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Michael Coren does follow up on the Toronto imam who says stoning is good for the recipient.

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Robert Spencer and Michael Coren on Egypt. Aug 14 interview 2013

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Michael Coren speaks to Robert Spencer on the Ban from Britain

The The ‘Hate-speech’ that Got him Banned From the UK

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Diana West on Michael Coren

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Michael Coren’s The Rumble

This starts out a little slow but stick with it. There comes a moment where the usual leftist apologists and moral relativists get at least 40% of what is coming to them. I wish just once when someone mentions Abortion … Continue reading

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Robert Spencer refuses CPAC award because conditions for acceptance was obscene

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David Solway and Michael Coren on Islamic antisemitism

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Lars Hedegaard on Michael Coren

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…and this is the reason I have a category, ‘irrational leftism’

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Lars Hedegaard on Michael Coren

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Diana West discusses the attempted assassination of Lars Hedigaard by someone who I am confident would describe themselves as ‘religious Muslims’

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Douglas Murray on Michael Coren

Douglas Murray is one of my favourite public thinkers and intellectuals.

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Gavin Boby on SUN TV’s Michael Coren

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Michael Coren with Daniel Pipes – Obama & Israel Jan 29, 2013

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Modern police protocols in action. Selective enforcement and the end of rule of law in Canada

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