Links 3 for Oct. 27 – 2014

1. An interesting video from yesterday’s demonstration in Koln Germany against the salafists.

2. Torture, rape, forced marriage… and sent to fight on the front line: Survivors reveal the horrific fate of teenage girls kidnapped by Islamic extremists Boko Haram

(Funny how the Islamic State doesn’t put that in their recruitment videos)

Teenage girls who escaped Nigerian terror group Boko Haram have described how they were raped, tortured, forced into marriage and sent to fight on the front line during their captivity.

Dozens of former hostages have described the physical and psychological abuse at the hands of the Islamic militants in a report by Human Rights Watch (HRW).

It came as Boko Haram kidnapped a further 30 children over the weekend, including girls as young as 11, bringing the total number of captives to more than 500 since 2009.

The latest kidnappings – and continued violence in northeast Nigeria and northern Cameroon – have cast doubt on government claims of a ceasefire and agreement for the release of 219 schoolgirls held since April.

Scroll down for video 

Horrific ordeal: Some of the 219 Nigerian girls kidnapped by Boko Haram in April. Dozens of teenagers (not pictured) who escaped the Nigerian terror group have described how they were raped, forced into marriage and forced to fight on the front line of the insurgency in a new report by Human Rights Watch

Horrific ordeal: Some of the 219 Nigerian girls kidnapped by Boko Haram in April. Dozens of teenagers (not pictured) who escaped the Nigerian terror group have described how they were raped, forced into marriage and forced to fight on the front line of the insurgency in a new report by Human Rights Watch

3. More on the Ottawa shooter of the honour guard

H/T M., Wrath of Khan.

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Islam and the leftist anti-West who lie to cover for it: Links 2 for Oct 27 – 2014

1. Boko Haram kidnaps 30 in northeast Nigeria

(Video at site)

Kano, Nigeria (CNN)Boko Haram gunmen kidnapped at least 30 boys and girls from a village in northeast Nigeria during the weekend.

The abductions appear to be the latest in a string of recent kidnappings by Boko Haram that dims hope for the anticipated release of 219 schoolgirls ?held by the group since April following a controversial ceasefire declared by Nigerian authorities.

Boko Haram: Nigeria\'s crisis Boko Haram: Nigeria’s crisis

Heavily armed Boko Haram gunmen invaded the town of Mafa in Borno state Friday and Saturday and seized 30 boys and girls, local leaders said.

2. We’re swamped my migrants: Fallon’s forthright language lands him in trouble with No 10 but fellow MPs insist he’s just telling it like it is 

UK:  Defence Secretary Michael Fallon provoked a furious row yesterday after warning that communities were being ‘swamped’ by European immigrants.

Last night he was reprimanded by No 10 for his use of the word and rival politicians lined up to criticise what they called his ‘excessive language’.

Tory backbenchers, however, said it was appalling that a minister had been told to retract comments when all he had done was speak out frankly on immigration.

During a TV interview, Mr Fallon said some towns were ‘under siege’ from ‘huge numbers’ of migrants and that action was needed to tackle free movement rules.


(How is a state that disallows criticism of critically important government policies not totalitarian?)


3. Qatar awareness coalition newsletter for today:


4. Jihadis ‘Infiltrating UK Parliament Tours’

Islamists have been on tours of the Houses of Parliament in London in order to scope out the building, a British intelligence source has revealed.

The revelation has led to some MPs calling for the number of visitors to parliament to be restricted in the wake of the shooting in the Canadian parliament last week.Labour MP Barry Sheerman has called the disclosure a “wake-up call”, saying: “When I raised this danger earlier this year I had my knuckles rapped. The former Commons Clerk Sir Robert Rogers accused me of being a scaremonger. But it does not just belong to the realms of Doctor Who for people to blow up Big Ben.”

5. American Airlines flight from LA to London delayed for 17 hours after passenger finds ‘Al-Quida Free Terror Nettwork’ WiFi connection

The aircraft bound for London turned back to the gate after a flight attendant was shown the list of hotspots while taxiing.

Passengers were then forced to get off of the plane with some having to stay in hotels overnight while waiting for the next available flight.

Security concern: American Airlines flight AA136 from LAX to London was delayed for 17 hours after a passenger told a flight attendant a WiFi connection called 'Al-Quida Free Terror Nettwork' was available 

Security concern: American Airlines flight AA136 from LAX to London was delayed for 17 hours after a passenger told a flight attendant a WiFi connection called ‘Al-Quida Free Terror Nettwork’ was available

6. Migrants set up camp in woods outside Calais – complete with their own mosque tent 

Mosque: The refugees, who hail mostly from Afghanistan, Sudan, Iran and Eritrea, have even pitched a number of mosque tents in which to worship on the move

Mosque: The refugees, who hail mostly from Afghanistan, Sudan, Iran and Eritrea, have even pitched a number of mosque tents in which to worship on the move

7. Some interesting testimony about Ebola and Ebola preparedness and the US government’s level of transparency and expertise

Thank you M., Buck, Richard and all. More to come.

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Quebec: People arrested following threats against the muslim community

From Montreal’s La Press Newspaper: Oct 27 2014

Matthieu Boivin
Le Soleil

Police officers from the SQ (Quebec Police force) have arrested a young man of 18 years old from L’Islet Friday because of threats made on the internet against the Muslim community.

The speaker for the SQ,  Ann Mathieu, explained that all evidence indicates that these threats were published in-between the two tragedies of Saint-Jean-sur-le-Richelieu and Ottawa that happened last week. The individual should be seen in court today at Montmagny.

“All threats broadcast on the internet can bring upon criminal charges” reminds Madam Mathieu. “We remind people to be prudent when they express their opinion on the web”

More details to follow.

(Translation Bear. H/T M.)

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Monday’s islam and irrational leftist links post 1 for Oct. 27 – 2014

1. 21 Days An expert in biological warfare warns against complacency in public measures against Ebola.

Even since they were revised (“tightened”) last week, the CDC’s official guidelines for how to safely care for a person with Ebola are hazy with regard to what protective equipment must be used. It has become difficult to distinguish science from politics in the word that has gone out to the public in the wake of the domestic Ebola cases. Democratic messaging tends to be supportive of CDC handling and quelling of outbreak anxieties: If you have not had intimate contact with a person who is severely ill, you have no cause for concern. The quintessential Republican message, meanwhile, is one of mishandling and incompetence: Readily transmissible, even “airborne” Ebola virus is a legitimate concern. And, with that, obviously, comes fear. But it is not only Republican politicians who are baldly criticizing the American response to the outbreak and inconsistent public messaging.

2. An interview with Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon

(More data on the deteriorated relationship between the USA and Israel)

3. Australians perform a stunt demonstrating the issues with the burka as well as the selective enforcement our own governments use when it comes to dress rules.

4. A former CBS News reporter who quit the network over claims it kills stories that put President Obama in a bad light says she was spied on by a “government-related entity” that planted classified documents on her computer.

(Clearly Obama was telling the truth about government transparency. He just meant the other way)

5. Ottawa: Luqman Abdunnur has been charged with assaulting a police officer, obstructing a police officer, resisting a peace officer and driving with a suspended license

6. Police hunt former head teacher of Florida Islamic school accused of raping students and leaving one needing ‘surgical repair’

Police are hunting the former head teacher of a private Islamic school accused of the sexual abuse and rape of two middle school female students.

Tariq Ahmad, 35, who worked at Nur-Ul-Islam Academy, Florida, has been charged with five first degree counts after the alleged abuse which left one student needing ‘substantial surgical repair’.

The girls were aged 14 and 15 when Ahmad allegedly forced them into sexual relationships, according to a lawsuit.

7. UK: Terror experts warn ‘It’s a question of when not if': Fears grow of lone wolf attacks and Isis terror cells that will target British troops in barracks

(Oct. 24 2014)

 8. A worthy comment about the forced sexual slavery of children gangs of muslims and the one cab company that tried to do something about it.

Thank you Tundra T. Diana West, Buck, M., Joe, and many more. More to come.

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Selective enforcement: The #1 tool of the totalitarian state. Links 5 for Oct. 26 – 2014

1. Imagine if you will, a first world government of a country famous for its role in the development of science and reason, which made it a crime to say anything about any racial group that anyone might take offense to, even if none were offered, and then went on to define any group at all as a race, so that if you said, for example, that you needn’t worry about my presence as I am no member of the Republican Party you could be arrested and face 6 months in jail. Imagine that if you could because you know it could never happen. 

2. Hindu-Muslim clashes erupt in Delhi’s Trilokpuri area; Initial reports point toward former BJP MLA

Amritsar, Punjab: Clashes between Hindus and Muslims are reported from India’s capital Delhi. The communal clashes reportedly began in Trilokpuri area on Friday (Oct. 24) evening and were on till 24 hours later, leaving at least 13 people injured, including eight with bullet injuries.

On Saturday at least five persons sustained bullet injuries in a heavy exchange of gun fire between the two communities. Though prohibitory orders were imposed under Section 144 of the CrPC on Saturday night, security forces struggled to gain control, with clashes spreading to at least five blocks in the area. At least three of those injured are critical.

As the violence continued for third consecutive day a curfew was imposed and shoot at sight order was enforced.

3. Police, residents clash again over controversial mosque project

(There is clearly more to this story than is written here. Could this be the project that Erdogan promised last year or so, where a mosque was to be built on a site that is symbolic of Turkey’s secularism under Ataturk?)

Thank you M., and all who contributed to the site today.

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The dance between the real motives and the official perception continues: Links 4 for Oct. 26 – 2014

1. The Ottawa muslim who shot the honour guard to death had prepared a video before his martyrdom operation. They are not releasing it yet but are clearly saying his motive was “Ideological and political”. I wonder if they will ever release it. Here is an RCMP link obfuscating the critical details like pros.

2. Quite a cool video of a huge crowd in Germany protesting the salafists etc.

3. The CDC has some priority issues. Much like NASA’s priorities once Obama took the helm and renamed the ship, Titanic.

4. Leaked DHS Report Reveals 13 Foreign Suspected Terrorists Illegally Entered Canada from US

LUBBOCK, Texas — At least 13 men from Africa with terrorist-related records illegally entered Canada from the U.S. since 2010, according to a leaked Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Intelligence Information Report exclusively obtained by Breitbart Texas. The data pertains only to one small region of the vast U.S.-Canadian border. The report reveals that as of September 9, 2014, there have been 155 encounters in the area “involving 344 ethnic Somalis, 21 ethnic Ethiopians, five ethnic Kenyans, two ethnic Djiboutians, two ethnic Nigerians, and one ethnic Sudanese and Congolese subjects who have attempted or succeeded in entering Canada illegally near the Pembina, ND Port of Entry (POE) since June 2010. These encounters INCLUDE 13 SUBJECTS WITH TERRORIST-RELATED RECORDS

5. US. President Obama trying to get the two states with an Ebola quarantine in effect to lift it.


Thank you WTD., M., GoV., and all. Most likely, more to come.

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More danger from the Islamic State and all its diaspora links 3 Oct. 26 – 2014

1. ISIS Has Anti-Aircraft Missiles, German Intelligence Says

2. UK: Drone deliberately flown at passenger aircraft

(If it was indeed a DJI Phantom, the company claims it cannot be flown near airports. An actual feature of the model shown in the article)

3. Thousands flee during truce in restive north Lebanon

(Exactly how are we not in WW III at this time?)

Lebanese soldiers raid an apartment in Lebanon's northern port city of Tripoli, on October 26, 2014AFP/AFP – Lebanese soldiers raid an apartment in Lebanon’s northern port city of Tripoli, on October 26, 201

Thousands of civilians fled their homes Sunday in a battered district of northern Lebanon‘s Tripoli, taking advantage of an informal truce in fighting between the army and Islamist militants.

An AFP journalist in Tripoli reported the lull after three days of heavy clashes in Tripoli, the country’s second biggest city, even as the army vowed to crush the militants.

Related BBC materials

4. Councillor from French far-right party Front National converts to Islam – and urges others to follow

Maxence Buttey, 22, has been suspended from a regional Front National committee after he went public with his decision and sent out a “proselytising video” to the party in which he praised the “visionary virtues of the Koran and urged them to convert, the Telegraph reported.

Mr Buttey, who is a councillor in the eastern Paris suburb, Noisy-le-grand, said the Front National and Islam had a lot in common.

5. Brother of British jihadi who died in Syria is charged with preparing to carry out terrorist acts

The brother of a Muslim fanatic who died in Syria after bragging about his ‘5-star jihad’ has been charged with preparing to carry out terrorist acts.

Mustakim Jaman, 23, was arrested, along with his parents after police raided their Portsmouth home last week.

His brother, Ifthekar Jaman, 23, died last year in a battlefield clash 2,000 miles from his Hampshire home last December after declaring he was ready to die a martyr.

Mustakim Jaman, 23, has been charged under the Terrorism Act after police raided his Portsmouth home

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One of the German protest videos translated and titled.

The people who sent me these titles are anything but far right. In fact they are some of the kindest classical liberals I know and are quite content that this march is not, as I had somewhat thought they were based on the MSM coverage, neo-Nazis.

German march against salafists Cologne Oct 26… by vlad43

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Subtle shifts in the narrative: Links post 2 for Oct. 26 – 2014

1. Popular left wing CBC host Jian Ghomeshi is let go by the CBC due to unspecified information obtained by the public broadcaster. Jian to sue for 50 million.

2. I have heard many times about SNL sketches purported to mock Obama or his policies only to discover on watching them that they were really more of a warm hug, the way good friends might tease each other and then place any real blame or criticism on Geroge W. Bush or the Republican party at the end. This however, is pretty clearly a jab at Obama, and right before the mid terms as well. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time in 6 years that the show has actually done what political satirists are supposed to do with whoever is in power. It is both shocking and pleasing that they finally got around to it, but if you compare this to what they did to Sarah Palin, overall SNL are water boys for the Obama admin and there is no escaping that.

3. ‘Ground Zero mosque’ faces eviction from rich condo board

(Summary: Muslims planned from the start to flagrantly violate the terms of the lease and then claim racism when they are held to the same standards as anyone else in the world)

4. More footage of the march against islamism in Germany today. I should have a translated version of this one soon

5. ‘I’ve been raped 30 times and it’s not even lunchtime': Desperate plight of Yazidi woman who begged West to bomb her brothel after ISIS militants sold her into sex slavery

(This is from Oct. 21. I may have posted it before)

6. ‘Nightmare’: Qatar Was Elected to the U.N. Human Rights Council, but That Could Be Just the Beginning

(Qatar seems to be more and more in the headlines in a bad way these days)

Qatar has been accused of financially supporting radical opposition groups in Syria and Iraq and has allowed private fundraising for Al Qaeda, the Islamic State group and other jihadist organizations. The reported extensive Qatari terrorist connections were surveyed in the New Republic earlier this month.

7. Christian school claims it faces closure for failing to invite imams to assembly in line with new government policy promoting ‘British values’

A Christian school which claims it could face closure for failing to invite imams and other religious leaders to take assemblies has urged the government to revise controversial ‘British values’ rules.

Trinity Christian School has been told by Ofsted it is not adequately meeting the ‘spiritual, moral, social and cultural development’ of pupils.

This is because it is not ‘actively’ promoting other faiths in the wake of the Trojan Horse scandal in Birmingham, by asking different religious representatives to lead lessons and assemblies.

John Charles, chairman of governors at the small, co-educational independent school in Reading, has now written to Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, appealing for the new regulations to be reviewed.

(Yet another sterling example of how measures taken in response to Islamic infiltration, subversion and terrorism inevitably work towards Islamic goals and advance the decline of all opposition and other cultures and religions. Canada appears to be using the same kind of thinking in the wake of the 2 attacks last week)


Thank you Maria J., M., Carpe Diem, Don C. and many more.

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Ongoing massive street conflict in Germany between opponents of mega mosque and Islamic norms and Muslims.

Here is a no-audio video made from stills of what seems to be taking place in the streets of Germany today

The story is detailed here in Yahoo News as well as BigStory News

German police clash with far-right protesters

German riot police Sunday clashed with far-right hooligans who rallied against Islamist extremism, with authorities using water cannons and tear gas against the rock-throwing protesters.

At least 2,500 hardline football fans from across Germany had amassed under the banner “Hooligans against Salafists” in the western city of Cologne, drawing some 500 leftist and anti-fascist counter protesters.

Tensions escalated and right-wing protesters repeatedly yelled “foreigners out!” reported national news agency DPA and witnesses sending updates on Twitter.

Police in helmets and riot gear used batons, pepper spray and water cannons against the right-wing protesters who hurled rocks, bottles and fireworks at them.

Earlier this month, Kurds in Germany clashed with radical Muslims in the northern city of Hamburg and elsewhere in street clashes fuelled by the conflict involving the jihadist group Islamic State in northern Iraq and Syria.

More videos. Waiting on the translators to tell me if there is anything here worth subtitling. The second video has chants which would be interesting to see in English perhaps.

It appears that along with Hungary and Greece, Germany’s genuine liberals dropped the ball and elected to go with hideously bad thinking and allowed liberalism and indigenous culture and sovereignty be lost to muslim soldiers-of-occupation and now, the locals may turn to a strong man for a solution.

What a shame.


H/T M.

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Two SUN videos on immigration, terror ties and, ‘exsimulation’?

1. Michael Coren and a prominent American immigration critic

Vancouver mosque attempt to deny connection with Ottawa killer. But one question remains unasked. Why did the mosque change the locks unless this man had a key to the old ones? And if he had a key to the mosque, then he must be pretty connected to it.

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Qatar, Islam, general global civilizational decline: Links 1 for Oct. 26 – 2014

1. BBC: Amazingly self blinkered and inaccurate analysis of why the Caliphate exists.

This is a stunning piece of Islamic propaganda. The facts of the Caliphate are simple. Having a Caliphate allows institutional justification for rape, murder, slavery and theft by muslims from the Kafir or unbeliever. This is the sole purpose of the existence of Islam as anyone who has actually bothered to read Koran will know. However this author uses all kinds of buzz words typical of Islamic Taqiyya merchants without bothering to explain the Islamic meaning of these terms. And by Islamic meaning, I mean very clearly spelled out in authoritative scripture as well as submitted in documents to the UN by the OIC. etc. One example from the article is that in a proper Caliphate, no Caliph is above the law. An under informed reader would imagine this to be a highly noble thing as they would imagine the law to be what we are used to in secular democracies. Of course, a brief look at what constitutes law for a Caliph shows that pretty much nothing is out of bounds except for the actions of disbelief. Actions like failing to rape, rob, murder and take slaves.

Predictably, the article allows no comments. Feel free to leave them here.

2. Ceremony of fealty of the Islamic State by Syrian muslims.

3. Egypt states that Palestinians are behind the most recent slaughter of Egyptians in the Sinai. 

4. Op-Ed: Where Islam Treads, It Leaves a Desert

(There are a few special areas of interest I have tried to emphasize on this site in terms of Islamic hostility towards Western culture. One is the Islamic war on dogs, another is war on music and the arts, if for no other reason, hoping to wake up the intellectually lazy leftist artists that think they are showing political sophistication by siding against the West that created them and with Islam who would kill them and congratulate each other for doing so, and lastly, islam’s war on history itself. This link is a well-researched expose on this major crime against the human race. I don’t think there is even a word to describe denying a people its own history)

Islam destroys all traces of other cultures and religions, many of them priceless and irreplaceable – artifacts and Heritage sites and people. [...]

Around the year 645 A.D., Omar Ibn Al Khattab, the second caliph and a successor of Muhammad, set fire to the library of Alexandria, according to a fatwa: “Or the books that are here are in accordance with the Qur’an, and therefore these are useless to us; or are not in accordance with the Qur’an and then they are bad”.  The world lost several centuries of knolewdge and thought due to that Islamic fire.

Today another caliph, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, has issued a fatwa against the World Heritage Sites of the Middle East. The much vaunted Middle Eastern richness is shrinking to a cultural desert, a single religion and a handful of languages.


5. Officer shoots, critically injures man who attacked him with box-cutter: police

(Ah the box cutter. The 911 memorial weapon of Muslim terrorists across the USA)

6. Arab TV interview discussing Jerusalem as capital of caliphate.

(Much to notice about this interview, not the least of which is that Jerusalem has never been mentioned even once in any Islamic scripture, certainly not Koran. This might lead one to believe that the desire to make the Israeli city the capital of the Caliphate is motivated by hate of Jews rather than love of Islam, as Mecca and Medina are so clearly the center of the Islamic universe.)

7. Radical Islamic cleric (Choudary) declares BRITISH law is invalid…in BRITAIN

(Videos and Douglass Murray debate at site)

8. ASIA NEWS has a piece detailing the odd Kurdish Islamic State mocking video we posted a couple of weeks ago. It is an interesting thing.

Thank you UK Pete, Buck, M., Tundra T., GoV., More to come.

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A couple of interesting videos:

1. Jordanian-Palestinian leader, “Hamas is killing my people”

(Pay special attention to the accusations against Q’tar)

2. Egypt states that a major terrorist attack today was foreign funded. My money is on Q’tar.


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Attack, obfuscate, attack, do multi-faith. The Islamic path to success. Links 2 for Oct. 25 – 2014

1. Daily Mail: Armed and radicalized: Ranting ‘self-proclaimed convert’ New York hatchet attacker was a ‘terrorist’, say police

Earlier today social media posts made by Thompson cane to light, in which he called on Muslim extremists to attack America and wage jihad.   

Commenting on a video supporting the rise of an Islamic caliphate – such as ISIS claim to have established in Iraq and Syria – Thompson asked: ‘Which is better, to sit around and do nothing, or to Jihad fisabeelallah [for the cause of Allah]!’

Comments from Thompson’s Facebook account were also reported on Fox News, who said he posted: ‘The solution is to fight. Armed struggle. Simple.’

He then reportedly advocated an armed revolution, saying: ‘America’s military is strong abroad, but they have never faced an internal mass revolt. … They are weaker at home. We are scattered and decentralized, we can use this as an advantage.

It continued: ‘They will not be able to defeat our people if we use guerilla warfare. Attack their weak flanks… If you get wounded who cares. If you die who cares. Eventually they will surrender and then the war will be over.’ 

2. “We have placed the pigs head in Woolworths to show these people of God that Woolworths is Haraam and it is not Kosher.”

Are you ready for your weekend facepalm? The ANC-affiliated Congress of South African Students (Cosas) has decided that a good way to show support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which aims to put pressure on Israel to change its policies concerning Palestine through economic means, would be to put pigs heads in the kosher and halaal sections of the nearest Woolworths.

3. Islamic State video, ‘Lend me your ears’ episode 5

(Daily Mail article on video here)

4. Taxi firm which offered white drivers on demand after two of Pakistani origin were jailed for sex-grooming of girls backs down after its Asian drivers go on strike

Minicab firm Car 2000, in Heywood in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, has reversed its decision to offer white or ‘local’ drivers on demand after all of its 55 Asian drivers walked out over the ‘racist and discriminatory’ decision.

Company boss Stephen Campbell, 34, said he had now told the firm’s operators to no longer offer the ‘on request’ service and said he would be meeting with those on strike in an attempt to iron out the issues.

(Why would the ‘Asian’ cab drivers strike unless they felt that most customers would ask for non ‘Asian’ cab drivers? If that is the case, why would that be? Are the English at a stage now where they will only deal with muslims if they are forced to?)

5. Numb to horror: Women walk past headless corpses in the street without raising an eyebrow in shocking video depicting life under ISIS rule

6. UK: Heavy Police activity continues to take place in Edinburgh as police report that there is an “ongoing dangerous incident,”

though have failed to provide any specifics about that incident. Police have declined to confirm early reports that there may have been a shooting that precipitated this activity, only saying that there is an ongoing incident taking place. The area around Royal Mile has seen significant activity, including reports of a helicopter circling the area and shining a spotlight onto rooftops and on the streets. Early reports of the increased police presence began to surface on Twitter, with people in the area wondering what was happening.

7. Rep. Peter King addresses the issue of ‘lone wolf’ attacks.

8. Paradoxical Effects and Unintended Consequences

(Gates of Vienna article on how government reaction to these recent events are, at least problematic. Please read it. It is worth the effort.)

9. Pakistan to bring in anti-cannibalism law after gruesome case of two brothers who had been digging up corpses and using them to make curry

(I dare anyone to find a worse headline than that one above)

Wait maybe I spoke too soon,

10. Ebola outbreak: Cases pass 10,000, WHO reports

(That is double the estimate I read a few days ago)

The number of cases in the Ebola outbreak has exceeded 10,000, with 4,922 deaths, the World Health Organization says in its latest report.

Only 27 of the cases have occurred outside the three worst-hit countries, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.

Those three countries account for all but 10 of the fatalities.

Mali became the latest nation to record a death, a two-year-old girl. More than 40 people known to have come into contact with her have been quarantined.

Thank you Buck, M., UK Pete, Don C., Wrath of Khan, and all. More to come shortly.

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Islam’s influence on geopolitics accelerates: Links 1 for Oct. 25 – 2014

1. Burma encourages 8000 more muslims to relocate.

2. A series of links on the wonderful effects of multiculturalism on Calais France.

2a. Running battles between African mobs, riot police with tear gas, a teenage girl killed chasing a truck to get to Britain… Just another day on the Calais front line 

2b. France sends police reinforcements to Calais after migrant clashes

2c. Restore EU borders, France’s Le Pen says amid Calais tensions

2d. Exasperation in Calais as Britain-bound migrants pour in

2e. In French Port City, ‘a Real Psychosis’

3. Ottawa Attack Is Canada’s Fault Says Leading Muslim Journalist


Afghan-Canadian journalist Nelofer Pazira has told the Independent that yesterday’s attack in Ottawa happened because the country’s Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper “pushed Canada into joining the US-led war in the Middle East”.

She claimed that the country had “become divided” when the government put a group of Muslims on a watch list, and suggested the running over of a soldier earlier this week was in retaliation.

Paziri said: “Harper’s pro-American policies appear to have turned Canada – and indeed the seat of political power in the capital Ottawa – into a target. Now Canadians will not only be worried about travelling to Europe, America or the Middle East – but wondering if they’re even safe inside their own homes.”

4. Two U.S. states to quarantine health workers returning from Ebola zones

(Reason may be dying in most places but its nice to know there are pockets of it left)

5. Jihad Watch: Ottawa shooter Michael Zehaf-Bibeau and hit-and-run jihadi Ahmad Rouleau influenced by UK jihadist Anjem Choudary

6. America’s “moderate Syrian rebels” are all Islamic jihadis, says Saudi intelligence

(Actually its worth a click over to Jihad Watch as he has a lot of very worthy and important articles in the past 24 hours.)

7. A nice quote to finish the post with:

Harper QUote ISrael 2014-10-23-at-9.03.08-PM


Thank you Wrath of Khan, Maria J., Don L., and all who sent in materials. More to come.

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