In Sfax Tunisia, children’s play structures are turned into jihadi training camps


Sfax Tunisia:

members of Ansar Al Sharia has created a public gardens in Sfax to turn it into a training camp for jihad for children.

Article at Tuniscope in French

Translation by Bear:

Sfax: A public park transformed into a training camp for jihad for children.

Published on the 7th May 2013 N. J.

With a play area, usually a public park is a framework in which we can profit from fun moments of relaxation. At Sfax, the public parks can be used for other types of activities. A public park, has in fact been transformed into a training camp for jihad…

In a video [below] circulating on the web, the members of ‘Ansar Al Sharia’ have redesigned a public park in Sfax in order to transform it into a training camp for jihad for children.

Each approximately 10 year old, the children in training clothes and wearing kimonos, follow courses of initiation in marshall arts and yelling ‘allah hu ackbar’ and [yelling] ‘attack’ in full view of everyone.

Who says that a public park can only be used for friendly picnics?

Below, a video of jihadis in Sfax uploaded in Feb. this year. Notice ‘Stabbie the jihadi’ circled in red.

Qatar sends 3500 jihadis and whores to Tunisia

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Tunisia- The Qatar behind the envoy of 3500 tunisia jihadist in Syria. According to an article that appeared in Youth Africa and basing ourselves on a report of the UN, the tunisian combatants in Syria would be numbered at 3500 and would constitute 40% of the jihadist effective.

Even the handicapped have been enrolled as well as young women. According to some, many young females from Tunisia have been indoctrinated to lead ‘the jihad of Nikah’ meaning to satisfy the sexual desires of the fighters.

Most of the families of the young “recruits” demand the intervention of the tunisian government. the new executive chief Ali Laarayeh has responded that it is difficult to control the free movement of people. an instruction on the recruitement networks has been openen nonetheless. the question has become thorny and surpasses the national cadre; the business of death implies a logistic and a minute preperation going from establishment of false passport to achievement.

on this last plan, the article from youth africa indicates that the candidates to jihad are recruited by “humanitarian” associations financed by Qatar.



Are these the bravest human beings alive?

Defining bravery may not be as easy as I once thought it was. Typically, I felt it was someone who did something they felt needed doing and which they were very afraid to do, because of very real and likely consequences for the act.

Many people define bravery as simply placing yourselves in harms way. Granted there is a great deal of overlap there, but the person who has no fear of heights whatsoever such as certain amber-indians famous for working on New York Skyscrapers in the 1940s and 50s cannot be said to be brave necessarily, (at least in this sense) while a soldier who goes out into the battlefield knowing that he may not survive the encounter, and being profoundly frightened to do so is perhaps the dictionary definition of bravery.

How would you define then, women who not only are unarmed, but are out numbered and unclothed and paint upon themselves slogans demanding freedom and genuine human rights and place themselves in the middle of the most conservative, ultra-right wing misogynistic and thuggish group of people known to exist these days short of North Korea, and do this for the benefit of all of us.

Brave doesn’t cut it. We need a new word.

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Pictures from this page at France Femen on Facebook

Tunisian FEMEN activist Meriam burned a salafist flag in front of the Grande Mosquée de Paris today at 4PM as a symbol of women’s fight against wild religious extremism. The Arab sextremist gave a sign of women’s stand-off to those who kill and rape in the name of Allah. The recent call of Tunisian salafists to stone Tunisian activist Amina was the last step before a big women riot.
As bright as the fire of the salafist flag that was burning, the Women’s revolution against wild traditions of Islamism will start. Women of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, EMENA, Afghanistan, Turkey, Pakistan and Indonesia, you will change the planet with your courage! The one who was oppressed will become free, the one who was weak will become strong. Our bodies belong to us only! Islamism is strong in front of the oppressed but islamism is weak in front of the rebellion of our free bodies! Our breasts are more dangerous then their stones!

Femen France









‘Stone her to death’: Tunisian preacher demands protester, 19, is executed for posting topless pictures on Facebook

Daily Mail:

  • Amina Tyler, 19, posted naked images of herself on her Facebook page
  • Seen with ‘my body belongs to me’ written in Arabic across her chest
  • Salafist preacher wants her ‘quarantined’ because she is ‘contagious’
  • Naked protest group FEMEN demands ‘Arab Spring for women’s rights’
  • Have declared April 4 a day of ‘relentless topless jihad against Islamism’
  • Group issued statement saying: ‘Our tits are deadlier than your stones!’

By Martin Jay

PUBLISHED: 16:51 GMT, 27 March 2013 | UPDATED: 17:00 GMT, 27 March 2013

A Ukrainian women’s rights group is calling for a ‘topless revolution’ in Tunisia after a Muslim preacher demanded a girl who posted naked pictures of herself online be stoned because she is an ‘epidemic’.

FEMEN, which regularly stages high-profile naked protests, is declaring April 4 the day of ‘relentless topless jihad against Islamism’ in a bid to jump-start a new Arab Spring for women’s rights.

Amina Tyler, 19, caused outrage in her native Tunisia last week when she posted topless photos of herself on her Facebook page.

FEMEN protester Amina Tyler pictured on her Facebook page
FEMEN protester Amina Tyler pictured on her Facebook page

The naked truth: Amina Tyler, 19, caused outrage in her native Tunisia last week when she posted topless photos of herself on her Facebook page…

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Tunisian muslims want woman severely punished who showed her breasts on Facebook

Thanks to everyone who sent this in, Oz-Rita etc.

Al Arabia.Net

 ‘Quarantine her!’ Top Tunisian Islamist says topless girl needs stoning
19 year old Amina poses topless and then posts her photo’s on Facebook. (FEMEN)
Al Arabiya –

A Tunisian Salafi preacher has called for a 19-year old girl who posted her topless pictures on Facebook to be “quarantined” and stoned to death before she starts “an epidemic.”

Tunisian newspaper AssabahNews quoted Salafi preacher Alami Adel, who heads the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, saying: “According to God’s law, she deserves 80 to 100 lashes, but what she committed is worth much more than that. She deserves to be stoned to death and she must be quarantined because what she did is an epidemic.”

“She is like someone suffering from a serious and contagious illness and she must be secluded and treated,” he added.

The young Amina, who is part of a feminist movement and group called FEMEN can be seen smoking a cigarette topless with Arabic words written across her chest in black that reads in English “My body belongs to me.”

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Below, the actual picture that has the muslims so upset.

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tunis dance of guys and gals 6.3.2013

And the guys join in.

In Europe they would be hauled in for defamation of an ethnic minority, with the Islamic fundamentalists cheering and chucking stones. It shows just how far we’ve fallen. These are the people worth supporting, not the Islamic fundamentalists who always manage to claw their way to the top. Lead the way girls! ‘

NOTE: They are doing this in spite of Islam, not from principles stemming from it.


H/T: Stefan Metzler

Salafists fail to stop ‘Harlem Shake’ in Tunisia

These music videos that the Tunisians are posting are a genuine act of defiance and courage against a rapidly forming totalitarian regime. These kids, like most of the Egyptian protesters, are likely ‘cultural Muslims’ and not political or desirous of sharia. These are the ones we should be supporting.

From Ahram Online:

Dozens of Tunisian Salafists fail to stop a ‘Harlem Shake’ dance at a school in the El Khadra neighborhood, as students shouted ‘Get out, get out’

AFP , Wednesday 27 Feb 2013

Protesters shout slogans during a demonstration against security forces after clashes at the US Embassy, at the al-Fatah mosque in Tunis, Sept. 17, 2012 (Photo: Reuters)

Salafist Muslims tried to prevent the filming of current Internet craze the “Harlem Shake” at a Tunis school on Wednesday, but were driven off after coming to blows with students, an AFP correspondent said.

When the dozen or so ultra-conservative Muslims, some of them women in veils, showed up at the Bourguiba Language Institute in the El Khadra neighbourhood, a Salafist bastion, students shouted “Get out, get out!”

One of the Salafists, wearing military gear and carrying a Molotov cocktail he never used, shouted “Our brothers in Palestine are being killed by Israelis, and you are dancing.”

The Islamists eventually withdrew, and the students were able to film their production.

On Monday, Education Minister Abdellatif Abid said a probe had been ordered into a staging two days earlier of a “Harlem Shake” by students in a Tunis suburb.

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Hey! There are some cool people in Tunisia!

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Tunisia probes “Harlem Shake” students as video goes viral

Tunisian authorities have ordered a probe into the staging of a “Harlem Shake” show in a Tunis suburb by students who dance wildly and imitate sexual acts, after a video recording went viral on the Internet.

“The ministry of education has demanded an investigation and the department will take appropriate measures,” Education Minister Abdellatif Abid said on private Radio Mosaique.

He said there could be possible “expulsions” of students or “sacking” of educational staff who were behind the staging of the dance.

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Tunisian secularists protest against new Islamist PM

Yahoo News:

Tunis (Reuters) – Thousands of Tunisians protested on Saturday against the new prime minister-designate Ali Larayedh, a hardliner from the main Islamist Ennahda party.

President Moncef Marzouki asked Larayedh to form a government on Friday, in the aftermath of the February 6 assassination of secular opposition politician Chokri Belaid.

Outgoing prime minister Hamadi Jebali resigned on Tuesday because Ennahda rejected his plan for an apolitical technocrat cabinet to prepare for elections.

Larayedh, the new premier-designate, is controversial because opposition secularists accuse the Interior Ministry which he headed of failing to curb Islamist violence.

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Tunisia’s new premier promises inclusive government (But really MB)


Ennahda movement leader Rachid Ghannouchi (L) speaks with Tunisian Interior Minister Ali Larayedh during the 2nd national congress of the Congress for the Republic (CPR) party in Tunis August 24, 2012. REUTERS/Zoubeir Souissi

By Tarek Amara

TUNIS | Fri Feb 22, 2013 11:24am EST

(Reuters) – Tunisia’s prime minister-designate Ali Larayedh, a hardliner from the main Islamist Ennahda party, said on Friday he hoped to form a “government of all Tunisians”, but opposition leaders swiftly signaled discontent.

Tunisia plunged into political crisis on February 6 when the assassination of secular opposition politician Chokri Belaid on February 6 ignited the biggest street protests since the overthrow of strongman Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali two years ago.

President Moncef Marzouki asked Larayedh to draw up a government within two weeks after he was formally nominated for prime minister by Ennahda leader Rached Ghannouchi.

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