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USA: Cliven Bundy speaks out about government “threats” 

“Well let me explain to you how it was when we didn’t have the militia here. We had snipers up on these hills around this ranch and there were people laying down with high-powered rifles pointed at my family. We … Continue reading

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Wheel-well stowaway wanted to go back to Africa

“And then of course Bob, it’s bringing up a lot of security issues as well, we get pulled over for our nail clippers and our bottles of water as we go though security and here somebody just hopped the fence!”

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Press release on the Kansas Car shooter


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Police nab alleged Kansas car-shooter

NBC News: Authorities had been tracking suspect Mohammed Whitaker, 27, at his Grandview home, south of Kansas City, after receiving tips from the public. “Tonight might be a good night’s sleep. It’s been few nights [like that] for so many … Continue reading

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Lt. Col. Ralph Peters assesses Obama’s diplomatic skills in a couple of words.

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Frank Gaffney and CSP on protecting the grid.

This is important.

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M videos on Ukraine/USA Vs. Russian loyalists today

1. Russian friendlies block Ukraine military vehicles 2. What can White House do in Ukraine? 3. CNN: White House Adopting More ‘Agressive’ Approach to Ukraine Crisis 4. Ukraine: Ukrainian military lay down arms in Kramatorsk

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Interview with NY film maker who was in Nevada during the Bundy ranch moment.

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Nevada. The Gates of Vienna assessment of the immediate future. Feds make tactical retreat

This is recommended reading. Link below: Gates of Vienna

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Anonymous video on the Nevada cattle matter

Interesting video. They basically recap events as they understand them, and then do not issue any threats really, as per the usual quasi fuzzy-TV style super villain/dark knight super hero kind of thing. Just saying they will look into the … Continue reading

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Rancher speaks on behalf of Cliven -snipers surround his ranch-

H/T Don L

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Live stream from the area of the newest great government shame in the USA

When one is up to speed about the corruption and sell out by the US Government one realizes that truly the time has come for the government to dissolve the people and elect a new people, Video streaming by Ustream

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CURRENTLY: Another shooting rampage at fort Hood on now

One dead so far Link one: Link two: All indications are that this is a convert to Islam waging jihad on the base. UPDATE; Suspect in custody. But when will we get his Islamic name?

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Ukraine US-Russian war scenario.

Comments and observations please. H/T Gaia

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News links for Wed. feb 26 2014 – 2

1. Threatening vandalism in Cali. (Before these guys are caught, arrested, taken to court and then Eric Holder lets them go for reasons having to do with color and socialism, someone should tell them where Michael Moore lives. After all, … Continue reading

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