An event in Macedonia

Protest in front of the court:

Macedonia Protest Unrest Leaves 20 Police Injured

Police have restored calm after ethnic Albanian protesters clashed with riot squads at a rally against the jailing of alleged extremist Muslims for the ‘terrorist’ murders of ethnic Macedonians.

Below, a video of a giant tard gathering protesting terrorists getting convicted.

The tards, carrying Hamas and Hizb’allah flags chanted, “We are not terrorists” etc.

There may be more I will add to the post when I find it.

Thank you M for the links. Very interesting indeed.

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Islam and the wonders and benefits it brings. To funeral homes. post 1 July 5 2014

1. UK: Mohammed Labead breaks police officer’s leg

2. Rumours are already circulating that Al Bagdadi, the new Calif and self declared leader of the new IS, has been hit in an air strike and is dead, wounded or was praying at a mosque in Iraq, which the Iraqi government denies. 

I suggest we re-title him, ‘Schrödinger’s Tard’.

3. Jihadists Destroy Mosques and Shrines in Iraq

(We could use a few more jihadis like that here)

Jihadists who overran Mosul last month have demolished ancient shrines and mosques in and around the historic northern Iraqi city, residents and social media posts said Saturday.

At least four shrines to Sunni Arab or Sufi figures have been demolished, while six Shiite mosques, or husseiniyahs, have also been destroyed, across militant-held parts of northern Nineveh province, of which Mosul is the capital.

Pictures posted on the Internet by the Islamic State (IS) jihadist group showed the Sunni and Sufi shrines were demolished by bulldozers, while the Shiite mosques and shrines were all destroyed by explosives.

4. This appears to be Al Bagdadi, AKA Schrödinger’s Tard, speaking in Mosul today.

 Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State, emerged from the shadows to lead Friday prayers at Mosul’s Great Mosque, calling on the world’s Muslims to “obey” him as the head of the caliphate declared by the Sunni jihadist group.

The notoriously secretive jihadi, who has never before been seen in public, chose the first Friday prayer service of Ramadan to make an audacious display of power in the city that the Sunni Islamists have now controlled for three weeks.

5. IB Times says he may have died of his injuries. 

(I swear if the nickname Schrödinger’s Tard doesn’t catch on, no one has a sense of humor left)

6. Taliban set hundreds of oil tankers ablaze outside Kabul

 The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. Spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said the militants were targeting fuel tankers belonging to NATO forces.

“We couldn’t tell if the attackers were Taliban or other people,”</b> one of the drivers, 35-year-old Juma Gul said. <b>“They were dressed in uniforms we couldn’t understand what was happening. They were shooting toward the drivers and they were setting the tankers on fire. The gunmen were targeting any of the drivers who wanted to return to their trucks.”

7. ISIL Sleeper cells in Baghdad

Much more to come. Thank you M, Buck and all who took the time to post and comment.


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Sri Lanka. Cutting through the spin.

The news has been featuring several bits of mis, dis, and contextually amiss information about events in Sri Lanka where Buddhists and muslims have seen escalating conflict.

US president Obama has even weighed in on it on the side of the muslims as he is wont to do whenever muslims face the consequences of actions they set in motion around the world.

Here are a few of links from just the past 48 hours illustrating the classic media narrative there:

1. TIME: Buddhist Gangs attack muslim businesses 

2. US denies visa to Sri Lankan Buddhist Monk

3. Another report of Buddhists as perpetrators of all problems between communities in Sri Lanka

4. Here is a perfect example of BBC reporting on Sri Lankan religious strife 

This interview I did with one of the leaders of the Buddhist group at the center of much of this conflict spoke with me at length and with great precision on some of what came before the events which the BBC, among others, decided they would report on.

Here is a video which is not in English but the description over at Youtube is at least, and you can see that it is acknowledging the aggression against Buddhists in Sri Lanka.

It should be noted that in the map of the new Caliphate that was released by Al-Qaeda branch, ISIS/ISIL, Sri Lanka is to become a part of it in the near term. Buddhists, who have already lost several entire nations to Islam, Afghanistan to name only one (How did we think the 100 Ft. tall Buddha statues got there in the first place?) in past campaigns to destroy all things on Earth not Islamic, are understandably concerned about how that affects the future of their culture, values and peoples.

Please be warned, this is recorded over the phone from Sri Lanka, the sound is medium, his accent is thick and he is speaking quickly as well as being very diplomatic. But the information is there. If you are looking for some context and counter-spin to the narrative that seems to be the new global standard of, ‘in all things, muslims are the victims’.

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Ezra Levant at SUN TV covers the events in Toronto yesterday where muslims riot with total impunity

I would try and watch this second video soon in case SUN has to pull it down. If we look at Europe as a vehicle for tomorrow’s news today, we know that this exact situation has been going on for at least 8 years where the police actually arrest the Jews or conservatives and leave rioting violent muslims unmolested, feeling that the best thing in the interest of the public good is to do the easiest thing.

The path of least resistance though, is often also the road to the worst long term consequence.

So I can’t help but wonder if this video will get pulled as it shows the police, if not breaking the law, certainly failing to enforce it and making stupid tactical arrests to solve their problems rather than Canada’s.

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SUN TV does clip on upgraded airport security in Europe

Enjoy this. It may be the last TV station on Earth, possibly outside the Czech republic, where the newscaster corrects the PC feed and says: “terrorists”. She still didn’t say Muslim but at least its pushing back part way. They do say “jihadists” though.

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Where civilizations and barbarians clash post 2 for July 4 2014

1. Jihad group vows to cleanse Lebanon of churches

2. Before Boston Attack, Alleged Bomber Posed With Black Flag of Jihad at Local Mosque

PHOTO: Tamerlan Tsarnaev smiles after winning the 2010 New England Golden Gloves Championship

Months before the 2013 terror attack on the Boston Marathon, accused bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev posed in front of a black flag often associated with jihad with a fellow worshiper at a Boston-area mosque, according to an FBI report obtained by ABC News.

The FBI report, which did not include the photo, describes Tsarnaev and his friend Khairullozhon Matanov as “seated in front of a black flag with a sword and a shadada phrase,” referring to the Muslim statement of faith, and adds that the photo was taken “at the mosque.” Similar flags have become symbols of jihad, used by al Qaeda and al Qaeda-linked extremist groups. [...] The FBI report says the alarming photograph was taken on Eid-Al-Adha, also known as the Festival of Sacrifice, the highest of Muslim holidays,

3. US DoD: Deputy Secretary: Iftar Serves as Reminder of DoD Diversity   

WASHINGTON, July 2, 2014 – In addition to honoring the Muslim faith during Ramadan, the Pentagon’s 16th annual iftar demonstrated the importance of diversity and equality within the Defense Department, Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work said.

Iftar is the post-sunset breaking of the fast during the Islamic holy month.

Work, who spoke at an iftar held at the Pentagon yesterday, drew attention to the 4,500 Muslim Americans in uniform and the additional 1,000 civilians and contractors who work for the department.

“Ramadan reminds us of our shared responsibility to treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves and the basic principles that bind people of different faiths together by yearning for peace, justice and equality,” Work said, citing the words of President Barack Obama.


4. ISIS Threatens Holocaust Against Jews

A Twitter post Thursday by supporters of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), now calling itself the Islamic State (IS), has promised a Holocaust against the Jews.

“The Real Zionist Holocaust is Predicted in the Hadiths! The Hour [resurrection] will not take place until the Muslims fight the Jews and the Muslims kill them, and the tree will say: “Oh, Muslim, servant of God, there is a Jew behind me, kill him! THE PROMISED Holocaust,” the terrorist group’s Islamic State Media a graphic posted on its @ISIS_Conquests’s Twitter account said.

5. Obama to Visit Mosque, Host Muslim Leaders on July 4th

(remember when Obama went to South Asia and refused to visit the world’s #1 Sikh temple because he felt that Americans were so stupid that they thought he was a Muslim and if he went to the Sikh temple Americans were too stupid to know the difference so he didn’t want to confuse them and didn’t go. Then 2 days later he went to a huge mosque in Indonesia. Remember that?)

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Islam, its enablers and consequences for July 4 2014 post 1

1. Another video from the riot in Toronto by the Palestine House over the JDL protest

2. The NSA Is Targeting Users of Privacy Services, Leaked Code Shows

NSA headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland.

If you use Tor or any of a number of other privacy services online or even visit their web sites to read about the services, there’s a good chance your IP address has been collected and stored by the NSA, according to top-secret source code for a program the NSA uses to conduct internet surveillance.

There’s also a good chance you’ve been tagged for simply reading news articles about these services published by Wired and other sites.

4th mendment tombstone

3.  President of Zimbabwe Orders Whites Out, Executive Order Dictates Whites Can No Longer Own Land In Zimbabwe -

It is now confirmed that President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe has sealed the deal as dictator and declared that whites are no longer allowed to own land in his country. He’s officially booting all white farmers and taking their land.

More here

4. UK airports on alert over jihad plots involving surgically implanted bombs

5. There is a leftist-invader alliance demonstration that has been going on for days now in Germany. Below, a video of what appear to be German leftists ganging up on police to demand the right of invaders to full German state rights. Personally, I find this the easiest of problems to solve. Get the name and address of all people who think illegal immigrants should have access to the state, and put 2 or 3 of the invaders in their homes/apartments/college dorms. Arrest and jail any of these people who fail to properly provide food, medical and dental care and all other needs of these people. The left will stop this nonsense in a month.

6. Pupil’s mother stabs teacher to death in front of her horrified five and six-year-old students in French school

The Moroccan-born woman, who holds Spanish nationality, has a police record for child neglect and not reporting a runaway child, French radio reported. [...]

She is currently in custody, where she is likely to remain until a criminal trial sometime next year, when she will face up to 30 years in prison if convicted of murder.

7. Katie Hopkins thinks she’s found a way to stop terrorism – by feeding jihadists fried chicken. Yes, really

(My suggestion would be to freeze the chickens and fire it at them at Mach 2)

“My view is pretty simple. If fried chicken helps to keep you calm, I suggest eating more of it and leaving dieting to people who can handle it. Like Fern Britton,” Katie wrote in her Sun column.

More here


Thank you M, ML, Rembrandt Clancey, Anti K,  Maria J. and many more. Next post shortly.

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Geopolitics of islam and leftists. Fascists a-feather… links post 3 for July 3 – 2014

1. Gaza Rocket Hits Nursery School/Summer Camp

(I bet there isn’t a candy store in Gaza that has any inventory left just at the moment)

A group of small children escaped death by a miracle and the grace of a bomb shelter door.

A Qassam rocket fired by Gaza terrorists at around 8:30 a.m. slammed into the private home that doubles as a children’s summer camp. The rocket blasted part of the home into rubble, but left the shelter intact.

2. Toronto: Updated: Protest near Palestine House turns ugly, three injured

MISSISSAUGA — Peel Regional Police have shut down a large chunk of Erindale Station Rd. this evening after a protest near Palestine House turned into a riot involving about 200 people. [...] Peel Const. George Tudos said the clash involved groups from “two different parties with opposing views based on world-wide events going on right now.”

[...] Witnesses said the initial gathering was held to protest the killing of three Israeli teens and the suspected revenge killing of a Palestinian teen in the Middle East. The protest was reportedly organized by the Jewish Defence League of Toronto.                                        

(Have you ever seen such gutless reporting? ‘I wonder who did the rioting?’ Let’s look at Blazing Cat Fur’s site on this:)

Here is BCF’s 2nd clip.

Click over to Blazing who filmed this incident and check the comments, as I suspect many who where there will be joining the conversation in the comments.

3. Group: ISIS takes major Syrian oil field 

(CNN) — The extremist Sunni militant group that recently declared a caliphate in parts of Syria and Iraq wrested control of a major Syrian oil field in a sweeping land grab Thursday, a UK-based monitoring group said.

A string of villages and towns along the Euphrates River fell like dominoes to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, bridging the Syrian province of Deir Ezzour with the group’s recently gained territories in Iraq’s Sunni heartland, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported.

4. Egypt: Violence Marks Anniversary of Morsi Ouster

 A series of demonstrations and small bombings marked the anniversary on Thursday of the ouster of Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi, and authorities responded by arresting nearly 200 people as part of their crackdown against Islamists.

5. Ezra Levant does a great update on the Nanaimo BC city council’s galloping fascism

(At just after 21 minutes, the mayor of Podunk British Columbia makes a staggering admission to Ezra about his flagrant abuse of public funds to compensate for his flagrant abuse of public trust.)

6. Christian Father Commits Suicide After Watching ISIS Members Rape Wife & Daughter

7. UPDATE: A JDL member was arrested at the riot for “Obstruction of justice” despite the overwhelming evidence of who instigated all the violence. Perhaps now people will be more sensitive to the past issues of EDL arrests when attacked by the ANTIFA. This info courtesy of Blazing Cat Fur

More to come tonight. I have to stop this post somewhere.

Thank you Wrath of Khan, ML, M, and many more.

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Islam, acts of war and feeble responses by the West links post 2 for July 3 2014

1. “Most brutal” child sex gang sentenced in UK. three years.

(Read the comments while you are there)

2. Muslims of Philippines Give Pledge to The Islamic State

(I am certain that not once, but twice, Philippine muslims have signed treaties with their non-muslim co-habitants of the Islands agreeing to take some land as an Islamic area in exchange for peace. I guess they are worth what all muslim treaties of that nature are worth. Start this one at 20 seconds unless you aren’t already sick to death of that one crapy tard-chant at the start of all their threat videos)

3. Five held by police over gun murder and other attacks with machete as witnesses tell of bloodshed terror just yards from a primary school

A man shot dead just yards from a primary school in a street brawl has been named as Ikram Elahi.

The 28-year-old died from a single gunshot wound after disturbances involving 300 youths. Two others were hurt in attacks with gun and a machete.

Witnesses said the second shooting victim refused to drink water offered to him by a passing Good Samaritan because he was fasting for Ramadan.

(More here at another site and more here at Express)

4. July 2: Large number of muslims gather to do the Khybar death chant to Jews.

5. UK: Oman politician’s wife sues The Ritz casino after losing £2 MILLION at the card table… claiming staff ‘took advantage’ of her

(This one is awesome. What a classic example of Islamic thought. It rings a lot like the muslim notion that a woman being raped is her own fault because men can’t resist her sexual allure. I’m sure more examples of this kind of thought, and resultant Islamic policy will appear in the comments)

Nora Al-Daher, 50, who lives in Muscat, blew her millions at the exclusive London club’s punto banco table in just a few hours in April 2012.

But she claims she would not have lost the money if staff had not ‘taken advantage’ of her gambling addiction.

She told London’s High Court that employees had stood behind her at the table, encouraging her to keep playing the card game, despite having been made aware of her addiction.

6. Racist thugs jailed for 36 years for battering two men almost to death with baseball bats because they weren’t Muslim

(I wish they would stop conflating islam with race)

  • He followed the victims, who were black and non-Muslim, to their home
  • Knowing where they lived, he summoned five other attackers to beat them
  • Police: ‘This was a vicious, racist attack… victims received serious injuries’

Thank you Buck, M, Maria J, Softly Bob, and many more.


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BBC: Shiia thirsty to fight ISIS

This is well worth watching.

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Islam and the officials who would misrepresent it as acceptable to decent people links post 1 for July 3 – 2014

1. Daniel Greenfield knocks another one out of the park

(Daniel does something everyone claims to do while actually voiding ding it. He looks at the ‘root cause’ of the problems in the middle east.)

2. Norway debates banning the burka

(Either way the bad guys win. You get one kind of theocratic totalitarianism or just totalitarianism. Will write more on that later)

3. Reading is Islamophobic

4. Oz-Rita has translated another video on the Polynesian mosque issue.

5. Beauty beyond comprehension

This photo essay on the world’s largest cave now open for tourists, has photos of such staggering beauty that I just had to post it even though it has nothing to do with anything of concern to this site overall.

6. Jihadist group takes credit for teens’ killings

A new Palestinian jihadist group pledging allegiance to the Islamic State (formerly known as ISIL) has claimed responsibility for the killing of three Israeli teenagers last month in the West Bank, as well as other recent deadly attacks against Israeli soldiers and civilians.

Thank you  Buck, M, TL, and all who sent in material. More to come shortly.


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Geopolitics of Islam, Civilization and pestilence

1. BBC on how Islam (if not by name) is contributing to the massive spread of a terrifying disease.

(The rest of the videos in this post will be below the fold)

2. SUN clip on The Islamic State. A quick history of Islam and modern terror. “Let allah sort it out”.

3. ‘Iranian attack jets deployed’ to help Iraq fight Isis

Russia supplied an initial delivery of the aircraft just a few days ago.

But analysts at the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) in London say that a further delivery, on 1 July, originates from Iran.

This means that the US – which has also sent aircraft to Iraq – is operating alongside Iran in this conflict.

4. Iraq Sunni Mufti: ISIS and Al Qaeda Slaughtered 300 Sunni Clerics

(Video below fold)

5. China bans Ramadan fast in Muslim northwest

(Now this is interesting indeed)

BEIJING (AP) — Students and civil servants in China’s Muslim northwest, where Beijing is enforcing a security crackdown following deadly unrest, have been ordered to avoid taking part in traditional fasting during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

Statements posted in the past several days on websites of schools, government agencies and local party organizations in the Xinjiang region said the ban was aimed at protecting students’ wellbeing and preventing use of schools and government offices to promote religion. Statements on the websites of local party organizations said members of the officially atheist ruling party also should avoid fasting.

6. Children armed with rifles parade in ISIS convoy through Mosul  

I am not sure what else a person would need to know about the ethos of islam beyond the video that goes with this post.

(Video below fold)

7. Indictment of suspect in Benghazi attack debunks the Obama tale

The Obama administration’s just-released criminal complaint against the alleged mastermind of the Benghazi terrorist attacks provides a final contradiction to its own evolving explanations for what happened that day.

The Justice Department’s indictment spells out a calculated conspiracy by Ahmed Abu Khatallah and associates to attack the U.S. diplomatic mission and CIA annex, which killed four Americans. The indictment might be viewed as a death knell for a theory that the attack resulted from a spontaneous protest against a U.S.-produced video.

(Video below fold)

8. Syria rebels will ‘lay down arms’ if no aid to fight IS

Rebels from northern and eastern Syria on Wednesday threatened to lay down their arms in a week if the country’s exiled opposition does not help them fight the jihadist Islamic State (IS).

“We, the leaders of the brigades and battalions… give the National Coalition, the (opposition) interim government, the (rebel) Supreme Military Council and all the leading bodies of the Syrian revolution a week to send reinforcements and complete aid,” the statement said.

“Should our call not be heard, we will lay down our weapons and pull out our fighters,” it added.

9. Moslems and Buddhists clash again in Mandalay Burma. I have much to post about these issues. Hopefully I will be able to get to it tomorrow. Video below the fold

Continue reading

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Pigs head thrown at mosque in Polynesia

Recently there have been some events in the Polynesian islands around the issue of Islam. The Islanders, normally a happy and sedate bunch, have been unusually political about the issue of Islam. Its almost like they actually understand what Muslims think, what muslims do, and what effect it will have on their own way of life. Below is a video we did some months ago about a protest of a mosque on their beautiful island:

Oz-Rita has been hard at work translating articles and videos on the most recent event there. Two islanders threw a pig’s head into the mosque along with some blood, presumably from the same animal. I don’t know if a DNA test was done, but if things keep going the way they are, an entire season of CSI will be dedicated to tracking down people who Wilbur mosques.

First, here is a bit of fact about the license of the premises, which doesn’t seem to have much to do with what they are actually doing in them.

Now below, is a news clip about some locals throwing a little of the old Wilbur into the above mentioned mosque. WARNING: At the end of this clip I added a little content of my own that is fairly harsh. So if you want to stop when you see my message for the people of Polynesia, I understand.

Thank you Bear and Oz-Rita for all the hard work and dedication. May the good sense of the Polynesian people prevail. There is more on this. I will post them ASAP.

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Islam, Israel, the failure of the West to see the obvious: Links post 3 for July 2 2014

1. ‘Enhanced security’ at overseas airports with US flights

(Wait, isn’t this how the brigands brought down the Roman empire a couple of millennia ago? Making the roads impossible?)

The US homeland security department has said it will put into place “enhanced security measures” in certain overseas airports with direct flights to the US. The UK transport department said the country would be among those to step up security procedures.

The move comes amid US media reports that al-Qaeda affiliates in Syria and Yemen are developing bombs to smuggle on planes. The US security agency said the changes would be made in the “up More here

2. A woman dubbed the “Angel of Woolwich” for confronting one of the killers of soldier Lee Rigby has been detained under the Mental Health Act.

Ingrid Loyau-Kennett, 49, from Helston in Cornwall, was praised by the prime minister for her actions shortly after the attack on Fusilier Rigby last year.

She had been under investigation after claims a Tesco worker was racially abused in the town on Friday. A Devon and Cornwall Police spokesman said she was detained on Monday.

3. Shia rivals clash in Iraqi holy city of Karbala
destroyed police trucks after clashes between fighters of the al-Qaida-inspired Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and Iraqi security forces in central Tikrit
Destroyed police trucks after clashes between fighters of Isis and Iraqi security forces in central Tikrit Photo: AP

5:15PM BST 02 Jul 2014

Forces loyal to Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki fought with militiamen in the holy city of Karbala on Wednesday, in the first signs of a split within the Shia ranks.

Local journalists in the city reported that at least 14 people were killed when government forces staged a raid on the headquarters of Mahmoud al-Sarkhi, a local Shia cleric.

4. UK: Failure to stop FGM is a ‘national scandal’, say MPs

The failure to tackle female genital mutilation (FGM) is a “national scandal” with as many as 170,000 victims in the UK, MPs have said.

Failures by ministers, police and other agencies have led to the “preventable mutilation of thousands of girls”, the Home Affairs Committee said.

5. At least 10 Palestinians reported injured; several streets in Sderot without electricity after 3 Kassams slam into city, damaging buildings, several vehicles; no casualties reported

A ball of fire is seen following an Israel airstrike in Rafah, southern Gaza, on July 1, 2014. (Photo credit: AFP/ SAID KHATIB)

A ball of fire is seen following an Israel airstrike in Rafah, southern Gaza, on July 1, 2014. (Photo credit: AFP/ SAID KHATIB)

Israeli jets carried out 15 precision strikes in the Gaza Strip early Thursday morning, in response to rocket fire on Israeli cities throughout Wednesday and into Thursday. At least 10 Palestinians have been injured, according to initial reports.

6. Two Palestinians mistaken for undercover police by mob and beaten  

Palestinian protesters in Shuafat on Wednesday attacked two Palestinians whom they mistook for undercover Israeli policeman.

The attack occurred during clashes between dozens of Palestinian protesters and police forces after the discovery of the body of the Arab youth, who was believed to be kidnapped earlier.

One of the men attacked by the mob is Yousef Badriyyeh, 40, who works in a lawyer’s office.  He told the Jerusalem Post that he was standing in the area alone when some youth attacked him, thinking he was a member of the Israeli police forces.


Thank you UK Pete, M, ML, MJ, and more, as well as more to come shortly.

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Islam and the horror it breeds post 2 for July 2 2014

The news is coming in faster than usual today. As a friend observed, if one watches the Stephen Coughlin ‘Muslim Brotherhood Timelines’ brief, it appears to be pretty much dead on schedule.  I’ll try and keep up. I am trying to find the link to the Timelines brief. I THINK its this one.

1. Press TV covers protests in London about Sunni atrocities in the newly declared Caliphate.

2. I have it on very good authority from ‘boots on the ground’ in Israel, that muslims ‘lynched’ a man to death in   thinking he was a Jew but in fact he was an Arab wearing non-arab clothing. I don’t know if its the same story as this one or not. There are other reports of stabbings of Jewish people in Judea/Samaria as well as Jerusalem. I can’t be clear on any of these but I can be clear that there are multiple reports from various locations of attacks on people under the expectation that they are Jews.

3. ‘My daughter may never walk properly’: Sudanese mother sentenced to hang for converting to Christianity reveals doctors’ fears for the baby she gave birth to while in chains

A Sudanese woman who was recently spared the death penalty for converting to Christianity said she fears the baby she gave birth to while in chains may not be able to walk properly.

Mariam Yahya Ibrahim, 27, gave birth to daughter Maya with her legs shackled and now doctors say she may need support to walk when she’s older.

Ibrahim, who was freed after an international outcry, said that ‘something has happened to the baby’.

4. Anti-terror police arrest teenager in Cardiff who lived close to trio of British jihadists and man in London as part of separate Syria-related probe 

A teenager from Cardiff and a man from London have been arrested on suspicion of terrorism offences today.

The 18-year-old is from the Grangetown area of Cardiff – close to inner city areas of the Welsh capital where a trio of young jihadists now fighting for ISIS lived before they fled to Syria.

He was seized under Section 5 of the Terrorism Act 2006 for assisting in the preparation of an act of terrorism.

Click over to the DM for video

<Cardiff link: Reyaad Khan and Aseel's brother Nasser Muthana appear in this Isis recruitment video encouraging others to fight jihad

5. July 02 2014 – Red Cross suspends Ebola operations in southeast Guinea after threats

(This article manages to sanitize the Islam out of the story in a few ways. 1. Its likely that its muslims doing the threatening given that they are 85% of the population, and two, the article says one of the causes of the spread of the disease is ‘cultural burial practices’ meaning almost certainly the Islamic one)

DAKAR, July 2 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The Red Cross in Guinea said on Wednesday it had been forced to suspend operations tackling Ebola in the country’s southeast after staff there were threatened by a group of men armed with knives.

The incident on Tuesday in Gueckedou, about 650 kms (403 miles) southeast of the capital Conakry, is the latest in a series against health workers, undermining efforts to help the region’s weak health systems fight one of the world’s deadliest diseases.

A Medicins Sans Frontieres centre in nearby Macenta was attacked by youths two months ago after staff there were accused of bringing the disease to Guinea.

“Locals wielding knives surrounded a marked Red Cross vehicle. We’ve suspended operations for safety reasons,” a Red Cross official in West Africa said, asking not to be named.

6. Jihadis in Syria make light hearted threats to reoccupy and control Spain for Islam

Thank you Buck, Fausta for the rapid and excellent translation of the video above, M, ML and many more. Its gonna be a crappy day across the world for the cooperative, the kind and the civilized. This will make the followers of the pirate mohamed dance with glee.

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