrators of” raping and trafficking young girls. Read why here: Sennels: “Psychological Consequences of Islam’s Views on Women and Sennels: “Islam: root cause of grooming and rape wave”.”

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Links 2 for Dec 11 – 2014

1. Rescued Yazidi sex slave from the Islamic state says what needs to be said.

CNN link here.

2. Hamas anniversary celebrated with massive child soldier and other military items parade.

3. Rebels in northern Syria say U.S. has stopped paying them

(Curiouser and curiouser)

4. Madrid mosque was jihadi recruitment hub

(The Local publishes this article like its a surprise)

The terror network allegedly headed up by ex-Guantanamo Bay prisoner Lahcen Ikassrien used the mosque, Madrid’s largest, as its centre of operations, National Court judge Pablo Ruz said in a ruling as he processed 15 members of the gang dismantled in June.

In a 49-page report, Ruz outlined the activities of the group, which is thought to have been in operation since 2011 and to have operated a training camp near the Spanish city of Ávila.

The group, known by its members as the Al-Andalus Brigade — a reference to the Islamic-controlled area of Spain of the Middle Ages — left a trail of evidence including paperwork, videos and social media content outlining how they operated.

5. ‘Faceless’ doll for Muslim girls launched in Britain

Islamic girl’s self esteem doll

A faceless doll wearing a hijab has been created for Muslims girls in Britain, news service Asian Image has reported.

The featureless doll was designed that way to comply with Sharia law, which forbids graphic representation of God, the prophet Mohammed, his wife, family, friends and all living things – in roughly that order. The doll costs £25 ($40).

6. Ever hear the one about the 2 guys, probably muslims, in a heavily islamic part of Copenhagen who try and rob a jewelry store by smashing the smash proof glass? Well it goes like this.

(I sent out the video to Ritamalik to see if the Arabic being shouted is meaningful)


Thank you TL., M., Wrath of Khan, Nicolai Sennels,


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The Decline of Western Civilization and the end of the Enlightenment: Links post 1 for Dec. 12 – 2014

(I really do pass up posting a lot of fascinating stuff about internal US politics because its not the issue here at VladTepesBlog. But when, speaking as a Canadian, you sleep next to an elephant, its important to know if its gonna be really sick on your sheets)

1. Report: Lois Lerner Emails Show Obama’s Justice Department Assisted IRS to Target Conservative Groups

After a year and a half of investigating, Congress has finally gotten to see a large number of the “missing” emails from IRS administrator Lois Lerner. Some of these emails seem to show that Obama’s Department of Justice (DOJ) was involved in the IRS targeting of conservative groups, a Forbes report says.

2. Confusion over Muslim burial tradition causes Tenn. police to launch manhunt after a miscarriage

hOnce again, there is so much wrong within this one event that its hard to know where to begin. So Ill pick a place. The police department consulted a theological expert to know if the officer did the right thing to let the 4 Saudi nationals with a dead baby in the trunk go, without so much as looking at it. Because the laws of Tennessee don’t matter anymore and the laws of the U.S. of A. don’t matter, its sharia that matters. And if people don’t have a problem with that, then I offer them their future.

Police in a small Tennessee town were searching for Muslim men on Wednesday after learning that they were possibly transporting a dead fetus to comply with Islamic burial traditions.

According to WZTV, an officer with the Millersville Police Department pulled over three men from Saudi Arabia on Wednesday during what was described as a routine traffic stop. The men reportedly told the officer that they were transporting a dead fetus, but they would not let him see or touch the baby for religious reasons.


He noted that he had talked to a theology expert who said that the officer, who had only been on the job five months, had made the right decision because the fetus had already been prepared for burial.

“He said my officer at that moment had acted appropriately, by not defiling the body of the child,” Hindman explained. “But at that moment, I would have wanted to look at the child myself just to make sure.”

Get it? The officer should have looked at the dead baby not because its in violation of countless local, state and federal laws, but to make sure it was in compliance with sharia on preparation of dead babies. More here at another source.

3. Terrorist throws acid on family in West Bank; seven wounded

A terrorist threw acid on seven Israelis in the West Bank on Friday, including a mother with her three young daughters and her niece. Two other pedestrians were wounded in the attack. The Palestinian suspect then chased another Israeli with a screwdriver and was shot by an armed passerby.

IDF and border guard forces subdued the terrorist, who was transferred to Shin Bet custody for interrogation. Palestinian sources said the man was from the village of Nahalin, near Bethlehem.

4. The continuing trials of a teacher, being systematically targeted by the UK for teaching the truth about the Crusades. (The audio is marred by wind so enable the subtitles in the little cc button and try and ignore the sign advising you to do so which covers the actual subtitles)

5. Interesting discussion between Danish Ambassador, Caroline Glick and others on the issue of the admitted double standard as to how Israel is viewed compared to everyone else.

More to come because Islamic horror never sleeps.

Thank you M., Tundra T. Simon, GoV., and many others.

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With the speed of a swinging blade, freedom of speech gets restricted to more areas once blasphemy laws are allowed.

On the Blog Talk Radio program I did for a month or two, and at every opportunity I have, I point out that freedom of speech has only one function. That of protecting criticism of religious authority in all forms. Why? Because once you concede to religion as protected from criticism all things will be put under their purview as quickly as possible.

This news story featured at Jihad Watch is the perfect example.

Jakarta Post’s editor faces blasphemy charge for cartoon mocking Islamic State

Indonesian police have declared the editor-in-chief of a prominent English-language daily newspaper a suspect in a blasphemy case over the publication of a cartoon mocking the jihadist group Islamic State.


The editor said: “What we produced was a journalistic piece that criticised the ISIS movement, which has carried out violence in the name of religion,” using the acronym of the extremist group, also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

“It means that the ISIS caricature was not blasphemous,” he said. “We all know that ISIS is an organisation that is banned in Indonesia and across almost the entire world.”

The Jakarta-based Alliance of Independent Journalists, or AJI, slammed the declaration of Suryodiningrat as suspect.

So it starts with a law that says you cannot criticize or in any way represent the deity with the most aggressive fan base in a given area. Then, you may also not represent any avatars that deity has attributed to him in a way other than the narrative originally assigned, or that impedes the advancement of the agenda of the supremacy of those who promote that agenda.

And then it becomes political. Anything associated with the deity is now legally above criticism except in certain ways and even then…

Then its everything. You cannot pick your own colors for clothes, you cannot pick your own styles of things and your choices are made for you by panels of religious experts on all matters cultural and personal.

Granted this particular article appears to be about the contents of his cartoon. But the chill effect will be exactly the same. Everyone in publishing will know what the real reason is and speak accordingly.

For those of us who understand this issue I would suggest the time to speak openly, loudly and often about Islam and its threat to liberal society is now. Make and wear T shirts. Exercise your freedom of speech. Preserve the enlightenment and do it now. The clock is ticking in Canada while it runs out in Indonesia.

Eeyore for VladTepesBlog


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More Isamic slaughter, rape, slavery and denial and braggadocio of same: Links 2 for Dec 11 – 2014

1. University of California Student-Workers Union Votes to Boycott Israel

“It is unfortunate that the UAW 2865 fell for the manipulative tactics of BDS,” the pro-Israel education group StandWithUs said in a statement. “While it masquerades as a human rights movement that seeks a better life for Palestinians, BDS’s true goal is the elimination of Israel and the end of Jewish self-determination. Indeed, at an event organized by the UAW 2865 BDS Caucus, one of the speakers explicitly stated that ‘bringing down Israel really will benefit everyone in the world.’”

2. Gaza: Live fire drills by ‘Al Quds’ forces.

3. Greenpeace overdoses on sanctimony, trashes a Peruvian historial treasure

4. France: Calais drowning in enrichment

5. RT Video on Greenpeace’s stunt in Peru

6. On CFRA AM 580 in Ottawa today, Rick Gibbons had a classic anesthetist Imam on to assure us all that Islamis peaceful. In fact, he claims, the guitar and piano are Islamic inventions. Notice how he says that the Ottawa jihadi who’s video is the talk of Canadian media now, has put down the Islamic guitar, and picked up the kuffar weapons and how ironic is that he feels. So I had to at least address it in part. It would take an hour video to properly address all the logical and factual failings of this 6 minute interview. His website is here.

Thank you Don L. M., Buck, UK Pete and all. More to come.


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Are they winning, or are we surrendering? Links 1 for Dec. 11 – 2014

1. Boko Haram cut off my hand.

(They keep calling him radical but he just quotes Quran verbatim)

2. UK: Muslim mother-of-six who posted pictures of her young children posing as jihadists on Facebook and advised an undercover policeman how to travel to Syria is jailed for more than five years

Runa Khan, 35, from Luton, took pictures of her young son wearing a turban and holding a toy assault rifle and took another picture of him with a copy of a book by Abdullah Azzam, Osama bin Laden’s mentor.

A Muslim mother-of-six who posted pictures of her young children posing as jihadists on Facebook and advised an undercover policeman how to travel to Syria has been jailed for five years and three months.

3. Mosqueteria-area Mohammadan kills family and self

4. Saudi Arabia links Dane’s shooting to Islamic State, arrests three

(Reuters) – Saudi Arabia has arrested three suspects in connection with the shooting of a Danish man in Riyadh last month, and investigations show it was carried out on behalf of Islamic State, an interior ministry spokesman said on Thursday.

The spokesman, Major General Mansour Turki, said security forces recovered the handgun and a vehicle used in the Nov. 22 attack, which the victim survived.

“The confessions and the results of the initial investigations showed that they carried out the crime in support and sympathy with Islamic State,” he said.

5. France: ‘It’s Pork or Nothing’, ‘And if You Don’t Like it, Take Your Children Home’, Muslim Parents Told

Muslim parents have reacted angrily in a French town after the mayor announced it was ‘pork or nothing’ for school lunches, under the principles of the secular republic which dictates that religion should have no place in state institutions – including schools.

The change came after the catering company that provides meals to the 180 students in the small town of Sargé-lès-Le-Mans in southern France reported difficulties providing alternate meals for the 15 Muslim children on pork-based meal days. Declaring the local school free of religious influence, what in France is known as “laicïté”, or the “principle of Republican neutrality”, the mayor told parents it would from thereon be “pork or nothing”, TheLocal.frreports.

6. Girl, 13, told ‘your rape complaint will spoil the police doctor’s Sunday lunch’ 

Abuse allegation: Claims the girl was told she would be interrupting the police doctor’s lunch

A girl was urged not to complain about being raped as it would spoil the police doctor’s Sunday lunch, it has been claimed.

The 13-year-old was allegedly attacked by a gang of Asian men in scandal-hit Rotherham.

The mother alerted police after her daughter had come home drunk on a Saturday night in 2007, saying she had been with much older men.

At a hospital the following day two officers allegedly told them “a police doctor was having to come especially down the motorway and would miss his Sunday lunch if he had to come”.

After being pressed further, the 13-year-old said she did not want to do it any more and was taken home.

7. Jewish MP for Ilford North no longer holds surgeries with constituents after threats

(The British seemed determined to let the thugs and extortionists win, don’t they?)

During a parliamentary debate on anti-Semitism on Tuesday, Mr Scott said he also received a phone call telling him he should be stoned to death.

First published 02:45 Thursday 11 December 2014 in News
Last updated 06:31 Thursday 11 December 2014

MP Lee Scott has received death threats due to his religion, he has revealed.

The Ilford North MP, who is Jewish, said he was first threatened at the last election by two people who called him a “dirty pig” and said they were going to kill him.

During a parliamentary debate on anti-Semitism on Tuesday, Mr Scott said he also received a phone call telling him he should be stoned to death.


Thank you M., UK Pete, Richard, Yucki, and many more. Quite a bit more to come shortly.

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An odd conversation between Yemeni muslims and President Obama

The Yemenis explain why they killed the hostages after Obama ruined the rescue mission by ordering the soldiers to act like police:

Obama responds with his total lack of regrets

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