PEGIDA in The Netherlands. Scuffles, leftists and police.

1. PEGIDA Netherlands

(The non crippled guy attacking a PEGIDA guy with his metal crutches is quite an interesting abuse of the decency of PEGIDA people I thought)

2. Anti PEGIDA

3. More of the crutch guy

4. More. a kerfuffle

(Sending this out for translation from Dutch. Hope to get a volunteer soon)


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Lone muslim gunman gets taken down at Dutch TV station


Muslim goes into Dutch TV station with handgun, makes demands, gets taken down

(Article in Dutch consists of only: “An armed man has invaded tonight NOS studio. He was overpowered by police.Check out the images of his arrest.” by google Translate)

Thank you Don L.,

M sends this video. It appears that our gunman is named Tariq Zahzah

(Exactly what do security guards in The Netherlands do?)

M sent us an image of the note handed to the security guard and a translation:

‘When you read this, dont panic. dont yell and dont warn your colleages. Act like there is nothing happening. I am heavyly armed. when you just collaborate neatly, then nothing will happen to you. Realise that i am not alone. There are 5 more plus 98 hackers that stand ready for a cyberattack. Also there are eight heavy explosives placed that contain radioactive material. If you dont bring me to studio 8 to make a broadcast then we are forced to take action. You dont want that on your conscious right? So lead me now to studio 8, the NOS studio.’

‘We are being taken hostage by heavily armed men. (arrow in studio 8 media park Hilversum) There are more of them in the rest of the country and they have 98 hackers standing ready for a cyberattack. There also have been placed 8 heavy explosives containing radioactive material. They want to do a live broadcast to tell their story. If the live broadcast is disturbed by any means, they will go to action. From the outside they watch if the live broadcast can be watched throughout the Netherlands. Their conditions are among others: 1. This building wont be stormed. 2. The live broadcast wont be slowed down, not a single second and not edited. 3. To be clear there would be no information beam and no subtitles added to the love broadcast. If the conditions are respected we will be released. I will repeat it again (REPEAT)

from this page :

[TRANSLATION of the first video] (any feedback is appreciated)
Man in view: I think it’s cool, that uuhhh, that you are calm, that’s cool.
Man out of view: I am just as nervous as you are. I also would like to go home.
Man in view: Yes, I understand.
Man out of view: I am not going to block you…
Man in view: Yes, I understand.
Man out of view: …with the risk… yes?
Man in view: yes.
Man out of view: I am happy that you also want me to go home. We have to take care that … that you… you have done this with a reason.
Man in view: Ofcourse, yes. I hope that you uuhh… Would you like to sit over there in a moment when I have to begin? I promise you that nothing will happen but, if I sit here on my own then I can (unclear what he says here) because they are probably outside already. In case they put me… The things that are going to be said… are very large world things. We are hired by intelligence agencies and that is why we have seen things that the current society doubts. Those thing we are going to publish right now. That’s why I said, we are not evil people. We do it for the normal citizen. That is why it is possible that people from above (higher ranks, policians I guess) say, just kill him nobody needs to hear that. If I sit here on my own, then there is a chance that they just think “Let’s storm the place and shoot him…” We riddle him with bullets.
Man out of view: Yes. I don’t know… I assume that the director uhh… I do hope that you let me even if I am sitting there.
Man in view: I promise that… We can shake our hands.
Man out of view: That you take me with you, understand?
Man in view: I would like it, that you stay here. Then the chance stays small if they undertake any action.
Man out of view: Ok like that.
Man in view: Furtheron, when I finish my speech. I will let you go.
Man out of view: Ok, when your speech is finished. Then you go outside with me, I guess?
Man in view: I will let you… I will let myself be arrested.
Man out of view: Yes ok but…? Man in view: Then I let you go outside.
Man out of view: Ok, Man in view: You can just go outside. But this is taking too long.
Man out of view (to someone else): Can you here me!? You do have a live microphone.
Man in view: Yes but, is there no contact with uhh… (silence) This is taking too long.
Man out of view: Director!? You have heard it, just like me, that the microphone is working. Man in view: Yes the microphone is working, but I have to know that we are on live television. I also don’t hear anything from uhh… (silence and sigh)
Man out of view: Ok, you… they… you can only hear them?
Man in view: Yes.
Man out of view: They can’t hear you?.
Man in view: Yes.
Man out of view: Understand, you are standing here now. With a microphone and a camera. You are on screen, that is also the image that goes outside. Man in view: How do I know that this is on the TV?
Man out of view: Exactly, that is what you need to hear from the other people. They can tell you that…
Man in view: I just hear that the microphone works… Oh, there is the police. They are going to…
Man out of view: I hope so. (He is sympathising with the man) Can I go outside?
Man in view: In a moment yes, when the speech is finished. (silence) Stay… What are you doing!?!
Police: POLICE, drop the weapon!!! DROP IT DROP IT!!! Man in view: I dropped it, I dropped it.
Police: ON YOUR KNEES, ON YOUR KNEES!!! NOW NOW!!! Take it easy. Ease ease. On your stomach spread your arms. Any suspicious move, and we will shoot!!! You understand!!!
Man now on the floor: (sad tone) Yes…
Police: Contact emergency room that the situation is under control, suspect has been arrested. Other police officer: the situation is under control, suspect has been arrested.

“Without Islam, The Netherlands would be a wonderful country”

The Netherlands must be de-Islamised,

All mosques must be closed,

Jihadists must be expelled from the country and never allowed back,

The borders must be closed to people from Islamic countries,

The government must commit itself to voluntary migration to Muslim countries,

Criminals with a double passport must be expelled,


And only if these measures are implemented will the Netherlands see a positive change.

Possible fraud under investigation in at least five anti-jihad projects

An original translation by SIMONXML

From this Dutch site:

By: Merijn Rengers, John Schoorl – 09/20/14, 07:01

The Public Prosecutor (OM) is investigating fraud and corruption in at least five major anti-radicalization projects. This has been revealed by investigations by the Dutch Volkskrant newspaper into the  misuse of subsidies to combat jihadism in the Netherlands.

According to a spokesperson for the OM there are two suspects in a criminal investigation into fraud involving subsidies provided by the Institute for Multicultural Affairs (FORUM). Those involved say that it concerns two anti-radicalization experts who were arrested on July 31 in The Hague

One is FORUM program manager and Labour politician Halim el Madkouri, the other the Hague Berber activist, Farid L. Shortly before his arrest, the latter had been seen by a number of undercover agents giving an envelope containing four thousand euros in cash to El Madkouri  in a coffee bar.

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Dad, I’m sorry to say that I can no longer defend your religion

An original translation from SIMONXML

From Volksrandt:

OPINION – Ferdows Kazemi – 09/14/14, 09:00

Open letter ‘Now the evil of your faith is taking over the world, it’s your turn to resist those who will not spare their own brothers,” writes Ferdows Kazemi in an open letter to her father.

Dear Daddy,

Over the last two weeks I have been teaching the daughter of your brother Dutch. As you know, she has to become naturalized before she is finally reunited with her husband in the Netherlands. She’s a sweet girl and above all very eager to learn, like many girls in Iran. She can already say short sentences.

She asked our daughter, in Dutch: “Do you have a children’s book for me?” I was proud of her that she had only been here for two weeks and already could speak a complete and correct sentence. And even prouder that she asked for a book. Admittedly, a children’s book – just like I started 21 years ago – but a book.
favorite song

Last week I let her hear a song, my favorite Dutch song with the lyrics. She had to listen and fill in the missing words in the text. Stef Bos sang “Daddy … and you believe in God. So you’re going to heaven. And I believe in nothing. So we will never meet again after death, never again after death”.

It does not matter how often I hear this song. This part of the text still touches me. Your cousin did not notice that I had tears in my eyes. She was busy filling in the holes in the text.

Dear Daddy, you believe in God and his Prophet Mohammad and I believe in nothing. I had already lost touch with your God and his prophet by my 21st. So, we grew apart; we do not understand each other. We did this without losing each other. You still pray that God forgives me for my wickedness, because you do think I am a good person.

And I have always loved you, despite my dislike of your God, because I think you’re a good man. But Daddy before your God forgives me for my wickedness, you must forgive me that I do not need forgiveness. I’m sorry to say that I can no longer defend your religion. I can no longer downplay so many crimes that your fellow believers in the world commit. “Can you explain so many crimes committed by Westerners in the name of civilisation”, would be your answer. No dad, I have no explanation for that either. But you know that I have always fiercely opposed that. I have never downplayed it. Now the evil of your faith is taking over the world, it’s your turn to resist those who will not even spare their own brothers and sisters. Continue Reading →

Pro Islamic State Muslims in The Hague show their intent in this demonstration. Several videos

On Friday, there was a PRO ISIS demonstration in the Hague in the Netherlands:

Saturday there was a demo against them by the Dutch defense League. It was a small turn out and the police seemed to be more active against the Dutch.

Waiting for more better info. Will post as I get it

Attacking TV journalists

skip to 2:45

(This one above was sent to a translator. We shall see if the first few minutes is worth titling soon)

More clips here  and more here. The police you see are not normal police but the Dutch equivalent of SWAT





Breaking scandal in the Netherlands: Hundreds of muslims in assassination gangs

This is a translation of the relevant bits of an article from the Dutch press done by SimonXML with thanks.

From Volkkrant

The group of Moroccan-Dutch youths who are involved in at least six assassinations in the Netherlands and Antwerp in a series of extremely violent robberies, is much larger than expected. According to the Amsterdam police it is not a few dozen, but “hundreds” of young people in the Netherlands and Morocco. These drug dealers, shooters, agents and facilitators, all of whom are linked to one another.

According to detectives, a quarter to a third of the new apartments in Tangier, one of the safe havens across the border in Spain, is financed with dirty money – from the Netherlands and other countries. Almost weekly trips are made by one or more Dutch police teams to Morocco for criminal investigation or seizure. The Dutch police and the judiciary have already had assets seized amount to approximately 100 million euros in the North African country, mainly in real estate with which money is laundered.

(The rest is of limited relevance)

Islamic School in the Netherlands declared bankrupt

Translation by XML SIMON With Thanks.

Ibn Ghaldoun declared bankrupt, 8 October 2013


The Ibn Ghaldoun school in Rotterdam has been declared bankrupt. The Court in Rotterdam declared the bankruptcy on Tuesday.

The Islamic secondary school drew media attention this summer when 27 exam papers were stolen.

In addition, it emerged from inspection that the quality of education had been poor for years. There were also administrative and financial problems.

State Secretary for Education Sander Dekker (VVD) announced last month in response to the findings of the inspection that state financing would stop as of 1 November. Shortly after, the school filed for bankruptcy.

The more than six hundred pupils of the school can for the time being be accommodated by the Christian association Melanchthon. They will be taught at the current location as a temporary branch of the school association. There will however be completely new teaching staff.

(Note from translator below)

What is more disturbing is that apparently the authorities had been tipped off about grade and exam fraud at the school in April, 2 months before it came out about the exam papers being stolen, and did nothing. They are now claiming that it was because they had planned an inspection anyway. There will be an enquiry, but you can be certain the excuses will come thick and fast. Should point out the seriousness of the exam paper theft – all schools thoughout the country get the same exams. The papers had been stolen, so in theory every kid in the country could have known the questions in advance. The authorities had to do some serious damage management.

The NRC newspaper has a copy of the letter sent by an anonymous teacher in April to complain about the school.

It turned out that teachers has been fiddling with the grades, letting kids go on to the next year they should have stayd behind. Apparently the school’s true academic results were shocking.


The Netherlands to Abandon Multiculturalism

h/t Shabnam

The Conservative Papers

The Netherlands , where six per cent of the population is now Muslim, is scrapping multiculturalism:geert

The Dutch government says it will abandon the long-standing model of multiculturalism that has encouraged Muslim immigrants create a parallel society within the Netherlands ..

A new integration bill, which Dutch Interior Minister Piet Hein Donner presented to parliament on June 16, reads:

“The government shares the social dissatisfaction over the multicultural society model and plans to shift priority to the values of the Dutch people.

In the new integration system, the values of the Dutch society play a central role.”

With this change, the government steps away from the model of a multicultural society.

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Muslim gives the Queen of the Netherlands the ‘invitation’ to islam

…and this usually comes right before the jihad. This is the same Queen that worked 3 shifts trying to form a government in Holland without Geert Wilders in it. I hope at this point the good monarch has more wisdom than pride and asks for his help and tutelage.

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