Suspects open fire on officers outside Dallas Police HQ

DALLAS (AP) — Multiple gunmen toting automatic weapons opened fire on officers outside Dallas Police headquarters early Saturday morning, before one man fled the scene being chased by police in what witnesses described as an armored van, according to Dallas Police Chief David Brown.


Brown said the suspect driving the van has told officers that he blames police for losing custody of his son and “accusing him of being a terrorist.” The gunman also said he had explosives in the van, which appeared to be outfitted with gun ports in the sides.

Brown said negotiations with that suspect and the SWAT unit are ongoing. No injuries were reported.

Brown said, based on witness accounts, as many as four suspects may have been involved in the original shooting, including some who may have been strategically positioned at elevated positions. Police could not immediately confirm how many shooters were involved and where any additional suspects may be located.

Meanwhile, Brown said police also found four bags outside police headquarters, including one that held a pipe bomb that later exploded. He said police were evacuating nearby residents as a precaution

(Video with audible gunfire at site)



Thank you Wrath of Khan

Boston terror suspect not shot in back. ‘community leaders’ (black and muslim) admit the claims are false

1. Statement by one of the ‘community leaders’ who saw the video which flatly contradicts all the claims by the muslims about the shooting of the Boston Terror tard. He was not shot in the back, he was not on a cell phone talking to his father.

2. Muslim says the video is inconclusive. He is the only one though but he does admit that the terror-tard wasn’t shot in the back or at a bus stop.

3. Interview with police principles.

islam 4. More press conference on the shooting. Not in the back.

Links on the imminent Draw Mohamed event at the mosque in Az. where the jihadis came from who planned to kill all in Texas event

1. Family of ‘Draw Muhammad’ Contest Organizer Under Threat: His Attendance at Contest in Jeopardy

Jon Ritzheimer–organizer of the Phoenix “Draw Muhammad” contest scheduled for 6 p.m. Friday night–will have to cut his own attendance at the event short in order to stay home and protect his family after his home address was published, and his wife and children were threatened.

Breitbart News previously reported that Ritzheimer’s event begins at 5 p.m. at Washington Park on N. 23rd Ave. Bikers are going to rally there and then go to the center’s mosque to hold a “Draw Muhammad” contest at approximately 6 p.m.

2. Mohammed cartoon contest: Hundreds expected outside Phoenix mosque

3. Police ramp up for ‘Draw Mohammad’ protest outside Phoenix mosque

Arizona police stepped up security on Friday near a mosque for a planned outdoor protest by an anti-Islam group that includes drawing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, weeks after a similar competition in Texas came under attack by two gunmen.

Friday’s event, during evening prayers at the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix, is being organized by a former member of the Marine Reserve who posted photos of himself on Facebook wearing a T-shirt with the slogan “Fuck Islam” on it.

4.  ISIL Announces It Will Attack Muhammad Cartoon Contest in Phoenix

5. Anderson Cooper sets rhetorical traps for organizer and attempts to destroy him rather than discuss his PoV.






This same school taught that conservatism meant restricting personal freedoms. But Islam doesn’t?

Article here

One parent reached out to EAG News, accusing the school of indoctrination. This is the same school that once told kids that conservatism meant restricting personal freedoms.

So here’s the question: Were students ever told to pretend they were Jewish or Christian or Hindu? It seems to be a straightforward question – but one the local school district will not answer.

Comments on Benjamin Netanyahu speech to Congress

I hope to be back up to full steam later today. But for now, I would like to make this post specifically for comments and links on the Prime Minister of Israel’s speech to the US Congress.

Speech post hoc comments on C Span here

Robert Spencer has a transcript here with bolded important bits marked out.

Exactly where does the White House sit in terms of values and alliances?

Please don’t anyone forget to try and watch Bibi speak to Congress tomorrow, especially in light of the video above.

Also for the news, check comments under this post and the previous ones as readers typically post links there and due to some technical difficulties, posting will be slow for another day or so.


Here is the press release to go with the video above.

Muslim sues Costco for giving him exactly what he asked for.

In a way, this is a brilliant example of the inherent hypocrisy of modern leftism, even to the point of a kind of oxymoron. But logical curios aside, this is a sterling example of how muslims come to destroy our cooperative civilization to advantage themselves and Islamic sensibilities.

Of course it will be argued that anyone can launch a lawsuit for any reason they want and in and of itself, this means nothing. And usually that is correct. But then one can’t help but notice patterns of similar law suits by muslims across the world which are often won to the great expense of employers and their customers ultimately, and in terms of Western law and regulations which must be continuously bent and twisted to the serious advantage of muslim employees. Examples are legion but this site lists a few.

FEDEX in Toronto lost a suit over a dress code issue where the muslim employees violated actual safety regulations and sued and won when told to conform to Ontario rules concerning loose clothing on ladders.

Ones concerning breaks and special space and times for prayer are becoming too numerous to list.


Obama and the US military. Comments welcome.


Snopes has this to say about the story below. I remain certain that Obama is destroying the military.

Source: Facebook


The picture is of the five first line US nuclear carriers docked together in one place. Just
like Battleship Row, Pearl Harbor , December 7, 1941.

This picture was taken the February 2014 in Norfolk , Virginia. Obama ordered
5 nuclear carriers into harbor for “routine” (?) inspections. Heads of the Navy were flabbergasted by the directive but had to comply as it was a direct
order from their Commander-in-Chief.
The carriers were all pulled out from the MIDDLE EAST and the Afghanistan
support role leaving our land forces naked and exposed without the air support
needed to carry out their missions.!
NORFOLK, VA. (February 8, 2014). This is the first time since WWII that five
aircraft carriers were docked together. (These are all nuclear carriers).
USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69),
USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77),
USS Enterprise (CVN 65),
USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75),
and USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72)
are all in port at Naval Station Norfolk , Va. , the world’s largest naval station.
Knowledgeable sources stated that this breached a long standing military
protocol in the Navy meant to avoid a massive enemy strike on major US forces.
(U..S. Navy photo by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Ryan J. Courtade/Released).
This ordering of most of the Navy’s capitol ships into one place is
unprecedented since Pearl Harbor !
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A lie of omission by prayer at the White House

There are of course, many ways to deceive people with what you say. One of them is by what you do not say, when it is directly relevant to the question asked but only the part of the answer that assuages your concerns is given.

Examples of this kind of deception are too easy to think of from one’s own life’s experience to bother typing out here I suspect.

On Feb. 19 2015 at the White House a quite typical but pernicious example of this kind of lie was used by the clerics who read the one religious prayer that was given at the summit on ‘violent extremism’.

In the video below, you can see exactly what two of the omissions were. One was the lines spoken in Arabic but not translated into English which changes the meaning quite a bit. This is the same tactic used against the Marines by the islamic Barbary Pirates when defeated by Jefferson’s American forces. (Article 11 guaranteeing no enmity between Christian and Islamic states was not put into the Arabic version.)

The second lie of omission is the verse that comes right after the verse they did recite, which fundamentally transforms (wait that sounds familiar) the meaning of the verse they did read.

There will be a lot more analysis added by link in this post by the scholar Dr. Andrew Bostom and others as the evening goes on and people have their posts ready. Please check back shortly. Meanwhile, there is this important link which explains how this particular deception is often used.

Gates of Vienna post on this matter here