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Muslim day parade videos.

Guns. What other religion wants to do a march down a main street with plastic guns? Muslim Brotherhood people and symbols at Muslim day parade Please add any others of interest in the comments. One must admire the muslims though … Continue reading

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9/11 and the future of US foreign policy: A speech by Vice President Richard B. Cheney

Is there a change in the wind in terms of the understanding of Islam and its ambitions in the US establishment? Article and source here. (Skip ahead to 2 mins 30 seconds)

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FOX Special: 13 hours in Benghazi, and some reactions to it.

I haven’t watched this yet, but I do know it needed to be made. Reaction on Capitol Hill to Benghazi revelations Greta Van Susteren: Obama WH Called Me to Push Reporter to Not Cover Benghazi

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The US free-falls into dhimmitude

This is frankly, stunning to me. But is 100% consistent with a brief few paragraphs I wrote a week or so ago (Item 5 in this post) about the process of slipping into dhimmitude in a way unique to Islam. … Continue reading

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Some videos of jihadis waging war. Any weapons experts out there?

Can anyone tell if these are US weapons? 1. 2. 3. 4.TOW Missile? 5. 6. 7.

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USA Massive protest against the Islamic State and Christian genocide

Aug 11th 2014: REPORTS IT KEEPS GETTING BIGGER AND BIGGER! Sterling Heights, Michigan On Ryan between 14 and 15 

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Spontaneous pro-Israel reaction to anti-Israel demo in New York

Some of the comments at the Youtube channel are also wonderful.

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Robert Spencer on CBN on amputation for theft in Philadelphia

More here

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Buffaloed by Khalid Qazi

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Imam in Philadelphia attempts to cut off a man’s hand who is suspected of thievery.

This is  a very important item. More so than most because it speaks to an issue which is of central importance in terms of the cognitive dissonance that is costing the Western world so much in its blindly fought battle with … Continue reading

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Mark Levin on FOX on Obama and Israel etc.

Recently I have gotten into the habit of listing to Mr. Levin, formerly a lawyer before he reinvented himself as a radio talk show host, while doing things that require attention but leave me free to listen, for about an … Continue reading

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Medical staff warned: Keep your mouths shut about illegal immigrants or face arrest

Remember. This is on FOX. It’s not Alex Jones or some FEMA camp whack job. Go over to the link and read the whole thing. Then ask an Obama voter to justify it. From FOX News By Todd Starnes Published July … Continue reading

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A moment we can all enjoy

It is a worthy observation that Clinton, who does not at this time hold a major government post, enjoys a lot more security on a book tour in her own country than she afforded to a gay American US ambassador … Continue reading

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A response to an absurd little imam in a privileged situation who faces no real adversity whatsoever.

The other day, someone burned three copies of the Islamic terror-text, the koran in front of a mosque in Dearborn Mi. A debate could go on endlessly about the wisdom, utility and decency of this act. But the imam who … Continue reading

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Obama sends out his message to all who watch the world unfold today

To get the full impact of President Obama’s message, please have both clips playing simultaneously (here it is together in one clip) Click this one first to get it going:

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