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Is turn around fair play? Pastor Terry Jones thinks it is.

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Brian Lilley and Michael Coren on the Afghan koran-burn and subsequent self-flagellation


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A little selective enforcement by the muslims of the area?

Seems the outrage, killing and rioting is more about us than about mistreatment of a book.

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There is another way to look at Obama’s obsequiousness

Obama’s act of self flagellation, as well as his order to have the generals of the US army also castigate themselves before a murderous bunch of animal-raping misogynistic savages in Afghanistan and the rest of the Islamic world, is perceived … Continue reading

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Why Apologize to Afghanistan?

National Review: An anti-U.S. protest in Mehterlam, Afghanistan, February 23, 2012 Andrew C. McCarthy  We have officially lost our minds. The New York Times reports that President Obama has sent a formal letter of apology to Afghanistan’s ingrate president, Hamid … Continue reading

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Now it’s 20 dead. Islam 101: Spilling blood is not offensive. Seven die in Koran burning protests At least seven people have been killed in protests around Afghanistan against the burning of Korans at a US air base. The latest … Continue reading

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An average American apologizes to President Karzai for the koran burn

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Afghan Korans used for terrorist communications

Well Surprise Surprise Surprise!

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Wringing ones hands over an accidentally burned Koran.

Can you imagine? If say, President Reagan would have groveled before Stalin along with a bunch of his generals if they had damaged a copy of the communist manifesto?

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Afghans protest over reported Koran desecration at U.S. base

Once again, Muslims show us that Islam is more of a fetish than a religion. “You hold this thing sacred for no reason other than I will hurt you if you do not” defines fetish. Religious people tend to hold … Continue reading

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OIC to hold conference in Brussels to protect ‘beliefs’ “beyond mere rhetoric”

This is interesting. And endorsed by Hillary Clinton who I thought was a lot smarter than this. Here are a few gems from this article: “The workshop will represent a quantum leap in media action, as it discusses, beyond rhetoric, … Continue reading

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Man in Australia tears up Korans and flushes them in a mosque

One thing is for sure. That mosque needs a new security camera. That is the blurriest video I have seen since Blair Witch. I think they could hire a guy to sit in the lobby and draw everyone who comes … Continue reading

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Ex-soldier jailed for burning Koran in Carlisle

BBC: Andrew Ryan had stolen a copy of the holy book from the library Continue reading the main story Related Stories Man admits setting fire to Koran A former soldier has been sentenced to 70 days in prison for setting … Continue reading

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The Korandle. redux in HD

Since youtube took my channel down, I have about a thousand videos that were taken off line. Many were downloaded by other like minded people and reposted to their own YT channels, but many were lost altogether, some early ones … Continue reading

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Pastor Jones ambushed by Muslim hecklers.

I indulged in a little editorializing at the end of this video

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